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Sooke News Mirror, May 11, 2016

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May 11, 2016 edition of the Sooke News Mirror

Text of Sooke News Mirror, May 11, 2016

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    Black PressWednesday, May 11 , 2016 Mail Agreement #40110541

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    The Prestige hotel became a Hollywood star last week when a Los Angeles-based film crew shot parts of a made-for-TV movie in Sooke.

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    The Fort McMurray forest fire tragedy has hit home in Sooke with several families and friends affected. The community has also started fundraising.

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    Ocvtavian LacatusuSooke News Mirror

    Commercial and recreational fisheries along the south-ern Vancouver Island coast could be in rough seas as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans considers more restrictions on chinook salmon fishing this summer.

    DFOs proposal also includes the full closure of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Strait approach waters to the Fraser River salmon fishery from May to July.

    In a letter to stakeholders and First Nations, Jeff Grout, DFO Pacific regional resource manager, wrote the proposal is a cautious management approach to the assumption that returns of Fraser River spring and sum-mer chinook will be less than 45,000 to the Fraser River this year.

    When there is a low salmon return, DFO sends a signal to all harvesters commercial, recreational and First Nations that theres an anticipation of little or no fish-ing, and must get back to the sufficient spawning beds through conservation.

    Grout added First Nations have raised concerns about whether DFOs salmon integrated fisheries management plan is providing sufficient priority for First Nations food, social and ceremonial fisheries, given expectations for reduced harvest opportunities for Fraser chinook and sockeye.

    While DFO is expected to confirm sometime this week, which direction it will take, the suggestion of more restric-tion and possible closure has left people like Christopher Bos, president of the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, concerned.

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    DFO MULLS REDUCED FISHERYManagement plan could see closures on chinook salmon fishing this summer

    Ocvtavian LacatusuSooke News Mirror

    Greater Sooke residents are cautioned about a possible wolf sighting after a swan was reportedly killed in the lower Sooke River area last week.

    Conservation officials were contacted, but cannot confirm the animal was a wolf.

    I cant say for certain based on the qual-ity of the photos, but it does have similar characteristics to that of a coastal wolf, said conservation officer Sgt. Scott Norris.

    We cant guarantee its a wolf. It could be an old mangy dog, its hard to say.

    Norris said reports of the animal were first reported last Wednesday. It killed the swan on Thursday was sighted later in the week and again Tuesday morning near the Sooke River Bridge.

    Norris said its important to remain vigilant, as wolves do exist in the Sooke Hills and can occasionally pay a visit to more urban regions.

    It may have just made its way down the river and got into an urbanized area and realized that its not a good place, and back up in the bush it goes, he said.

    Pet owners are also cautioned to keep their animals on a leash. Norris said there have been fatal incidents in the past.

    Weve had that in the past up Island where fluffy decided to run and check out this animal they thought was a dog but turned out to be a wolf and just killed him.

    So far, though, this is the only reported wolf sighting in Sooke in recent memory, and conservation is still yet to confirm the animal is what is thought out to be.

    If it definitely is a wolf, then we may have to intervene. Well see how it plays out, Norris said.

    For any possible sightings, call the con-servation service at 1-877-952-7277.

    Officials probe wolf sighting

    Octavian Lacatusu/Sooke News Mirror

    A ringerAugust Perreault shows her skills at the duck ring toss during Saturdays annual Sooke Harbourside Lions Rubber Duck Race at the Sooke Flats. Thousands of dollars were raised for local charities.

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    Octavian LacatusuSooke News Mirror

    A security patrol in Sooke could put more eyes out on the street to reduce crime, according to a proposal to district council.

    The proposal, made by Shadow West Secu-rity, suggests provid-ing night-time patrols between two and four hours on residential streets in Sooke, seven days a week.

    With the increasing crime rate for the past year in Sooke, we deal with trespassers, suspi-cious vehicles, every-thing, company owner David Babbage told council last week.

    Broom Hill, Sun-river, Harbourview, well go wherever were needed.

    The Sooke-based security company, started by Babbage 10 years ago, offers secu-rity and first aid ser-vices to residential and commercial develop-ments, individual cli-ents, as well as con-struction sites around Sooke.

    Shadow West also assists with guards and traffic control personnel at public town events such as the Santa Claus Parade.

    There is no set num-ber of guards it employs either, as that number changes on the situa-tion and the event.

    We can be as large as

    the community wants us to be, or as small as we are, Babbage said, adding he has 23 years experience in the pri-vate security industry.

    Though interested in the proposal, Coun. Kevin Pearson asked about the companys relationship with the RCMP and how the two work together.

    Ive spoken with them [RCMP] on many occasions, and I think they appreciate what I do for them, as I take care of the small things so they can focus on the larger issues, he said, adding they will only contact police if a situ-

    ation is beyond their control.

    Mayor Maja Tait said the added patrol ser-vice could be benefi-cial for Sooke, if all the details such as cost and terms are considered.

    Theres always an appetite to look at doing something to improve safety, as long as its rea-sonable, she said.

    Chief administrative officer Teresa Sullivan said the staff will work with Shadow West to pull together a detailed analysis on how much the service is going to cost, which will be pre-sented at a furue meet-ing.

    Plan floated to allow security to do night-time street patrols


    Hollywood comes to SookeBrieflyPrestige hotel gets starring role in made-for-TV movie

    Octavian LacatusuSooke News Mirror

    Ever saw a scene in a movie and thought, Hey, I know that place. Well, get used to it, because youll see it a lot more.

    Already a film industry darling, Sookes Prestige hotel became the star location of the latest movie to be filmed here last week, The Convenient Groom, a romantic comedy.

    The story goes that a young celebrity marriage counsellor finds herself abandoned at the altar of her own highly publicized wedding. To save face, she accepts an offer from her building contractor who secretly has a crush on her to step in as groom and marry her.

    The movie stars Vanessa Marcil and David Sutcliffe. Marcil, an American act