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ST JOSEPH’S WOODBURN - .ST JOSEPH’S WOODBURN Dear Families, Our Maths and Music night on Wednesday

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    Dear Families,

    Our Maths and Music night on Wednesday was a great success and I appreciate that many parents and students were able to attend and learn through experience and fun, and then applaud and enjoy some amazing talent.

    Our Maths night included some discussion about St Josephs being an EMU (Extended Mathematical Un-derstanding) school and thereby acknowledging the absolute necessity for students to be able to achieve and understand foundation concepts before moving on to related Mathematical concepts. Research shows that students need to experience a Maths concept 200 times before it becomes knowledge. Hence the advantage and need for Maths games and discussions at home. There was also some explana-tion of specialised intervention at Year 1 level. Our Leader of Pedagogy, Mr Andrew Maslen, talked about the importance of a positive growth mind set from us as parents and teachers to nurture further learning and demonstrated activities and questioning with some of the students present. Then the fun began:

    Parents got involved, learnt and participated in the Maths games around the room. Teachers and students were available to assist, discuss and answer questions. Bead Kebabs were made and taken home for a resource, and A gift bag containing all the activities, and further resources were given out.

    Thanks again for your attendance, we are looking forward to doing another Maths night in Term 1 next year. The Maths night was followed by the Musicorp Young Performers Concert. We were entertained beautifully by our talented St Josephs students from Woodburn and Coraki, on a variety of instruments including gui-tars, keyboards, violins, drum kit and saxophone. It was obvious that the children have spent much time and effort to get to the standard they are currently performing at. Congratulations to each and every one of them! It truly was a pleasure to be part of the audience. A big thank you to Mr Mark Earl for his amazing and encouraging efforts with the students. HIGHLIGHTS WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR THIS WEEK: Our Stage 3 students and their fantastic NORPA Installation. Mrs Reese, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Barnes and Miss Watt for their mammoth effort in leading the Stage 3

    students on their NORPA journey. Our committed parents for the interest they show in their childs/children's learning. Our Year 4, 5 and 6 students for leading the Maths games on Wednesday night. Our terrific staff for supporting our Maths and Music night on Wednesday! Have a wonderful weekend!


    No. 35 4th November 2016

    T 6682 2468 F 6682 2494

    W E

  • The Sunday Connection: God speaks to us in many ways, including through the Sunday Scripture readings - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - In the Gospel this week, Jesus tells us that after we die, we will not need the same things we did when we were alive. Instead, we will have a new and different life with Christ.

    Catholic Social Teaching and having a Catholic WorldView The Lismore Diocese Catholic Schools Office is encouraging teachers to look at our Curriculum with a Catholic Worldview lens, to enable our students to build awareness and understanding so they may respond to their world with their head, heart and hands. This is the final week of sharing these understandings in our school Newsletter. We should acknowledge that they are the Catholic Social teachings that our Pope Francis requests all to consider.

    Themes of Catholic Social Teaching: Number 6: The Common Good

    What is true community? The common good is reached when we work together to improve the wellbeing of people in our society and the wider world. The rights of the individual to personal possessions and community resources must be balanced with the needs of the disadvantaged and dispossessed. At Caritas Australia, priority is given to development programs which involve collaboration with all relevant sectors of the community to promote the com-mon good.

    Mercy Week Thank you! A huge thank you to our school family for your generosity in giving to CATHOLIC MISSION! Our students viewed the Catholic Mission videos that showed the plight of the children in Cambodia. I know that our children were moved with compassion and supported our Rocktober Socktober Disco fundraiser enthusiastically. Thanks to the support of Catholic Mission, Sister Eulie Desacula from the Daughters of Charity has initiated the in-novative Mobile Tuk-Tuk Education Centre which proactively goes out to the children from disadvantaged communi-ties and gives them an education they would otherwise never receive. There are still countless children who are not receiving an education, and Sister Eulie urgently wants to increase the number of communities they visit and do it more frequently, so she can reach as many children as possible. Our donations will be assisting Sister Eulie realise the dream of helping those children in need. We are ever grateful to our families for your generous donation!

    Each class has a Mission Box - all monies collected this term will be sent to Catholic Mission.

