Patio Awnings, Awnings, And Canopies By Deans

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Deans patio awnings are produced in our London factory by skilled employees most of whom have been assembling these products for 20 years or more. The manufacture of these products is done in partnership with some of the most renowned European manufacturers and Deans are an accredited installers for Markilux patio awnings and Pratic All weather patio awnings.

Text of Patio Awnings, Awnings, And Canopies By Deans

  • Deans have been manufacturing and installing high quality blinds and awnings since 1894 and provide a custom madeproduct, installed by their own teams of skilled technicians. Based at their 12000 square foot factory in South West London

    compare favourably with those quoted by large multi-national direct-sales organizations.

    Please call Deans Customer Services Team on 020 8947 8931 to arrange for one of our specialist surveyors to call andadvise you on the best awning or external blind for your special requirements.

    Address:4 Haslemere Industrial EstateRavensbury TerraceEarlsfieldLondon SW18 4SE

    Tel: 020 8947 8931Fax: 020 8947 8336email:



    The very latest introduction to Dean's range is the Pergotenda all weather patio awning.Incorporating a timber pergola style framework the Pergotenda is intended for those people who wantmore than just a fair weather sunblind. This awning is water proof and rated up to a wind speed of8 on the International Beaufort scale - which is over 40 miles per hour, nothing is going to stop yourbarbeque!

    Designed initially for restaurants the Pergotenda is proving popular with customers wanting tocombine the natural pergola look with the practicality of an awning.

    Available with a range of options including trellis work, flower baskets, screens and even electricwindows, this is real indoor living - outdoors.



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    Deans hold large stocks of components from which they are able to create stylish, high quality patio awnings at prices which


  • The Deans Traditional external sunblind has been made inthe same way for over 100 years. The casing is made ofselected, harvested, seasoned timber crafted and finished in theold fashioned way that will give the older house just the rightlook you have been seeking. The roller is of non-rustingaluminium and contains high tensile springs to keep the covertaught. Other associated parts are of mild steel or traditionalcast iron; just as they always were. Operated with an originaldesign pull down pole, bigger blinds may require a hefty tug toget them moving but they will last a long, long time. Smallerversions, called canopettes, are operated by a simplecord/pulley arrangement and one-off shapes can be crafted tospecial order.

    The Euro-President patio awning is the top of the range development of a

    system first introduced by Deans over 18 years ago. Constant improvement has

    kept this awning at the forefront of the UK sunblind market. Available in any

    width up to 13 metres (450) with an arm size of up to 3.5metres (120); big

    enough to cover the largest patio. The Euro-President is a cassette

    system, which means the front; top and bottom profiles are integral, presenting

    an elegant, classical look, which completely encloses the mechanical parts when

    in the closed position. Made form aircraft grade alloys, powder coated white as

    standard. The Euro-President is designed to last for year after year if the best is

    what you want then look no further than the Euro-President.

    Motorized and automated options are available.

    The conventional, if such a term can be used with this innovation, installation oflights has been within the cassette but the very special model M1550 goes onestep further than just having lights. Awnings are usually used on nice days andon nice days one would expect the windows to be open. Deans realised thatinstalling the lights in the cassette would attract the insects, which are inevitablyattracted to light, to buzz their irritating way around the cassette and inevitablythrough the open windows to do their worst within. Mounting the lights on theprofile of course has the opposite effect and draws the bugs away from the housewhilst producing a pleasant downward glow just where you want it; on yourguests and not just down the wall. The M1550 is available up to 12 meters widewith up to 3 meter wide arm extention. Motorized and automated options are available.

    The Santana is an awning of the type most often seen on the Continent, itworks just as a cassette awning does, with sprung folding arms, but at areduced cost due to there being no enclosing cassette. Installation may be toany suitable substrate and the Santana is supplied with a sturdy and attractiveweather board as standard. The arms are double sprung for maximumstrength and all components are made from high grade cast or drop forgedalloy materials. Profiles are extruded from aircraft grade aluminium which ispowder-coated white as standard. Sizes of the Santana extend from 2.5 metresin width up to 6.1 metres with arm lengths up to 3.0 metres. Despite thereduced cost of the Santana patio awning motorization and automated climateoptions are also available.Motorized and automated options are available.

