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SURFACE DRIVE SYSTEM (SDS) 2012.France Helices Slide 2 About France Helices Founded in 1977 Manufacturer of: The original Surface Drive System Propellers Rudders Zinc anodes and accessories Shaft Lines Bearings 6/1/2014 2 Slide 3 Naval Engineering Product development Calculation study Pre-project Detailed project Study, approval, solutions Project management Commissioning Project feasibility Commissioning management Manufacturing management Launching, sea trial upon request 6/1/2014 3 Slide 4 Manufacturing Having our own foundry with a capacity of 3.5 tons for NI-BR-AL, iron, bronze, manganese, stainless steel, aluminium materials, ensures that we can manufacture within a specific time limit and in doing so, achieve the utmost in quality. Our workshop, equipped with a wide range of the latest technology, allows us to manufacture all kinds of parts conforming to ISO tolerance specifications and to operate under the watchful eye of quality control organizations. France Helices production capacity allows the manufacture of shaft-lines up to 10 meters length, and CNC machine milling up to 4.5 X 2 X 1.6 meters. 6/1/2014 4 Slide 5 Surface Drive System Advantages 15 % speed increase over stern drives Tremendous steering capacity at high speed ( U-turn in less than 2 boat length) The ability to use the boat in shallow water The guaranty of performance The reduction of maintenance cost (Especially over water jets) The possibility to carry out general maintenance without requiring specialised engineers. The small amount of spare parts to keep in the inventory A world-wide assistance in 24 hours for spares or technicians. 6/1/2014 5 Slide 6 Is a Surface Drive Advantageous for my Vessel? It depends on the following factors: Surface drives operate best at top speeds over 35 knots Use of the vessel (Patrol, Interceptor, Dive, Ferry, Yacht) Hull Type (Planning hull) Engine Power Gear Box type 6/1/2014 6 Slide 7 The SDS Package Each SDS surface drive is based on the same assembling principle. The drive is a mechanical package that transmits the engine power to the propeller. The SDS surface drive is composed of 7 main parts. The steering cylinder The trim cylinder unit The body The lower sphere unit The thrust box unit The shaft The propeller 6/1/2014 7 Slide 8 SDS Diagram 6/1/2014 8 Slide 9 France Helices SDS Sizes 6/1/2014 9 Slide 10 SDS Weight Table 6/1/2014 10 Slide 11 What makes the SDS different? France Helices has over 100 years of propulsion experience Every SDS is designed to meet an application and vessel target speed (Using our unique, sophisticated software). Every project begins with a resistance calculation. France Helices is the only surface drive manufacturer that does this. France Helices designs and manufactures our own propellers. No sub-contracting. Highest possible quality of manufacture. All alloys are thoroughly tested and all units are computer and visually inspected multiple times before shipping. 6/1/2014 11 Slide 12 Screw Selection France Helices manufactures the proper screws for each SDS quoted The screw is designed with the SDS Vessel target speed tolerance is within 1%. All propellers comply with ISO 484 Class S 6/1/2014 12 Slide 13 Quality Standard warranty is 12 months from date of vessel commissioning. A special extended 18-month warranty is available at minimal cost. Propeller thrust 100% guaranteed. Vessel speed (within 1%) guaranteed under certain conditions. 24 hour service. 6/1/2014 13 Slide 14 Multiple control options 6/1/2014 14 Slide 15 Class Approved 6/1/2014 15 Slide 16 Comparison vs. Others 6/1/2014 16 Slide 17 Locations Around the World 6/1/2014 17 Slide 18 Contact Us For a FREE, no-obligation quote, contact us: 6/1/2014 18 France Helices Asia Marine Propulsion Pte., Ltd. 10 Anson Rd., #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903 Attn: John Miele +63-917-872-7988 View our blog at: http://www.speedafloat.com