Still Life and Studio Photography NC Photography By Caitlin McKeown

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Text of Still Life and Studio Photography NC Photography By Caitlin McKeown

Still Life and Studio Photography

Still Life and Studio PhotographyNC PhotographyBy Caitlin McKeown

This portrait has been taken in landscape.The model is looking to the light, away from the camera.Her body gets lost agenst the background. Her face is nicely in the light.We can see the light reflection in her eyes.There is a nice contrast between the thick shadow across her to one side being correctly exposed.Portrait Photography

This picture has been taken landscape, but has been cropped down to fit the style. The pose the model is making makes us think that there is possible commercial photography happening. We can see this because the way she is holding her jacket close to her face.The lighting has a nice sweep across her face with a gentle contrast of shadow from her hair. Although, her hair and outline of her body is slightly lost agenst the background. The photo is also in black and white. She is staring directly into the camera, with sharp eyes.

This image has been taken in landscape, the model is seen from chest up, the top of her hair slightly cut off. The background is white and there is a lot of light. There aren't too many dark areas on her face or body, though her jumper is black so that makes up for the loss in contrast on her face.Her arm is behind her head making look as if she is laying down, but something makes her look as she is standing. There is a small shadow under her hand which just gives away that she is laying down.

This low-key image has a lot of shadow around the model, his face and lower body is lost to the background, making it look very mysterious. There is one light coming from the top right of the subject, it is very soft because there is a nice fade of light going across the model.

This image has a very soft lighting, we can tell this by the shadow. There isnt many, and they are very gentle. We can see the light is coming from infront of her, this also makes a lack of shadows on her face. Her eyes are very sharp, we can see this because you can see the reflection of the light in her eyes and they are very clear.Studio Still Life Photography

This piece of still life has been taken in black and white, with a light coming from in front of the fruit. The composition is interesting because all of the pears are standing apart from one, which is laying down. There is a small harsh bit of shadow, but then it fades out along the pears.

This image has been taken above the shells, looking down on the shells.There isnt very much shadow on the shells, but there is still a nice contrast from having a black background and white shells.

This image is a little flat. The image has again been shot from above. There is a bit of movement in the keys from the lens. We can tell this from the key tips being blurred slightly.

This image is very eye catching, it is alittle abstract because at first you cant tell what it is.It is three apples that are wet, with one light seeming to come slightly from above them, but nearer behind, and the rest in total darkness, which makes it very eye catching. The reflections on the water droplets are very interesting.

This is another black and white image. It is eye catching because there are four colours highlighted in this image, four crayons while the rest of the image is in black and white. The light is coming down on the subject and the camera is shooting at a angle quite close to the crayons.