Talent Leadership Commitment Appetite for Risk Innovation driven

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Local Governments Multilaterals Corporations Banks Business Angels Family Offices Seed & V.C. . EARLY STAGE FINANCING SOURCES. HUMAN CAPITAL. Talent Leadership Commitment Appetite for Risk Innovation driven. RAISING AWARENESS. Networks , industry events, associations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>TalentLeadershipCommitmentAppetite for RiskInnovation drivenHUMAN CAPITALLocal GovernmentsMultilateralsCorporationsBanksBusiness AngelsFamily OfficesSeed &amp; V.C. </p> <p>EARLY STAGEFINANCING SOURCESUniversitiesCorporationsResearch Centers &amp; Institutes Technology parksR+D+I</p> <p>EntrepreneurialDevelopment AgenciesAcceleratorsBusiness SchoolsBusiness Angels NetworksBoard &amp; Advisory Committee MembersCorporationsENTREPRENEURIAL COACHING, TRAINING &amp; SUPPORT</p> <p>Accounting, Legal, etc..AdvisorsCorporationsIncubatorsICTs, Technical expertsSUPPORT SERVICES &amp; TECHNOLOGIESVenture friendly legislationAccounting Standards requiredLEGAL &amp; REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT</p> <p>Networks, industry events, associationsSuccess storiesWeb, Media, Press &amp; specialized publicationsUniversities, Business SchoolsCorporationsRAISING AWARENESS</p> <p>1</p> <p>Junior Capital Markets IPOs-Strategic buyersLocal and International V.C.s, P.E.EXIT SOURCES </p> <p>Government &amp; Multilateral FundsPension FundsCorporation FundsBanksBusiness Angels &amp; Family Offices Networks V.C. Funds</p> <p>PLAYERSLocal &amp; Regional V.C. AssociationsB.A.s &amp; F.O. NetworksEntrepreneur friendly Associations</p> <p>RAISING AWARENESS</p> <p>Administrative, legal &amp; fiscal incentives in entrepreneurship and R+D+I investments. Minority investor rightsUse of International standardsLEGAL &amp; REGULATORY FRAMEWORK</p> <p>Incubators, AcceleratorsBusiness Plans competitionsSMEsSpin-offs, spin-outsDEAL FLOW2</p>


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