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February 18, 2015 edition of the Sooke News Mirror

Text of Sooke News Mirror, February 18, 2015

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    Sookes accessibility and inclusion challengedConcerns over safety of mobility scooter usersPirjo RaitsSooke News Mirror

    One of the most dis-tressing things that happen when people get older is they lose things like their mobil-ity and for many that is also a loss of their inde-pendence.

    Bill Jones and Carol Mallett came before the District of Sooke council on February 10 to talk about mobility issues in Sooke, in par-ticular for those who use mobility scooters. They wanted to start an awareness campaign so that everyone knows of the issues faced by those who use scoot-ers.

    We are giving Bill Jones a voice, said Carol Mallett. He started using a scooter because he wanted to go further than he could walking.

    What he found was Sooke is not very scooter friendly.

    In their presentation, they outlined how lib-erating mobility scoot-ers were for people who are unable to walk or walk any distances, are partially or totally paralyzed or unable to drive a car. They said people in those circum-stances still want to be able to visit friends, shops and be indepen-dent.

    Mallett outlined five essentials for a good quality of life and they are: survival, love and belonging, freedom to choose, control over self and fun.

    As you get older you lose all those connec-tions, you lose them bit

    by bit, said Mallett.You should see the

    joy on peoples faces when they get on a scooter for the first time.

    Mallett said that in 2008 Sooke held a accessibility challenge where people tried to navigate through town in wheelchairs. From that experience came a number of ideas and recommendations for making mobility easier. She thinks the District of Sooke should dust off the report and con-sider instituting ways to make life easier for those with mobility issues. This isnt just about people on scoot-ers or in wheelchairs said Mallett, its also about parents pushing strollers and people with walkers.

    She said those folks from Ayre Manor who use scooters run the risk of falling or tipping their scooters over

    because of the uneven condition of the side-walks, obstacles at business premises, curbs, doors, fences or guard rails and cross-walks that lead to deep ditches.

    Dangers are every-

    where and Mallett and Jones just wanted to point out areas which could be improved for the safety of everyone.

    They asked the dis-trict to help by remov-ing or remediating haz-ards, running an aware-ness campaign to com-municate rules for use of mobility scooters

    and make the public aware of the challenges of rising scooters and including a checklist for accessibility built into designs for future development.

    Mallett said the report was favorably

    received by council and it was now time to act.

    If you make a town good for people with disabilities, you make a town good for every-one, stated Mallett.

    The report can be viewed at:

    Submitted photo

    A few seconds after this picture was taken, Jones faced with stairs and no warning signage that they were there - went into a 3-point turn on the scooter on the sidewalk and had the front wheel of his scooter drop into an 8-10 square hole in the sidewalk. Good thing he is so strong and able... as he had to get off the scooter and lift it out of the hole. Other riders might have been stranded.

    If you make a town good for people with disabilities, you make a town good for everyone.

    --Carol Mallett

    Rene Walas photo

    Pet palsA chicken wandered into Rene Walass yard a couple of months ago and now the hen and the family dog Bailey are best pals.

    Every morning the hen looks into the kitchen window, waiting for the dog to come out.

    The hen sleeps in the greenhouse and lays an egg every day. They tried to find her owner... but, its too late now.. she loves it there now.

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  • 2 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2015 - SOOKE NEWS MIRROR2 Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - SOOKE NEWS MIRROR

    Items of interest to Sooke News Mirror readers:

    Police Beat

    Keen-eyed Mountie Nabs substantial quan-tity of drugs

    On January 8 at approximately 3:00 pm, an officer of the Sooke RCMP entered the Reading Room Cof-fee shop on his coffee break. While in the cof-fee shop he saw a male patron who seemed out of place and spoke with him. The officer con-ducted a check on the male and determined there was an outstand-ing warrant for arrest out for him. The offi-cer advised the male of this - the male resisted briefly, but was taken into custody.

    A search of the suspects backpack yielded 50 grams of methamphetamine and 14 grams of heroin, par-aphernalia for drug traf-ficking, as well as a sto-

    len Apple laptop from the West Shore area.

    The suspect male, a 23 year old resident of Sooke, has now been charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Traf-ficking, and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime. He remains in custody.

    This is a significant quantity of dangerous controlled drugs des-tined for distribution in Sooke. It should be noted that the male arrested has no connec-tion whatsoever to the Reading Room Coffee Shop in Sooke. Unfortu-nately, people on social media have circulated misinformation, which is concerning to the business owners. The suspect had simply gone into the business to get a coffee - after shopping at other shops in the mall, and was happened upon by an officer on patrol, said S/Sgt. Jeff McAr-thur, Detachment Com-mander of Sooke RCMP.

    To the average per-son he likely wouldnt have appeared suspi-cious - but to an expe-rienced police officer - much different - he was wearing clothing typical of persons asso-ciating with gangs, and showed signs of being under the influence of a controlled drug.

    2015 BBB directoryThe Better Business

    Bureau of Vancouver Island is set to launch its 2015 directory celebrating business excellence.

    T h e b u r e a u publishes its listings of accredited businesses on Vancouver Island annually.

    T h e s e a r e bus inesses that consumers really need to be using in terms of trust, said president Rosalind Scott, who is based in Victoria.

    For us [BBB], we always get excited to take a look at this directory of great businesses.

    A business must go through a detailed vetting process in order to be accredited its not as simple as just joining the Better Business Bureau.

    In order to qualify,

    a business must have been in operation for at least a year, have no complaints logged against them, have established a positive presence in the marketplace and have a good rating with the BBB, based on specific criteria.

    B u s i n e s s e s must maintain their accreditation once theyve earned it. If a business doesnt keep to our standards then their accreditation is revoked, Scott said.

    Nobody can walk in the door, write a cheque and say I want to be accredited.

    One of the ways the BBB celebrates businesses that have gone above and beyond is through the annual Torch Awards.

    These arent awards that say a business is good because the majority of our accredited business have an A+ rating, Scott said.

    Instead, the awards are for businesses that stand out from the crowd, such as community service.

    Awards are given to both winners and finalists, but there are no formal categories. The categories are based on the types of nominations.

    Each year the BBB receive several thousand nominations from across Vancouver Island. This Years Torch Awards gala is Nov. 6 in Victoria.

    For more information on the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island, please go online to or call 250-386-6348.

    The BBB business directory will be avai lable across Vancouver Island at the end of the month.

    If you have news or a story you would like to share, please contact the editor Pirjo Raits at: [email protected] or call 250-642-5752.


    This and ThaT


    Marriage Commissioner The Vital Statistics Agency, Ministry of Health, is looking for an individual to serve as a Marriage Commissioner for Sooke. The individual will perform civil marriages within their community on behalf of the Agency.

    For information and an application form please visit our website at:

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    Shake Up the New Year

    at the Reading Room Caf

    Sooke Community Arts Council (SCAC)

    Art Show and Sale

    The Show Must Go Onuntil 28 February 2015

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