    St Marys Casino - PROCLAIM RALLY Our school has been invited by Mr John OBrien Principal of St Marys Catholic School to attend their 2

    nd Annual

    Proclaim Rally on Thursday 17th November in the Relihan Centre, St Marys Primary Casino. The event will feature

    live music, dancing, student testimonies, and promises to be a celebration of faith and fun. All our students Kinder to Year Six will attend this exciting event so please complete the PERMISSION Note sent home earlier this week. MAKING JESUS REAL AWARDTERM 4, WEEK 3 Jessica Williams: For caring for Gods creation. Nominated by Mrs Reese. Jarrod Lohse: For always cheering everyone up with your smile. Nominated by Mrs Wilde.

    PARISH ALTAR SERVERS ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH WOODBURN 5:30pm Saturday, 5th November Charlie Hong, Cooper Davis, Ryley Davis Saturday, 12th November Alec Robinson, Matthew Woolley, Jason Bell, Lani Reese


  • CALENDAR TERM 4 WEEK 5 Monday, 7th November NO TUCKSHOP Tuesday, 8th November Sports Uniform Stage 2 Camp Wednesday, 9th November Tuckshop Library Stage 2 Camp Thursday, 10th November Sports Uniform Swimming-Woodburn Pool Friday, 11th November Remembrance Day: MassYear 2 at 12.30 pm Leader of Curriculum Meeting Mrs Reese

    TERM 4 WEEK 6

    Monday, 14th November Tuckshop Tuesday, 15th November Sports Uniform Wednesday, 16th November Tuckshop Library KINDER 2017 PARENT NIGHT 5.30PM Thursday, 17th November NO SWIMMING PROCLAIM Day-Casino-Sports Uniform Friday, 18th November Infants Assembly-2.30pm

    TUCKSHOP ROSTER Monday, 7th November NO TUCKSHOP Wednesday, 9th November Naomi Robinson AM: Stacey Bradford PM: + HELP NEEDED

    Thank you ladies!


    The school Tuckshop will NOT be open on Monday, 7th November for

    lunch orders due to lack of Tuckshop volunteers.


    Class Student Kinder Max Ferrier Year 1 Mia Sullivan Year 2 Blake Yager Year 3 Thomas Tunsted Year 4 Byron Moss Year 5 Elleigh Jamroz Year 6 All Year 6 students


    PARENT FORUM CHRISTMAS DINNER Monday, 21st November, 6 pm at the

    Evans Head Bowling Club Everyone is welcome (sorry, no children).

    Please RSVP to Tracey Bodley on 0417 232 187 by 16th November.

  • The Dance House will be opening in 2017

    with Jenny Southon

    a teacher of over 30 years experience.

    Classes will be held at the new,

    purpose built studio

    at 3 Wallum Drive, Evans Head.

    Come to a place where children can learn

    Classical Ballet, and Song and Dance and

    Jazz techniques in a fun and positive


    Classes for Pre School age and upward

    (depending on numbers)

    and a possibility for a ladies gentle

    exercise/stretch/strength class to music,

    if there is enough interest.

    Please call Jenny on 0427 140 958 with ques-tions or to book a place!

    Working with Children Check No.


    SPORTS NEWS from Melissa Barnes

    St Josephs Swimming Carnival St Josephs Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday, 9th December at Evans Head Sport and Aquatic Centre. Students from Year 2 to Year 6 will be involved in this carnival. Kindergarten and Year 1 will remain at school on this day. Year 1 children who can swim 50 metres of any stroke are welcome to participate on the day. Swimming Carnival Nominations were sent home yesterday, and are due back to school by Wednesday, 16th No-vember 2016. Swimming Carnival Parent Helpers are required for the carnival to run smoothly. Please consider helping and return the slip at the end of the Newsletter. Swimming Awareness Program St Josephs Water Awareness program will continue in Week 4, 5 and 7 on Thursdays. Students will be required to bring: $3:00 for pool entry; towel, swimmers, swim shirt, goggles and sunscreen. Times are: 12pm to 1pm Stage 1; 1pm to 2pm Stage 2 2pm to 3pm Stage 3 and Kindergarten Parents who have offered to help with the School Water Awareness Program have been notified. If you would still like to help please call the office. Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered across the stages. It is strongly recommended that with summer approaching you enrol your child in swimming lessons at a local pool if they cannot swim so that they can be taught to swim by qualified instructors. Summer Sport Trials Last Thursday the Richmond Zone Summer Sports trials were held in Lismore. Unfortunately, due to dangerous conditi