    The M915 is a remarkable awning from the renowned Markilux brand. Acomplete cassette system at the price of much less sophisticatedsunblinds. Carrying the full TuV qualification the model 915 is available upto 5.00 metres in width with an arm extension of 2.50 metres. This sunblindis particularly suited to the single patio window where fixing is only possibleat the ends. As with all Deans sunblinds the model 915 is available withautomated or manual controls and even the frame can be ordered in anumber of different colours. The 915 shares many of the advantages ofmuch more expensive systems including a removable front valance whichcan be changed at minimal cost to give your blind a fresh look everyseason.

    Motorized and automated options are available.

    The Dutch canopy has also been around for many years;traditionally made with a wooden frame most of our canopies arenow constructed from a maintenance free aluminiumextrusion with, in Deans case, high pressure die-cast alloycorners and reinforced hinges making it ideal for situations thatdo not permit the installation of heavier foldaway units but requiremaximum shade. Assisted by the side protection afforded by thecanopy design. A cover board is available to protect the fabricwhen in the closed position, and operation is usually by a simpletraditional cord and pulley method though an electric option isavailable. The valance is a standard feature on a Dutch canopyand is not removable but permanently fixed to the bottom frame.

    The Model 730 has been created specifically to provide maximum shadewhere heat reduction is a priority but there is limited scope for fixing a largeawning. This sunshade has many interesting features, including a standardoption which allows the arms to drop through 90 degrees to a maximumpitch of 120 degrees - perfect for a full length window or a conservatory. Aswith all Deans external sunblinds a fully automated option is available. Avariation of the model 730 is the model 100 which is effectively an exteriormounted roller blind running on stainless steel rods or cables. This variant isparticularly useful if fitted with the Transolair screen material to giveminimum solar gain but allowing maximum light transmission. Arms sizesup to 1500mm are available.

    Motorized and automated options are available.

    Deans have been making sunblinds for over 100 years and are founder members of one of the industries oldest tradeassociations (The British Blind and Shutter Association, established in 1919) as such we are able to maintain or repair any sunblind, and when youwant a change Deans will be happy to recover your old blind with new fabric, giving it a whole new lease of life.

    Deans Blinds have received formal recognition as an Investor In People according to the National Standard which means we are committed toensuring our employees are as capable as the products they produce.

    All Deans Domestic external blinds and awnings are guaranteed for 5-years (details on request).

    Installation: You can be confident that all Deans awnings and blindswill be installed by skilled and experienced technicians who have beenthrough, and continue to undergo, training plans which are managedby structured training programmes. We are proud to be holders of theprestigious Government sponsored Investors In People Training awardscheme for which Deans have been a part since its inception in 1993.Where difficult installations are envisaged we are able to fabricatespecial custom-made brackets or fixing to overcome the challenges ininstalling awnings on the many shapes and sizes of our British homes.

    Other options which are available to compliment your new awninginclude the Patio Side Screen. This is a really useful option for tworeasons. The first being when your patio is affected by low early or latesunshine but another benefit of the side screen is to give added privacywhen your patio is overlooked. The screen slides back into its owncassette which can remain in place against the wall - rather like a miniawning on its side. Many other options are available including variablevalances electric or manual, removable support poles, heaters andlighting.

    The above descriptions are intended as a guide for your sunblind selection, they are not intended as a complete catalogue of Deans productswhich is far too large to put in a small brochure such as this.

    Most of Deans exterior sunblinds are available with optional electric operation and can also be installed with remote controls or devices thatpermit the sunblinds operation automatically dependant upon weather conditions.

    Each sunblind is available in a range of fabrics to suit all tastes and every one of these fabrics is protected with a fungicide and soil repellant tokeep it looking good for longer.