Table of Contents Rocker Assembly While keeping the LH Side Plate (I) mostly flat on the weights, tilt

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Text of Table of Contents Rocker Assembly While keeping the LH Side Plate (I) mostly flat on the weights,...

  • Economy hostage target

    Assembly Instructions

    Model Number: CT101-E

    Patent Pending

    Document Revision 2/25/2012

    Table of Contents

    Package Contents Page 1-2

    Rocker Assembly Page 3-6

    Base Assembly Page 7

  • A B C D

    E F G H

    #8 x 2” Long Deck Screws

    Track Screws #12 x 3/4” Long

    5/16”-18 C’sink Screw

    ¼” x 3” Long Wood Screw

    Level Feet

    Package Contents

    Left Side Plate Right Side Plate Left Track I J K L RH Track

    #6 x ¾” Long Screws

    3/8”-16 T-Nuts

    Angle Bracket

    Page 1

  • N O P

    Q R S

    M Front Post Bracket Post Shim 5/16”-18 x 3” Long Clamp Bolts

    Rear Post Bracket

    5/16”-18 Wing Nuts


    Package Contents

    Small Flat Washer



    Large Flat Washer

    Pulley Spool Spacer

    Page 2

  • Step 1 Step 2

    Step 3

    Stand Counterweights (R) on end approximately as shown.

    Flip so assembly lays flat on RH Side Plate (J) as shown.

    Place RH Side Plate (J) flat on Counterweights (R) so hole#2 and hole#5 line up with the counterweights. Using a 5/32” allen wrench, Install screws (A) and tighten.

    Rocker Assembly Page 3

  • Place tabs on parts M and N into slots of part J. Pieces will support themselves and will rest at an angle. NOTE: These parts look very similar. Notice direction of hardware and formed flanges to ensure parts are in proper location and orientation.

    Rocker Assembly

    M N



    Step 4

    Location Slots M N


    Page 4

  • With one hand, hold the Rear Post Bracket (M) and Install LH Side Plate (I) so tabs in Post Bracket protrude through slots in Side Plate.

    Step 5

    Rocker Assembly

    While keeping the LH Side Plate (I) mostly flat on the weights, tilt the right side up slightly and use your other hand to locate the Front Post Bracket (N) tabs into the Side Plate slots.

    Step 6

    Slide Side Plate (I) flat on weights until holes #2 and #5 align with Counterweight (R) holes. Install screws (A) and tighten two places.

    Step 7

    Page 5

  • Rocker Assembly

    Install items (P), (S), and (Q) as shown. NOTE: Screw Clamp Bolts (P) into Front Post Bracket (N) from direction shown. Firmly tighten Clamp Bolts (P) with a wrench.

    Step 8

    Drop In

    Page 6

    Screw in until bolts tighten against gold inserts. Firmly secure with a wrench.

  • Construction of Wood Base

    User supplied wood items: • (1) 16” x 16”x ¾” thick plywood – make sure wood section is as flat as possible • (1) 2x4 section 16” long • (1) 2x4 section 5” long • (2) 1x2 furring strips 48” long

    1. Lay paper drill template on plywood so the border of the template matches the outside profile of the plywood and tape paper in place.

    2. Mark locations for holes, screws and 2x4 pieces (a nail or center punch works good). 3. Remove the paper drill template. 4. Follow Instructions on drill template to install hardware and 2x4 sections. 5. Mark center on 5” long 2x4 as shown in Fig A. 6. Install spool assembly (Item F, T, U, T) to center of 5” 2x4 section as shown in Fig. B. 7. Using 2 (E) screws, install Furring Strip Bracket (G) to left side of wood base 5 ½” inches from front edge as

    shown in Fig. C.

    FIG. A FIG. B FIG. C

    NOTE: For best results, pre-drill screw holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw. This is especially helpful for the larger screws.

    TIP Use a clamp to hold 2x4 sections in place during fastening process.


    Page 7

    *Purchase more furring strips to build extra threat targets

  • 1-800-859-5841 P.O. Box 75040 Fort Thomas, KY 41075

  • 1-800-859-5841 P.O. Box 75040 Fort Thomas, KY 41075