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<ul><li> 1. Made by Mike Gershon If you want to make slides whizz through really quickly and then press escape to choose a starter at random do The Starter Generator! this: Select all slides, change slide transition to 0 seconds and uncheck the advance on mouse click box. Start the slide show and it should work. Sources Visit - _content/newsletters/newsletter _oct06.asp and go to the bit by Harry Dodds for a good piece about making starters effective and linked to learning Edward De Bono How to Have Creative Ideas (Vermilion, Chatham, 2007) My head Other peoples heads </li> <li> 2. StartersOdd One Out List O-Mania Show me the answer! Whats The Question? ThunksWhats This? Questions Political PowerWho am I? Whats your opinion? InterviewPress Conference Definition Match What is Citizenship? Word Fill SlogansList Definition Pictionary Freeze Frame Bingo Sheets HangmanDingbats/Say what you see Homework Peer Assessment Pupil as Teacher 20 Questions AZWhats being said? Or Whats being thought? Name that tune! Instructions Ridiculous ArgumentsWhat if? Art and life Tell me three things... Scenario Get CreativeUptown Top Ranking Empathy-builder Taboo Compare and Contrast Recipe TimeHave I Got News For You Mystery Bag True or False Fact or Opinion? Whats the topic?Describe and Draw Just a Minute What do you know? Inside the Octagon Random DebateAnimal Madness What would win? Different Shoes Whats the Story? Flow ChartContinuum Picture in time In the spotlight Connections Home ImprovementHave I seen you somewhere before? Get In Character Design a starter BlockbustersPair It Up My Word! Statement Exploration Strongest Argument Concept MapWhats Your Reply? Draw me the answer Millionaire Analogies SculpturePlay Doh Find the definition Genre Tree-mendous StimulusProp-tastic Noun Play Solutions Uncover Uncover VariationRedesign Silent Instructions Translate Uses Pass the ParcelTime/Place Lapse Mystery Guest Dissonance Detectives New InventionsDominoes Smile Mood Creative Writing Abstract ThinkingWhat if poetry Performance Big Picture Summary SentencesArrangement Simon says Post it Celebration Key LettersCreate-a-title 10 words Venn Diagram Noises Think Pair ShareGoal Setting Multi-Tracking Song-Writer Jigsaw Odd One Out PicturesQuestions you would like to ask </li> <li> 3. Back To Odd One Out Starterse.g. Which is the odd one out; Tourist, IDP, Refugee, Asylum Seeker? (clue there may be more than one) </li> <li> 4. Back To List O-Mania Starterse.g.List as many...rights/responsibilities/policy areas/taxes/items you threw away in the last 24 hours you can. </li> <li> 5. Back To Answer! Show me the answer! StartersUsing mini-whiteboards, true/false cards, hand signals, different coloured cards etc. pupils must show you the answer to a series of questions </li> <li> 6. Back To Whats The Question? Starterse.g. If this is the answer, then whats the questionA: Mr T(Q: Who is da man?) </li> <li> 7. Thunkse.g. What does the wind smell like? Do trees have feelings?If I borrow a million pounds, am I a millionaire? Back To Starters </li> <li> 8. Back To Whats This? Starterse.g. What do you think this is? Nilin, West Bank: A Palestinian demonstrator uses a slingshot to hurl stones at Israeli border police during a protest against Israels separation barrier </li> <li> 9. Back To Questions Starterse.g. A series of questions1) What does consumer mean?2) Are you a consumer?3) Why?4) What rights do consumers have?5) Who protects them? </li> <li> 10. Back To Political Power StartersEmpire Surgeon Poker Scallop- You must use these words to increase the political power of a party.- You could turn them into policies or slogans- Explain why your suggestions might workFrom Edward De Bonos How to Have Creative Ideas. See You can make random word tables or PowerPoints or use a book to get different random words. </li> <li> 11. Back To Who am I? Starterse.g. Could be a pictureOr part of a pictureOr clues I am an important Londoner I am a politician I am noted for frequent buffoonery Could do guess what instead for places etc. </li> <li> 12. Questions you would like to aske.g.Today we will begin studying local government. Write down the questions you would like answered. Back To Starters </li> <li> 13. Back To Whats your opinion? StartersAsk students to write/speak in pairs a short explanation of their opinion about the topic you are starting to study. This can then be revisited at the end of the lesson/unit. </li> <li> 14. Back ToStarters Definition Match e.g. Match the word to the definition Labour Political party who say they are the future Conservatives Political party who say they are the future Liberal Democrats Political party who say they are the future </li> <li> 15. What is Citizenship? Back To Starters Parliament Puberty Bullying The Law Policing Rights Relationships Conflict Tax Countries World War 2 Fair TradeStudents circle which ones they think are citizenship. Could use to check/reinforce subject understanding.Could adapt to use for different topics e.g. What is economics, or what is human rights </li> <li> 16. Back To Word Fill Starterse.g. Fill in the missing words (can include the words underneath - in the wrong order of course - for differentiation)The X _______ is a popular programme on ____.All of the contestants are extremely________ and ________.Simon Cowell always says ______ things and makes the performers feel ______ about themselves. </li> <li> 17. List Definitione.g.1)List all the words you associate with Global Warming.2) Now join these words together to make a definition for Global Warming Back To Starters </li> <li> 18. Back To Pictionary Starters e.g. Give students concepts/ideas/things to draw whilst others have to guess what they areAlternative short list of concepts/ideas Can divide group into and students have to draw in books or on teams to make it mini-whiteboard and competitive then feedback their thinking/explanation. </li> <li> 19. Back To Freeze Frame StartersYou are working on a farm in Africa supplying Cadburys with cocoa to make chocolate. The weather is hot, the work hard and you are paid very little. Individually/pair/group produce a freeze frame showing the scene.- Could adapt to all manner of scenes, or give pupils the topic area and ask them to produce an appropriate freeze frame that other students must then try and decipher. </li> <li> 20. Bingo Sheets Back To Starterse.g. Pupils get bingo sheets with key words/phrases and you read out definitions... </li> <li> 21. Back To Hangman StartersYou know what it is! </li> <li> 22. Back ToDingbats/Say what you see Starters </li> <li> 23. Back To Homework Peer Assessment Starterse.g. Students asked to swap homework (relies on it having being done) and peer assess their neighbours on the success criteria you set. Can also use two stars and a wish. </li> <li> 24. Back To Pupil as Teacher Starterse.g. One (or more?) pupil is the teacher. They have to summarise the last lesson(s) and question the class on what was studied. </li> <li> 25. Back To 20 Questions Starterse.g. Teacher or pupil picks a relevant person/place and the class have 20 yes/no questions to discover who or what it is. </li> <li> 26. Back To A-Z Starterse.g. Write down a key/related word for our topic area for as many letters of the alphabet as you can.ArmsBayConflictDarfurEarthFreedomGuantanamoHarm Can also do it verbally. Ask students/groups to shout out when you give them a letter. </li> <li> 27. Whats being said? Back To Starters Or Whats being thought?e.g. Choose a picture and ask students what might be being said or thought. Could be relevant Or abstract - </li> <li> 28. Back To Name tha...</li></ul>


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