Spring 2013 Orchid Catalog from Carter and Holmes

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Welcome to our 2013 Spring Catalog! I am excited about the new offerings inside, and I am happy about the value that we are able to offer our customers during these difficult economic times. Every page of our new catalog includes healthy virus free plants at new lower prices. You can order with confidence because we have been selling quality plants since 1947, and because we guarantee safe delivery and your satisfaction. We appreciate you, and I promise that we will work to justify your trust in us. Mac Holmes President

Text of Spring 2013 Orchid Catalog from Carter and Holmes

  • Quality Orchids since 1947 Spring 2013

    Carter and Holmes Orchids

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    Carter and Holmes Orchids Welcometoour2013SpringCatalog! I am excited about the new offerings inside, and I am happy about the value that we are able to offer our customers during these difficult economic times. Every page of our new catalog includes healthy virus free plants at new lower prices. You can order with confidence because we have been selling quality plants since 1947, and be-cause we guarantee safe delivery and your satisfaction. Please consider placing an order today to insure that you continue to receive these catalogs in the coming year. Our recently updated Terms & Conditions are on pages 13 & 14 inside, and a brief key to the abbreviations & symbols used in our catalogs and on our website can be found on page 23. We appreciate you, and I promise that we will work to justify your trust in us.

    MacHolmes President


    Item pictured on our cover:First Bloom Seedling of Pot. (Frank Gilmore x Whitewater Falls) -Page 5

    Blc. Mem. Grant EichlerLenette

    M7189 Blc. Mem Grant Eichler Lenette HCC/AOS.We guarantee that you have never seen anything like this clone! Huge, nine inch blooms with spar-kling lavender color. Fragrant. (Winter-Spring) Offered here are overgrown plants sent Bare-Root and ready for 4 pots, $16.00.

    C. Horace Maxima

    M6937 C. Horace Maxima AM/AOS.One of the most famous classic cattleyas. Large, showy stems of pale lavender-pink blooms and near perfect shape. Also a proven parent plant. Sturdy growing plants with narrow foliage. Fra-grant. (Winter) Hearty plants sent Bare-Root and ready for 3 pots, $9.00.

    Blc. Lake Cachuma New Spring

    8925 Lc. Lake Cachuma New Spring x Blc. Mem. Arie Heerema Mendenhall AM/AOS.A new cross for beautiful, fragrant lavenders. with overlapping form, smooth texture and in-tense yellow eyes are expected. (Winter) Bare-Root plants ready for 2.5-3 pots, $7.00.


    Standard Cattleyas

    Blc. Star of BethlehemSaluda

    M9095 Blc. Star of Bethlehem Saluda.Large, showy displays of lavender-purple blooms with distinctive golden eyes in the throat. Stems can carry as many as four flowers per stem. Very Fragrant. (Fall) Near Blooming Size 3.5 pots $15.00.

    8788 Blc. Dream Paradise Temptation BM/JOGA x Lc. Newberry Ruffles n Flares Newberry.This cross combines two parents with splashy purple flares and intense throat coloring. The resulting seedlings should be marvelous! Fragrant. (Winter) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    M6198 Pot. Clouds Creek Heavenly Scent.This fragrant beauty has been a customer favorite for many years and to this day is a Carter & Holmes best seller. The cream colored blooms have a pink picotee around the petals. Very slender foliage. (Summer) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    Pot. Clouds CreekHeavenly Scent

    8775 Blc. Traveling Star Lipstick x Bc. Deborah Smith Mendenhall AM/AOS.We have high hopes for this winning combination. Expect a range of well shaped white, cream and pink blush colored blooms. Very Fragrant. (Fall-Winter)2.5 pots, $9.00.

    Blc. Dream ParadiseTemptation

    Blc. Traveling StarLipstick

    Lc. Good Fairy #1

    8779 Lc. Good Fairy #1 x Lc. Melody Fair MishimaWe made this cross using two of our most unique semi-alba parents. Ruffled white blooms with strik-ing purple lip markings. Fragrant. (Fall) Bare-Root plants ready for 3 pots, $9.00.

    M8073 Blc. Dr. Joe Walker Ray Mishima.While this clone has beautiful blushed pink coloring, the truly remarkable thing is the fragrance. The entire room will be perfumed with the scent of fresh-cut roses. (Win-ter) Bare-root plants ready for 3 pots, $9.00.

    Blc. Dr. Joe WalkerRay Mishima

    Blc. Edisto Barney Garrison(Photo taken by Ed Boyett)

    Blc. Col. David B. Brooker(First bloom seedling)

    M9360 Blc. Edisto Barney Garrison HCC/AOS.The photo below shows the original plant at the time of the award. Magnificent reddish-purple blooms have dark maroon lips veined with gold. Strong growing plants. Fragrant. (Summer) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    8481 Blc. Murrells Inlet Mendenhall x Blc. Lake Murray Mendenhall AM/AOS.Our latest cross with Blc. Oconee breeding for rich, dark purples. Plants will have broad foliage and reddish pigment. Very Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) 2.5 pots, $9.00.

    7791 Blc. Colonel David B. Brooker (Blc. Myrtle Beach Newberry AM/AOS x Blc. Lake Murray Mendenhall AM/AOS).The first to flower from this stunning cross is pictured. The radiant indigo-purple blooms have a hint of petal flares and heavy substance. Very Fragrant. (Fall) 3.5 pots, $18.00.

