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Alyce Zottoli Mabelvale Magnet Middle School August 14, 2013. Social Studies Interactive Notebooks. Purpose / Overview. The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Social Studies Interactive Notebooks

Social Studies Interactive Notebooks

Social StudiesInteractive NotebooksAlyce ZottoliMabelvale Magnet Middle SchoolAugust 14, 2013Purpose / OverviewThe purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers.

Students iBooks are personalized and as unique as they are! Classwork is organized through Student Output and Teacher Input activities, creating a student generated portfolio.

What's Inside?Left SideThis space is used daily for student output activitiesOpening Task (Do Now)Closing Task

Right SideThis space is used daily during class time for teacher facilitated activities.Work Time / Class work activities

The left side/right side model was created to closely resemble the workshop model used in LRSD middle school classrooms. Using common language helps students understand the design and pace of the lesson and assists administrators in evaluations!

Left Side (Student Input)Example Left SideOpening Task: Quick WritesBell RingersMap SkillsVocabularyVideo Clip ResponsesClosing Task:SummariesExit TicketsReflection PromptsComparisonsSUTW Strategies

Right Side (Teacher Facilitated)Example Right Side:Cornell NotesHistory FramesGuided ReadingFoldablesCooperative Learning ActivitiesGraphic OrganizersDirections for larger scale/out of notebook activities (posters, kinesthetic activities, etc.)

Out of Notebook Activities

Grading / EvaluationNotebooks are checked for completion daily (2 points). Weekly grades for individual work time assignments. Develop a rubric to evaluate organization.Rules:No ripped out pages!No doodling that doesnt relate to the assignment.Date and Page number on each page.

Initial SetupNotebooks due the 3rd day of schoolOne 70 page, one subject spiral notebook used per semester.Students set up notebooks:Page 1: Table of ContentsStudents number pages in top corners while teacher reviews iBook procedures.Even numbers = Left SideOdd numbers = Right Side

Teacher Edition Notebook

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What type of notebook do you use?

A: Students are required to have one One Subject COLLEGE RULED notebook per semester (2 for the school year). It must have a MINIMUM of 70 pages.

FAQsQ: Do students really supply their own notebooks??

A: Yes! Notebook information is explained in the syllabus that is sent home and signed for their first grade. Students who do not arrive with a notebook may be supplied one after parent contact. Syllabus InfoMATERIALS / SUPPLIESStudents are expected to arrive to class prepared, with all required materials. The instructor will NOT provide supplies at any time. This class uses an Interactive Notebook format for all class time activities. Each student is REQUIRED to purchase a One Subject (70 Sheet) College Ruled Spiral Notebook for each semester (total of 2 for the school year). We will begin using notebooks as a class on Wednesday, August 21st. INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKStudents will use Interactive Notebooks (iBooks) as a part of their daily class routine. The purpose of the notebook is to create a personalized portfolio of student work while encouraging creativity, organization, and responsibility.

This notebook stores journal writing, reflections, classwork, notes, and student products. Notebooks are checked daily for completion, and graded weekly on content quality, organization, and accuracy.

FAQsQ: Do students take the notebooks with them, or are they kept in the classroom.

A: My notebooks are stored in crates in my classroom. AVID students notebooks are located in their binder. Students may check out a notebook to study or work on make up work outside of class. FAQsQ: Why should I use interactive notebooks?

A: Well.Promotes responsibility and organization for students.Time management / More effective use of the 45 minute class period. Creates automatic and predictable structure for lessons.Easily accessed student generated portfolio for conferences, etc.Youll be a PTAS superstar!