Storyboard ideas. Scripted reality.

Storyboard ideas

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Page 1: Storyboard ideas

Storyboard ideas.Scripted reality.

Page 2: Storyboard ideas

Portraying a glamorous lifestyle

Music – diagetic and non diagetic . Clothes- glamorous and fake. Body language- up front and not

afraid of the camera Simple background -to show how

extravagant they look.

Page 3: Storyboard ideas

Deconstructing the trailer

In this trailer of towie we see regular faces being portrayed as silly, down to earth people but in their glamorous shell.

Arg is one of the main focuses from towie as he starts of the trailer with 5,4,3,2,1, but says it wrong and acts dumb, with the light hearted music being played it anchors the language well. This gives the audience a feel of a typical Essex person, and how they portray Essex as a whole .



It then cuts to short fast edits to the typical faces from towie all made up saying a typical catch phrase ‘erm’ . The audience get a feel of satisfaction as the girls and boys portrayed as very clever and seem down to earth, as they don't take themselves to seriously .

Page 4: Storyboard ideas

Deconstructing the trailer


We then cut to a famous face one of the hunks from towie saying ‘on the new series on the only way is Essex’ which indicates to the audience he will be saying what is going on in the next season.



‘lots of dating’

‘some fit men’


We then see the faces keep cutting to them deciding that there going to say, showing there true silly colours in a light hearted glamorous way.

Jess on of the main characters in the show ends it with “cut” showing that she is in control.

Page 5: Storyboard ideas

Ending slide

Showing information about where and what time it will be on screen.

There sponsor “Surf” using an Essex slogan and catch phrase 'smelling reem’ links well with there program as they want there product to be seen as high quality.