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  • 8/7/2019 Talisman Rules2


  • 8/7/2019 Talisman Rules2



    INTRODUCTIONTalisman is a game like no other indeed, it is no ordinarygame at all but a perilous adventure in a antastical world omagic and monsters. As play progresses a story unolds romturn to turn: a heroic epic o brave deeds, o daring encoun-

    ters, o treasures and magic, o battles ought and sometimeslost, but always a tale that challenges and enthralls!

    Our story begins with a mighty wizard, now long dead, whoonce ruled over the land o Talisman using the power o amagical crown, orged in the Valley o Fire by spirits cruellyenslaved to arcane magic. For many centuries the wizardreigned supreme until, ater a long lie spent amongst hisbooks and spells, he sensed his days were drawing to an end.He resolved to hide his crown in the most perilous part o themost dangerous region in his realm, setting around it suchearsome guardians as his most powerul spells were ableto command. Once he had done so, he perished, proclaimingwith his dying breath that only a champion with the strength,

    wisdom, and courage to take his crown would rule in hisstead.

    Hundreds o years have passed, and the realm, long ungov-erned and unprotected, has grown ever more dangerous,becoming inested by monsters and troubled by innumer-able evils. To this very day, the ancient legend draws gallantheroes to the troubled land each seeking the Crown oCommand and the kingship o the realm o Talisman. Soar no one has proven worthy o the challenge. The seekersbones lie bleached and broken upon the Plain o Peril or elsecast idly aside to be gnawed by wild beasts and monsters.

    In Talisman, up to six players assume the roles o hopeulcharactersthe would-be rulers o the land o Talisman.Each character is very dierent and has his own strengths,weaknesses, and special powers. To win the game you mustjourney to the heart o the lands most perilous region to ndthe Crown o Command and use its ancient magic to cast amighty spell to subdue all your rivals.

    Your travels will be hard and raught with danger and it isin overcoming these dangers that the challenge o the gamelies. Only by gradually building up your adventurers powers,gathering valuable allies, and winning potent magical itemswill you stand a chance o surviving the ultimate test that liesbeyond the Portal o Power.

    Object of the GameThe object o the game is to reach the Crown o Command inthe centre o the board and then, by casting Command Spells,orce the other characters out o the game. Characters shouldrst adventure in the Outer and Middle Regions to build uptheir Strength, Crat, and lives, until they eel they are power-ul enough to tackle the Inner Region. They must also rstnd a Talisman to permit them to enter the Valley o Fire andso reach the Crown o Command.

    Number of PlayersUp to six players can play a game oTalisman, but the moreplayers that are participating, the longer the game will last.There are, however, alternative rules players may use to speedthe game along (see Alternative Rules or Faster Play onpage 21).

    ComponentsBelow is a list o all the components that you will nd in yourcopy oTalisman Revised 4th Edition:

    This Rulebook

    1 Game Board

    104 Adventure Cards

    24 Spell Cards

    40 Strength Counters (8 large and 32 small red cones)

    40 Crat Counters (8 large and 32 small blue cones)

    40 Lie Counters (8 large and 32 small green cones)

    36 Fate Tokens

    28 Purchase Cards

    4 Talisman Cards

    14 Character Cards

    14 Plastic Character Figures

    4 Toad Cards

    4 Plastic Toad Figures

    4 Alignment Cards

    30 Gold Coins

    6 Six-sided Dice

  • 8/7/2019 Talisman Rules2



    Component OverviewBelow is a brie description o every game component.

    Game BoardThe game board depicts

    the magical land oTalisman. It is dividedinto three Regions(Outer, Middle, and InnerRegion).

    Adventure CardsThis deck o 104 cardscontains the many crea-tures, events, and items thatcharacters discover on theirquest.

    Spell CardsThere are 24 o these SpellCards detailing the variousSpells that may be castduring the game.

    CountersThere are 120 o these cone-shaped counters intotal. They are used to keep track o the charac-ters Strength (red), Crat (blue), and lives (green).Each small counter is worth one point, and eachlarge counter is worth ve points. Dierent-sizedcounters o the same colour can be traded orequivalent values at any time (i.e., a player canswap ve small red counters or one large redcounter, or vice versa, but cannot swap greencounters or red ones, etc.).

