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SmartGrids and M2M Lew Roth VP Business Development Partners 1993

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Text of SmartGrids and M2M Lew Roth VP Business Development Partners 1993

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SmartGrids and M2MLew RothVP Business DevelopmentPartners 1993

1Nothing grows without water

or Congress!Applying M2M Solutions to AgricultureProblemApplicationTechnologiesSuccess StoriesIncentives

Wireless Climate Solutions for Greenhouses and Farms3Growers Need Climate Solutions

Leaf Curl and Desiccation greenhouse temperatures and light levels are high

Leaf Distortionsdramatic temperature and humidity changes

Powdery Mildew on Lilac Leaveswarm moist conditions

Deteriorationinsufficient humidity Cracking insufficient humidity or high temperature & lightSplitting insufficient humidity or high temperature & lightDeformationinsufficient humidity or high temperature & light4Where?Research

Commercial Greenhouses

Open Field Production

5Concerns with Climate SolutionsR&D GreenhousesWiring, installation, and experimental flexibility Data aggregation and collectionSensor availability, resolution, sensitivity and durabilityCommercial GreenhousesAll of the aboveLabor costsEnergy, water and chemical usageOpen Field Wiring, energy availability in fields, infrastructure costsAvailable water, run-off concernsIn-field PC systems and maintenanceSystem ease of use and reliability

6Wireless Climate Solutionsfor Greenhouses and Farms

In Field Wireless Mesh - Self Healing NetworkLow Power Sense & Control NodesMobile TechnologyProduct as a Service (Remote Mgmt.)

7Primary In-Field ComponentsCellular M2M Central Data AggregationGSM Solar or battery powered High resolution data collectionWireless Sensor NodesCan be installed where you want Solar or battery poweredMix and Match SensorsTemp, Humidity, Solar Radiation, Soil Humidity, Soil Temperature, Soil ConductivityLocal sensor wiring only8

8Example Network SetupZone5Zone4Zone3Zone2Zone1012Main Gateway101 Relay/Control Node3548791011121314156Legend: Main Gateway Sensor Node Relay/Control Node (Actuator) Data Transfer Link Neighborhood Link102 Relay/Control Node


Control environmental systemsIrrigation (solenoid valves, pumps)Heating VentsMistingFansHeat & shade curtainsCooling pads Lighting

10Remote Monitoring and Control Web ServicesRemote data collection and set pointsAuthenticated accountsBrowser based configuration, monitoring and set pointsMobileMobile phone application for Java (J2ME)Setup, Monitoring and AlertsSame as Web


! 1112100s of Success StoriesThe solution has allowed us to observe the increase in humidity in specific areas of the greenhouse, enabling us to take precautions against the formation of mildew, a highly dangerous disease for tomatoes. Were it not for the early diagnosis, and early precautions being taken, one third of the greenhouse could have been exposed to the infection in 10 hours, ultimately resulting in the loss of the entire crop. We are able to prevent diseases by instantaneously monitoring the increase in temperature and humidity.

Para Magazine, October 5th 2008

12Precise Agriculture is Possible NowM2M technology and operational models are ready and deployedIntrinsic Incentives and BenefitsMeasures Conditions Experienced by the CropSaves WaterReduces Chemical Use and RunoffIncreases Yield + Protects Against LossExternal Incentives would also be GreatGovernment Crop Insurers 13