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Furniture catalog for the Fine Upholstery & Leather Collection by Stickley... includes the following Stickley collections: Stickley Fine Upholstery and Craftsman Leather

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    L.& J.G. STICKLEY, INC.P.O. BOX 480, ONE STICKLEY DRIVE MANLIUS, NEW YORK 13104-0480 T 315.682.5500 F 315.682.6306


  • ALFRED J. AUDIInducted October 21, 2008

    Aminy and Edward Audi proudly accept the award at the induction ceremony in High Point, N.C.

  • iSincerely,

    Edward AudiAminy Audi

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    Table of Contents

    Dear Friends,

    We are pleased to present this catalog of our rapidly expanding fine upholstery and leather collection. Many of you who treasure your Stickley furniture know of its incomparable construction and enduring beauty. Like the rest of Stickley, our upholstery is an expression of that quality and value, blending beauty and comfort in the creation of timeless designs. Since founding Stickley Fine Upholstery in 1996, we have been engaged in an ongoing search for the finest and most exciting fabrics from around the world. Our collection now totals almost 1200 fabrics, many created exclusively for Stickley by some of the most respected fabric designers in the industry.

    A few years ago we purchased a high end leather company which we renamed Craftsman Leather by Stickley. We moved the production from Hickory, North Carolina to our fine upholstery plant in Archdale. Today our leather offerings are very impressive by any standard... from the 5/4 kiln dried hardwood frames and the eight-way hand knotted springs to the exquisite selection of the finest quality leathers. Every aspect bespeaks of our commit-ment to quality, value and aesthetic excellence. The Stickley Leather Collection, now a part of this fine upholstery offering, is designed to fit every lifestyle.

    Over the years, our designers and craftspeople have been busy developing a comprehensive selection of unique frame styles designed to complement the many facets of the Stickley product line. Whether you prefer the formality of our finest mahogany reproductions, the purity of our Arts & Crafts designs, or the contemporary flair of the 21st Century and Metropolitan Collections, Stickley Fine Upholstery provides just the right fabric and frame choice for your home. Beyond the beauty of our fine tailoring and the durability of our legendary construction, there is exceptional comfort that has been carefully engineered into each of our fine upholstery designs. Comfort is the most important and lasting impression of all, and is the hallmark of the Stickley upholstery collection.

    We are immensely grateful to Rod McLean, President of Stickley Fine Upholstery and to our talented team in Archdale, North Carolina. This exceptional group of men and women are committed to the Stickley tradition of excellence. Together they have hundreds of years of experience in crafting fine quality upholstery and are proud to be a part of our continuing legacy.

    We hope you enjoy browsing through the pages and products that follow, and that one day we can count you among the growing number of loyal customers who have discovered the pride in owning Stickley Fine Upholstery.


    Aminy i. Audi

    EdwArd J. Audi

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    The casual simplicity of Stickley Mission Oak or Cherry; the relaxed sophistication of Metropolitan and 21st Century; the casual comfort of Coronado and the Finger Lakes collection or the classic elegance of our Traditional and 18th Century Collections. Whatever your style, Stickley Fine Upholstery offers an upholstery frame and fabric or leather choice that is the perfect complement to your Stickley collection and the perfect expression of your unique lifestyle.


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    We take pride in being able to customize our products to meet your dreams. Over 1400 fabrics and leathers, dozens of decorative fringes and cords, 26 finishes, 8 skirt styles, 3 different cushion choices, and a selection of base options provide more than enough choices to create a custom product that is uniquely yours!


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    Stickley collectors world-wide proudly point to quadralinear posts and triple-guided drawers as visible indicators of the exceptional craftsmanship that is the cornerstone of the Stickley tradition.

    Stickley Fine Upholstery represents the logical extension of that cherished tradition. In a market where value tends to be defined only in terms of dollars, Stickley craftspeople are quietly dedicated to producing an uncommon product.

    Like the blind dovetail joints in many Stickley dressers, most of the construction features noted on the following pages are hidden beneath the surface, and are indicative of our deep sense of pride in the products we build.