    Fate Tokens

    The game includes 36 atetokens. Careully punch outthe tokens rom the countersheet beore playing thegame. Although the twosides o these tokens have a dierent appearance, this makesno dierence in the core game.

    Purchase CardsThere are 28 PurchaseCards provided. These detailObjects that characters mayobtain by means other thanthe Adventure Cards.

    Talisman CardsThere are our Talisman Cards. Charactersmay discover Talismans in the Adventuredeck or by completing a quest at the War-locks Cave space.

    Character CardsThere are 14 character

    cards, each detailing adierent character andhis special abilities.

    Character FiguresEach character card cor-responds to a plastic gurethat is used to represent thatcharacter on the board.

    Toad Cardsand FiguresFour Toad Cards and ourToad gures are used when acharacter is turned into a Toadduring the game. When thishappens, a Toad Card overlaysthe character card and a Toad gure is substituted or thatcharacters gure or the duration o being a Toad.

  • 8/7/2019 Talisman Rules2



    Alignment Cards

    Good side Evil side

    There are our Alignment Cards. Each Alignment Cardhas a good side and an evil side. They are used to showwhen a character has changed alignment (with respect towhats printed on his character card) during the game.

    Gold CoinsThe 30 gold coins represent thewealth and treasure characters

    earn during their adventures.

    Six-sided DiceThere are six dice provided. Theseare used or moving, resolvingattacks, and determiningresults rom instructions oncards and the game board. TheTalisman symbol on the die represents a 1 result.

    Game SetupThe board is unolded and placed in the centre o the1.playing area.

    The Adventure Cards are shufed and placed acedown2.beside the board. These orm the Adventure deck.

    The Spell Cards are shufed and placed acedown beside3.the board. These orm the Spell deck.

    The Talisman and Purchase Cards are placed aceup beside4.the board.

    One player takes the character cards, shufes them, and5.deals one, acedown, to each player. (Alternative rule: Iall players agree, players who want more selection may bedealt three character cards each, and then choose whichone o those three characters they wish play. The othercharacters not chosen are returned to the box and may beavailable i a character is killed.)

    Each player places his character card aceup in ront o6.him. This card is the character the player will play duringthe game. A players character card, Objects, Followers,counters, and other game components orm his play area.The diagram on page 5 shows an example o a playersplay area. It also shows how to lay out the character andrecord all possessions during play.

    Each player takes the plastic character gure correspond-7.ing to his character card and places it on the board accord-ing to the start space given on his character card.

    Each player receives a number o lie counters equal to8.the lie value listed on his character card and a numbero ate tokens equal the ate value listed on his character

    card. Players also each receive one gold. Lie, ate, andgold should all be placed in the appropriate spots next toeach character card. The remaining counters, tokens, andgold are placed to one side as stockpiles or use during thegame.

    Any player whose character starts the game with any9.Spells, as detailed in the characters special abilities, drawsthe designated number o Spell Cards rom the Spell deck.These should not be revealed to other players.

    Any player whose character starts the game with any10.Objects, as detailed in the characters special abilities, nowtakes the designated Object Cards rom the Purchase deck.

    The Toad and Alignment Cards should be kept handy, to be11.used when required.

    The owner o the game takes the rst turn. Play then pro-12.ceeds round the board clockwise rom that player.

    Character CardsCharacters are the core o the experience o playingTalismanIt is through a players character that he interacts with thegame board, travels to new Regions, attacks creatures, andgains Objects, Followers, and powerul Spells. Each playerscharacter card lists his characters Strength, Crat, ate, and

    lie values, as well as a number o special abilities.

    StrengthStrength represents a characters might, stamina, and ght-ing ability. It is used in battle (see Battles on page 10) andto overcome certain obstacles that may be encountered duringthe game. When a character gains Strength, this increase isrecorded by placing additional Strength counters (red cones)beside the character card.

    Strength counters are only taken or Strength points gainedduring play. Strength gained rom Objects, Magic Objects, orFollowers is not recorded by Strength counters but is added to

    the characters Strength when required or allowed.

    A characters Strength at any time is the characters Strengthvalue, plus Strength counters, plus any Strength gained romFollowers, Magic Objects, and Objects that may be used atthat time.

    When a character is required to lose Strength, counters areremoved accordingly and returned to their stockpile.