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Standardisation&AdaptationDeveloping standardized products marketed worldwide with a standardized marketing mix Essence of mass marketing Adjusting the marketing mix elements to each target market Essence of segmentation Think globally, act locally

Product Product Price Price Promotion Promotion Place Distribution

Standardisation&AdaptationA D A P T A T I O NReasons Pulling Towards Adaptation 1. Market development 2. Economic differences 3. Culture 4. Differences in customer perception 5. Competition 6. Differences in physical conditions 7. Laws 8. Level of customer similarity 9. Political environment 10.Marketing infrastructure Reasons Pulling Towards Standardisation 1. Economies of scale in production, research and development and promotion 2. Global uniformity and image 3. Consistency with the mobile consumer 4. Easier planning and control 5. Stock costs reduction 6. Synergetic and transferable experience


Cross-Cultural Advertising GaffesKentucky Fried Chicken - Chinese market "finger lickin' good" came out as "eat your fingers off Coca-Cola Chinese Market Ke-kou-ke-la > female horse stuffed with wax. "ko-kouko-le "happiness in the mouth". Pepsi Chinese Market "Pepsi Brings you Back to Life" "Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave". Italy, "Schweppes Tonic Water "Schweppes Toilet Water". General Motors - Chevy Nova in South America > in Spanish, "nova" means "it won't go Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux in an American campaign: "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux"

Adaptation /Coca-Cola/Name

Adaptation / Coca-Cola / Cans

Different adapted cans of Coca-Cola

Adaptation / Coca-Cola Zero Campaign

Coca Cola Zero Launch in Japan vs USA

Adaptation / Coca-Cola Zero Campaign

Coca Cola Zero Launch in Turkey

Adaptation / Coca-Cola / Products

Designed bottles for Milan Fashion Week

Adaptation / Coca-Cola/Products

Designed bottles for Milan Fashion Week

Adaptation / Coca-Cola /Japan

Cocal Cola Japan website / crowded / highlight ads and promotion campaigns

Adaptation / Coca-Cola / UK

Coca Cola UK website / colorful / highlight social responsibility projects

Adaptation / Coca-Cola / Taiwan

Coca Cola Taiwan website / plain / highlight products and company s message

Adaptation/Absolut/Print Ads

Adaptation /Mc Donald s/Message

Same message and positioning strategy.

Adaptation /Mc Donald s/Place

Mc Donald s adapts its restaurants to environment

Adaptation /Mc Donald s/Products

Mc Donald s adaptation in products and ad campaigns.

Adaptation / HSBC

HSBC always highlight the importance of acting locally. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Adaptation / HSBC / Print Ads

Adaptation / HSBC / Print Ads

Adaptation/HeartBrand40 different brand names in different countries with same positioning strategy.

Standardization / HP

HP s Global Gwen Stefani Campaign

Standardization / HP

HP s the computer is personal again campaign was used in many countries.

Standardization / Mercedes / Standard Website

Mercedes France web site

Standardization /Mercedes/ Standard Website

Mercedes Greece web site


Same message in all countries.

Standardization/Apple/AdsSame postioning/ messages. Same commercials/ Ex: iPhone s first launch

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