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  • Statement of


    Coanwood Childrens Home


  • Contents

    Location of home 5

    Mission Statement 6

    Quality and Purpose of Care

    Introduction to Coanwood Childrens Home 7

    The ethos of the home 7

    Service outcomes and approach 8

    Outcomes Coanwood seeks to achieve 9

    Coanwood meets outcomes through 9

    Developing a quality service 9

    Facilities 9

    Diversity and Cultural Needs 10

    Care Planning

    Criteria for admission 11

    Admission process 11

    Emergency admissions 12

    Reviewing arrangements for young people 12

    Discharge/Exit planning 12

    Views Wishes and Feelings

    Consulting young people about quality of care 13

    Equal Opportunities 14

    Anti-bullying 14

    Representations and Complaints 14

    Advocacy 14

    Childrens Commissioner 15

    Participation 16


    Education Support 16

    Employment Development 17

    Enjoyment and Achievement

    The development of enabling skills 17

    Activities 18

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015


  • Health

    Health care 18

    Positive Relationships

    Working in partnership 18

    Promoting contact 19

    The development of positive values and pro-social behaviour 19

    Protection of Children

    Safeguarding 20

    Behaviour support 20

    Approach to physical intervention 21

    Restorative Justice 21

    Fire, health and safety arrangements 22

    Food hygiene 22

    Missing child policy responding to unauthorised absence 22

    Visitors 22

    Online Safety 23

    Communications System 23

    CCTV 23

    Leadership and Management

    Staffing structure 23

    Staff induction 24

    Staff training 24

    Staff monitoring systems 24

    Linkworkers 25

    Staff supervision 25

    External consultancy 25

    Contact Details

    Inspection and monitoring (responsible body) 25

    Scope of responsibility 26

    Responsible body 26

    Review arrangements for Statement of Purpose 27

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015


  • Appendix A Staff list

    Appendix B Structure chart

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015


  • Location of Home

    Directions from A1 Take A19 exit from the A1 sign posted Cramlington/Blyth/Ashington. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit sign posted A19 After one mile, take the slip road onto A1171/B1505 Continue to follow A1171 going straight over 2 roundabouts At the 3rd roundabout, take the 3rd exit After one mile take the 2nd exit at the small roundabout onto B1326 Almost immediately take the right turn into the housing estate Turn right and follow the road around. At the junction, turn right again and then left. Follow the road around until you reach number 22 on the left hand side. Directions from A189 (Spine Road) Take the exit toward Cramlington/Town Centre/East Cramlington At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto B1326 Turn right onto B1505 Turn left onto Clifton Rd Take the 2nd left onto Coanwood Drive

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015



    Coanwood offers young people a family setting residential living experience where they can be healthy, safe from harm and are

    able to develop their confidence and well-being leading to fulfilling their potential.

    Each young person will be respected, valued and nurtured to

    allow their individual talents, strengths and self-worth to develop during their time living in the home.

    The staff team foster positive relationships with the young people through activities and shared daily life in a well maintained, safe

    and stimulating environment.

    The staff team will be attentive to the needs of young people, and have high ambitions for their futures.

    The staff team work closely with families and others who have a relationship with the young person, to achieve positive outcomes

    through shared responsibility.

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015

  • Quality and Purpose of Care Introduction to Coanwood Coanwood Childrens Home is located in Cramlington. The home is line managed by the Wellbeing and Community Health Services Group. Coanwood Childrens Home provides residential care for children and young people who have had a troubled and often traumatic start to their lives. The home provides placements for up to 4 young people of either gender. The age range on admission is 10 to 15, with young people living in the home up to the age of 17. The length of the placement will be dependent on the needs of the young person identified in the Care Plan and ongoing requirements of the young person. Coanwood Childrens Home endeavours to provide a safe environment for all its residents, meeting their requirements through individually tailored packages to address their presenting risks and/or social needs. The ethos of the home The practice in Coanwood Childrens Home is underpinned by the philosophy of the Children Act 1989, the Care Standards Act 2000, and the Childrens Homes Regulations 2015. We offer a listening, caring, family orientated environment with the emphasis on working with young people, their families and other professionals to address patterns of behaviour, through positive and constructive interventions by a skilled and committed staff group. The staff team ensure that they adopt good parenting responses to maintain the safe management of young people, whilst allowing them to take measured risks to develop as individuals. Coanwoods approach is designed to ensure that the young people in our care can feel supported to make positive choices and therefore access services who will address their emotional, social, educational and cultural needs. The staff team will address behaviour or circumstances that have led them to an admission to the Looked after Residential Services. Coanwood Childrens Home will ensure that young people are not discriminated against on grounds of their race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, faith or disability. Any form of discrimination will be challenged. Young people will enter the Residential Looked after Service for various reasons:

    Challenging behaviour Family breakdown Risks to themselves and others Actual abuse or serious risk of abuse

    Res Homes Admin/Coanwood Childrens Home SOP updated 01.02.19 Ratified by Corporate Parenting: June 2015


  • Young people are placed in the care of the Local Authority under the provision of the Children Act 1989, Section 20 or through:

    Voluntary Accommodation, Section 20 Full Care Order, section 31 Interim Care Order, Section 38

    Many young people will have experiences of rejection, significant loss or change; some may have suffered some form of abuse: emotional, physical or sexual. The Coanwood staff team have the skills and empathy to engage with young people through their understanding of child development and relationship skills. Young people are actively encouraged to understand their behaviour and the impact it has on others and themselves, and the consequences of their actions in the immediate and longer term. Risk assessment is one medium that informs our decision making for all young people accommodated. The risk management plans will take into account the young persons wishes and needs whilst ensuring that all situations known are safe and in the young persons best interest. Service Outcomes and Approach Coanwood Childrens Home offers a group living environment. The social care approach by the Coanwood Staff team is focussed on building


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