Social Media Case Study: JECRC University Social Media Campaign

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JECRC University is a leading University located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Text of Social Media Case Study: JECRC University Social Media Campaign

  • Case study of JECRC University's Social Media Campaign


    Target Group:


    Upcoming Universities

    Existing Universities

    Highlights on the ROI

    - Increase Brand Awareness

    - Online Brand Building

    - Increasing Web Presence

    Youth of age group 18-24 years specially students.

    Universities coming to Jaipur or some of the existing universities in the city were already very popular nationally.

    - Manipal University

    - Poornima University

    - VIT University

    - Amity University

    - Maharana Pratap University

    - NIMS University

    - Jaipur National University

    As we know the priority of the potential students is to go for a college which is already well established and sounds

    promising in terms of campus, placements and pedagogy.

    When social media campaign for JECRC University started, its building was in construction phase and there were few

    tangible facts to share with the people.

    People generally approach popular social channels to have fun which is very less related to what an educational

    institution is known for.

    (These statistics were gathered over a period of seven months)

    The first phase of Facebook ad campaign ran for approximately a month and from 400 likes the fan base

    rose to 5500.

    The second phase of the campaign ran for a month approximately and from 5500 likes the fan base rose to


    More than 16 Posts showed a reach of 2100 plus (unique people who see our posts) on Facebook.

    One post reached 10000 plus users and got 650 likes (out of 11000 fans).

    1629 average daily reach.



    8321 highest weekly reach.

    5238 of average weekly reach.

    12 lakh plus post impressions (including 6 lakh plus viral impressions,).

    24669 plus average weekly post impressions.

    Maximum virality achieved on any post was 31%.

    3600 video views on YouTube and Vimeo.

    3929 PDF views on Scribd and Slideshare.

    6674 plus, on page responses on posts on facebook by fans.

    The Biggest thing:

    - Brand Salience

    - Newspaper Ads- SMS Campaign- Email Marketing

    Online Search

    StrongWeb Presence

    High Brand Salience

    Strong Social Media Presence


    Strong Social Media: How?

    Most of the people in the target group i.e age group 18-24 years (especially students) are very active on

    facebook, so it is necessary to engage them with the brand effectively.

    The quality of content created and posted on JU's social media channels was very high in terms of creativity

    and branding.

    JECRC Foundation has high standards of education and great environment in college campuses, that's why

    there are a large no. of satisfied students which has automatically helped in Brand Advocacy. 90 % of the

    comments and post responses were positive which helped in the online reputation management also.

    First batch of JU was started in July 2012; the main USPs are promising future as well as the lovely CAMPUS

    of the college.

    JU's Campus is extraordinary in terms of architecture and facilities. The way it was showcased on Social

    Media was very strategic and absolutely real time. Those posts showed highest organic reach of more than

    2100 to 10000.

    Photographs were posted on other social channels with proper optimisation so that they start appearing in

    the Google images search results.

    Student enquiries for their courses started coming in even before the start of any other Ad campaign.

    JU's Facebook page became a very good interactive platform for the students and others to get answers to

    their queries and discuss with other fellow students.

    For some keywords Tumblr blog results were higher in search engine ranks than the rank of JU's official



    Key lessons:

    - Just more likes and followers doesn't ensure a successful social media campaign. Consistent

    effort needs to be put in at regular intervals of time.

    - Posting more and more content is useless because it's not conventional media where one gets more

    reach by publishing various kinds of interesting things 24 hrs.

    - Repeating the content more than once is not a smart move, as mentioned above, it's not like

    conventional media where you can just re-telecast the same thing again and again.

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