    Blc. Lake Murray Mendenhall

    Phalaenopsis Workshop- April 13th, 2013, at 1:00pm. Part I- Learn how to grow this popular genus from expert growers. Part II- Program on Miniature Phalaenopsis Hybrids & Intergenerics

    Spring Open House & Sale- February 28th, March 1st & March 2nd. Let us know you are coming and we will provide lunch. Most plants will be discounted 25% and supplies 10%. Free workshops during the sale are:Thursday February 28th at 1:30pm. Repotting & Growing Orchids in Cypress Mixes by Steve Arthur Friday March 1st at 1:30pm. Advanced Orchid Repotting by Bridget Uzar. Saturday March 2nd at 1:30pm. Home Orchid Growing by Mac Holmes.

    Mothers Day Open House & Sale- May 9th, 10th, & 11th Mark your calenders now! (Workshops to be announced later.)

    Upcoming Events

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    Standard Cattleyas

    4 www.carterandholmes.com

    Pot. Mem. Mario Lanza#20

    Blc. Chia LinSuper Gold

    8769 Pot. Memoria Mario Lanza #20 x Blc. Chia Lin New City AM/AOS.Offered here is a new cross from Fenders Flora made with Blc. Oconee breeding. Expect clusters of red and maroon blooms with a glossy sheen. Very Nice! Fragrant.(Winter) Bare Root plants ready for 2.5 pots, $7.00.

    (Photo taken by Susan Fender) >

    8759 Lc. Palolo Bronze Newberry x Blc. Chia Lin Super Gold FCC/AOS.We expect gold veining in the throat. Fragrant. (Fall-Win-ter) Now in a new larger pot size! 3.5 pots, $18.00.


    rd Cattl


    Pot. Frank Gilmore x Blc. Whitewater Falls(First Bloom Seedling)

    Pot. Marlene Lundquist x Blc. (Bouton DOr x Mount Yellowthorne)

    (First Bloom Seedling)

    8328 Pot. Frank Gilmore Mendenhall AM/AOS x Blc. Whitewater Falls Newberry Gold.The first to bloom from this promising cross were even better than ex-pected. Medium sized clear yellow blooms on husky plants. Fragrant. (Summer-Fall) Near Blooming Size 3.5 pots, $18.00.

    9046 Pot. Marlene Lundquist Orange Delight AM/AOS x Blc. (Bouton DOr x Mount Yellowthorne).This cross from Keith Davis is blooming as peaches & concolor yel-lows. Excellent form and great potential. Fragrant. (Winter)2.5 pots, $12.00.

    Pot. Ceasars Head Valencia

    8890 Pot. Caesars Head Valenciax Blc. Carolina Golden DOr Lenette #2.We are hoping for clusters of vibrant orange and gold blooms on strong growing plants. Recommended! (Winter) 2.5 pots, $9.00.

    Pot. Fortune Teller

    8472 Pot. Fortune Teller Lucky Alicia AM/AOS x Mendenhall.A new offering made with our two best forms of this famous cross. We expect intense or-anges with bold red lip coloring. (Winter) Bare-Root plants ready for 2.5 pots, $7.00.

    8773 Pot. (Apricot Flair x Frank Gilmore) x Blc. Campobello Mendenhall HCC/AOS.Both parents of this hybrid are well-shaped yellows on strong stems and we are hoping for more like the photo above. Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    Blc. Carolina Orange DorLenette #2

    M8062 Blc. Carolina Orange Glow Lenette #2.Upright clusters of medium sized solid orange blooms on husky bifoliate plants. A depend-able choice for show season. Everyone who sees this in bloom wants one! (Late Winter) 2.5 pots, $16.00.

    Blc. Governor Nikki Haley(First Bloom Seedling)

    8777 Blc. Governor Nikki Haley (Blc. Kure Beach Lenette #2 AM/AOS x Blc. George King Serendipity AM/AOS).This special hybrid is yielding delicate yellows and peaches, some with contrasting lips. All have ruffled segments and Fragrance. (Fall) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    Blc. Waianae King(First Bloom Seedling)

    8898 Blc. Waianae King Orchidheights AM/AOS x Kosaki.The first to flower was a vivid tangerine orange and we are looking forward to flowering more from this cross. Beautiful dark green foliage. Fragrant. (Fall) 2.5 pots, $12.00.

    Pot. Prince of Tides Blc. Mem. tara Butler

    8885 Pot. Prince of Tides(Pot. Susan Fender Cinnamon Stick AM/AOS

    x Blc. Owen Holmes Mendenhall AM/AOS).A exact remake of a successful earlier cross. We have combined two vibrantly colored standards and are expecting reds & oranges with heavy substance. Flowers will have a strong citrus-like fragrance. (Summer-Fall) Bare-root plants ready for 2.5 pots, $7.00.

    8359 Blc. Memoria Tara Butler (Blc. Edisto Newberry x Blc. Sadie Slice).These husky growing plants have displayed glowing reds and purples. Very Fragrant. (Summer) Two sizes available. 3.5 pots, $18.00 and Near Blooming Size 4 pots, $22.00.

    Blc. Eagle Island Sangria Blc. Fort Watson Mendenhall

    M8058 Blc. Eagle Island Sangria AM/AOS.Offered here is our best clone from this famous cross. Large, blood red blooms with velvety texture and a proven parent plant for future generations. Very Fragrant. (Fall) Pretty 2.5 pots, $16.00.

    M6930 Blc. Fort Watson Mendenhall AM/AOS.In the Summer of 2012 this popular clone finally was awarded by the American Orchid Society. Upright growth habit and vibr