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    The best choice, DoremaInnovative design and advanced technology

    In todays competitive markets Dorema are investing in the future with new sophisticated manufacturing technology and extensive research into the production of superior quality awning materials.

    As a quality producer it is our prime objective to provide our customers with a total buying experience, from the initial purchase to the knowledge that each product is factory supported by a professional after sales network. Only a company such as Dorema who are totally committed to quality and service are able to deliver this superior level of customer satisfaction. It is this unique attention to detail in all aspects of awning production that makes owning a Dorema awning something extra special. We sincerely hope that you will be as proud of your new Dorema awning as we are to produce and service a total quality product.

    Our team of friendly experts is just a telephone call away, whether your question is technical or just that you are totally confused. Our Dorema awning experts are ready and waiting to answer all your questions.

    Dorema help desk: Tel. 01977 - 555215Our help desk is open for your calls from Monday to Friday08.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.30.

    Dorema help desk

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    President Vario 350Luxurious awning with lots of options


    Depth: 350 cm or 240 cm plus 110 cm canopyRoof material: Ten Cate coated polyesterWall material: Ten Cate All Season heavy quality coated polyesterFront panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped outSide panels: Both 240 cm panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped outFrame: 25 mm EasyGrip steel frame, 2 extra roof support poles in size 10-12, 2 extra roof support poles and 2 extra front legs in size 13-18Available sizes: 775-1100 cmAvailable colour: Blue/greyWeight: Size 7 approx. 49,5 kgVentilation: 2 ventilation openings in the ridge of the front panel On the left-hand side you will find a fly screen panel

    Optional extras: Annex tall Inner tent annex Partition wall to be used between the two front panels Verandah pole 2 extra stormpoles for extra stability Quick Lock pads Safe Lock System kitSpecial features: The position of the door can be changed by switching the front panels The front panel can be zipped half way down to produce a verandah (verandah pole optional) Side panel zips are covered in matching material for extra protection When using the optional annex, the side panel of the awning remains in place as a divider between the annex and the awning Annexes are designed to fit on either the

    left or right-hand side of the awning Fitted with Quick Lock profile Fitted with Safe Lock System

    A truly magnificent awning designed for the caravanner who requires the ultimate in space and style. With a depth of 350 cm this luxury awning is ideal for caravanners who wish to use their awning all year round on a permanent site, or for families who require lots of useable space. By changing the position of the front panel you can obtain a depth of 240 cm plus a large porch area of 110 cm. By fitting the optional partition wall other practical layout options are available.


    President Vario 350 with front panels on a depth of 350 cmand the door situated on the left-hand side.

    President Vario 350 with front panels on a depth of 240 cmand with annex 200 x 130 cm.

    Separate partition wall with window optional extra.

    Standard withEasyGrip steel




    6 775 800 1306 914 7 800 825 1339 937 8 825 850 1373 961 9 850 875 1406 98410 875 900 1478 103411 900 925 1512 105812 925 950 1545 108113 950 975 1603 112214 975 1000 1636 114515 1000 1025 1668 116716 1025 1050 1701 119017 1050 1075 1733 121318 1075 1100 1768 1237Annex tall 379 265Partition wall 126 88

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    Lichtgewicht framesLightweight frames Dorema offers, as an optional extra on most of their models, the aluminium EasyGrip Quick SyStEm frame or the totally new lightweight FiBRE tEcH fibreglass frame. The ultra light aluminium EasyGrip Quick SyStEm frame consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles.

    Each section contains a number of poles which are telescopic or are connected together with a spring system. The very latest in fibreglass frame technology, FiBRE tEcH is a top quality woven fibreglass tube that is incredibly strong, easy to handle and simple to erect. The unique construction of the FiBRE tEcH frame ensures maximum strength at all times. FiBRE tEcH is suitable for both permanent site use or touring.


    NO RUST (long life span)

    28 MM ALUMINIUM TUBING (the corner angles are made from steel)

    Ultra light, about half the weight of steel Extremely strong material Long life Very stable

    Extra strong roof support poles ensure the frame is even more stable.

    Dorema aluminium EasyGrip QUICK SYSTEM frame

    With the development of the EasyGrip QUICK SYSTEM frame our design team have turned the complication of erecting a caravan awning into a simple and foolproof task. Each frame (standard size) now consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Searching for all the separate parts is now a thing of the past and gone forever are the problems of missing or loose poles.

    Dorema FIBRE TECH fibreglass frame

    The FIBRE TECH frame is a totally new concept in lightweight frame design. Using the latest Pull-Winding technique to weave the fibreglass into a series of layers ensuring a mix of superior strength and flexibility. The finished frame is coated with a layer of lacquer giving the outer surface a tough smooth finish.

    Beside these special technical features fibreglass is extremely strong, corrosion resistant and completely maintenance free.

    All the main frame angles are manufactured in a specially reinforced material that has been designed for maximum strength. The adjusting clamps are simple to adjust in order to obtain maximum tension.

    Ultra light

    HIGH TECH CONSTRUCTIONSome frame parts which are not telescopic are connected together with a strong spring. Searching forall the separate parts is now a thing of the past.

    Strong adjusting clamp for maximum tension.

    Reinforced frame angle in a modern design.

    The very strong EasyGrip clamps provide a strong grip on the frame. The clamps are designed not to damage the outer surface of the frame.

    Each frame (standard size) now consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Each section contains a number of poles which are telescopic or are connected together with a spring system.


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    StarlonAwning Carpet

    Dorema have developed a new user friendly carpet for the 2010 season. To ensure the optimal compatibility with your new awning, Starlon is produced in two attractive colour ways: grey and blue.

    This quality carpet is suitable for weekend campers as well as the more enthusiastic permanent site camper. By adding a new environmental friendly ingredient to our exclusive designed weave structure, we have been able to make Starlon light in weight and incredibly strong. Yet, the texture is soft and comfortable especially when the little ones are running around in their bare feet. Accidental stains such as coffee or red wine are easily removed by using a damp cloth. Any stale smells from underneath the carpet are prevented due to the special breathable weave construction of Starlon carpets.

    Starlon is available in most sizes to suit your awning. Finally we suggest you check out our extremely friendly consumer prices.

    GreyCompact to fold. Easy to clean.





    3-4-5-6 400 cm7-8-9-10 500 cm11-12-13-14 600 cm15-16-17-18 700 cm

    250 x 400 cm 65 45250 x 500 cm 80 56 250 x 600 cm 98 68 250 x 700 cm 113 79





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    ExclusiveThe ultimate in classic awning designA luxury awning that has been created for caravanners who appreciate the very latest in modern awning design and technology. During the creation of this significant new model Dorema have used the Ten Cate All Season heavy quality awning material, this high quality material is capable of withstanding the punishing task of permanent site caravanning, being easy to clean, tough, and completely waterproof. This exciting new development in awning material is ideally suited to campers who require that extra special quality that will quite easily cope with the demands of a typical British summer.

    DEPTH 250 CM








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    Depth: 250 cmRoof material: Ten Cate coated polyesterWal