    Since 1900, Stickley has been famous for its unique and highly sophisticated construction techniques.


    Exceptional Durability

    Most Stickley frames are made from 5/4

    kiln dried maple. Joints are double doweled

    for maximum durability.

    Special Touches

    Skirted pieces are fitted with adjustable glides; which allows the skirt height to be adapted to varying carpet thicknesses,

    as well as to hardwood floors.

    Engineered for Comfort

    Stickley uses the finest high-carbon steel springs, interlocked into special sagless

    corrugated steel webbing to form an exceptionally durable, spring on spring foundation. Individual springs are 8-way

    hand-knotted for even support and maximum comfort.

    The Tradition ContinuesFor over 100 years

    the Stickley shopmark has signified our

    commitment to the highest levels of

    craftsmanship. It can be found on every piece of Stickley Fine Upholstery.


    DetailsFully mitered, fully

    lined skirt panels are a hallmark of the finest upholstery tailoring,

    and are a visual expression of

    Stickleys dedication to excellence.

    Marshall Unit BacksTight-back styles utilize individual

    muslin-covered springs over a sinuous spring foundation, rather than simple foam construction,

    for lifetime support.

    Impeccable matching standards are the hallmark of Stickley tailoring. Each piece is meticulously center or flow matched to exact specifications. A skirted sofa may have as many as 80 individual pieces of fabric that need to be cut to pattern with exceptional accuracy.

    Fully mitered, fully lined skirts. This painstaking detail is part of every skirted piece we make.

    8-way hand Knotted Construction provides universal comfort.

  • 1Engineered for ComfortThe legendary comfort of Stickley Fine Upholstery is achieved by combining the elements of frame height, depth, and pitch with the appropriate spring base engineering and the best in cushion and foam technology.

    The goal is to provide even gentle support, which eliminates pressure points and evenly distributes weight over the entire seating area. In addition, each seat is designed with a subtle pocket which holds the body at a comfortable pitch and prevents the pull of gravity from stressing the sitters position over time.

    8-Way Hand-Knotted ConstructionEducated consumers have long identified an 8-way hand-tied spring base as an important benchmark of high quality upholstery construction. Sadly, this term has been diluted over the years as the original technique of hand-tying springs has fallen victim to manufacturing shortcuts and marketing mythology.

    The artisans at Stickley Fine Upholstery still secure each spring with 8 separate hand-tied knots (rather than simple loops) of high quality tying twine. This old-world process takes twice as long, but the results can last a lifetime.

    Marshall Unit BacksMost tight back designs feature the use of Marshall Unit coil springs over a sinuous spring foundation. A construction feature rarely seen today. Unlike the simple foam used by others, the muslin-covered springs of a Marshall Unit will not pocket or sag with use. This technique ensures luxurious comfort and consistent back support for the life of the piece.

    Fully Mitered Skirts Like the triple guided drawers on Stickley case pieces, fully mitered skirts are a window to the hidden craftsmanship of Stickley Fine Upholstery. This painstaking detail is found only on the finest upholstery, and it is a feature that you will find on every skirted piece that we make. We invite you to gently lift the skirt on a Stickley piece and compare it to any other. The intricate picture frame seam at each corner of a Stickley fully mitered skirt eliminates extra layers of fabric and allows it to drape freely and tailor neatly to the frame.

    Stickley skirts are also fully lined. This means that you will never see staples, cardboard strips or ragged edges beneath a Stickley skirt. The artisans at Stickley Fine Upholstery want these hidden areas to be as clean and neatly tailored as the surfaces you look at every day.

    Stickley skirt panels are individually matched, with a degree of pattern alignment that is uncommon in the industry. As you might expect, we spend as much time matching panels on the back of the sofa as we do the front.

    Center or Flow MatchingEach piece of Stickley Fine Upholstery is 4-way center matched or flow matched to our exacting specifications.

    Center Matching is the term that describes th


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