Slim Spurling Rings, Sizes and Uses

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Slim Spurling Rings, Sizes and Uses and how to make your own rings

Text of Slim Spurling Rings, Sizes and Uses

  • SLIM SPURLING LIGHT RINGS AND USES Subtle energy Light-LifeTM Tools are the invention of researcher and biochemist, Slim Spurling (1938-2007), who brought the ancient benefits of quantum physics into the hands and homes of people whocare about personal and planetary wellness. It begins with a simple cubit length of copper wire twisted and folded back into itself to make a ring. The ring creates an open space or "active area" known as the tensor field. Whatever is placed within the circle or sphere of influence is enlivened and positively effected by the field.

  • With these tools the applications are limitless. Once the principles are understood,it's easy to see how individuals, communities, and the earth itself can benefit from this technology. Field tests have showns shifts when a tensor field isintroduced. Some tests have shown the following subtle energy changes including: rapid healing of soft tissue and bone; pain reduction; enhanced water quality; reduced effects from noxiousradiation; pollution of water, air and soil reduced; improved cropyields and pest control; improved gas mileage.

  • Light-Life RingsLight-Life(R) RingsThere seems to be no limit to how you can use Light-Life Rings to enhance your life. The rings bring positive life-force energy to everything within their fields, which contributes to improving overall health and well-being. In your life, this means our Light-Life Rings speed up the healing process, combat fatigue, relieve allergy symptoms, reduce pain and stress, enhance the flavor and nutritional benefits of your foods, and potentize water (for drinking and for watering plants).

    You can also use the Light-Life Rings to increase the vibrational frequency of energy in and around your body, to promote healing, cleansing, well-being, and balance. You also can use this technology to reduce pain and stress, speed up the healing process, reduce the effects of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Potenize water andenergy healingcombat fatigue, relieve allergy symptoms, enhance theflavor and nutritional benefits of foods, and charge water for drinking and for watering plants.

    In fact, the Light-Life Rings are known to exhibit a profound effect on water. The light field emitted imparts "livingness" to water, which enhances your life force when consumed, and is also used to nourishplants and animals. Plants grow more lush and full with fewer pests.

    We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Light-Life Rings, and here are some common uses:

    Wear a ring around your wrist to combat pain from overuse Place a ring under or around your water glass to charge and potentize your water Place a ring over your heart area, or any area where you're

  • experiencing pain, injury or discomfort Place a ring around the neck of your pet, when it has a tumor in this area Place a ring around your potted plants to help them recover and grow Sit on a ring during your workday to reduce fatigue and remain focused Sit on a ring in the car to reduce fatigue on long road trips Place a ring in the trunk of your car where your groceries are on the way home from the store, to energize them and help keep them fresh Place a ring over your fill pipe or outgoing water line to potentize your water Place a ring under your massage table or near the chair you use during sessions in order to speed up the healing process Use a ring in combination with an Acu-Vac Coil and a Feedback Loop by hooking them both onto the ring to create super-potentized water

    Increases oxygen flow and gives you more energy.

    A great tool for reducing pain/discomfort in you and your pets.

    Best used for outdoor applications and plants.

    Great for use on horses and other large animals; as well as reducing effects of EMFs and Geopathic Stress.

    Works perfectly for aura showers/clearing and for grounding.

    Reducing stress, alleviating pain, speeding up the healing processthe personal uses for Light-Light Tools are endless and can bring vitality and health into your life.

    Placing any Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring on areas of discomfort

  • seems to bring fast relief. To benefit from a good night's sleep, the latest reports advocate holding an Acu-Vac Coil while falling asleep.

    If you have respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or hay fever, we recommend trying a Nose Mask. It has supported better breathingfor many.

    To protect yourself and your children from electromagnetic fields (EMF) coming off your cell phones and cordless phones at home, we recommend putting one of our Phone Ring Sets on your phone.

    To reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields (e.g., cell phone towers), activate a Sacred Cubit Light-Life Environmental Harmonizer Silver-Plated with the Environmental Clearing CD. Many cases from Germany reported this Harmonizer eliminates the effects of the Hartmann Grid. It has to be on 24/7.

    Meditation or Relaxation: Sit in one of our 3 1/2 Sacred or Lost Cubit Light-Life Rings. One of our clairvoyants held the Light-Life Agricultural Harmonizer in her hands and was able to feel the energy going through her body, cleansing her organs. She suggested using it as body cleanser and clearing tool. According to several of our gifted healers, our Lotus Pendants help reset the DNA to its original blueprint. The Sacred Cubit seems to do the ground work; the Lost Cubit, the fine tuning. Sitting on a 1 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring has a noticeable effect in shortening the time required to achieve a meditative state, calming and centering the mind.

    All Personal Harmonizers are a unique combination of the principles of the Light-LifeRing and the Acu-Vac Coil. To the clairvoyant, they emit a cosmic coherent holographic light field in a radius of approximately 5-12 feet. This seems to ensure a protective shield within the Sacred Cubit and Unity Personal Harmonizers.

    A Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring around stiff wrists and shoulders may help the areas relax and eliminate pain within a few hours.

  • Placing a 1 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring on the head can help relieve certain types of headaches.

    Passing a 3 1/2 Sacred or Lost Cubit Light-LifeRing around the body, top to bottom several times, is very energizing first thing in the morning or when tired later in the day.

    A 3 1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-Life Ring under the mattress has relieved chronic back spasm and sleeplessness.

    A 3 1/2 Sacred Cubit Light-LifeRing around an emotionally stressed individual helps to restore their composure.

    Sleep with a 1 Sacred Cubit Plain Jane Light-Life Ring under your pillow to help induce a good nightsleep. This also has, at times, the additional benefit of producing some very vivid dreams.

    The Lost Cubit Acu-Vac Coil performs well in situations where pain,darkness, resistance, or negativity is rooted at the emotional or mental levels. Lost Cubit Coils seem to suck the truth about the pain out into the open. Once brought to light, the crux of the problem can be addressed consciously and the primary issue is often released instantaneously.

    The Lost Cubit Personal Harmonizers seem to work more on the mental and emotional state and have shown to have an uplifting quality about them.

    Our Lotus Pendants: Are made of several rings and work differently. According to some of our research associates, they have the potential to reset the DNA to its original blue print. Seem to help calm and quite the internal cellular structure and allows the person to come into oneness by wearing one throughout the day. Seem to affect each area differently. Take advantage of the native intelligence of this pendant by laying it on each of the main chakras for five seconds every morning before rising and every evening before going to sleep. This has been shown to nourish and

  • balance each chakra. The Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant, silver-plated, can help to amplify creative expression, and give the wearer a sense of empowerment. Seems to organize the cellular structure when worn throughout the day, allowing the person to maintain a state of peace.

    The Lotus Pendantsand Seed of Life Rings do have a direction andneed to be cleansed by moving your fingers up and down and to the left and right, NOT in a circular motion. They pick up the energy of theperson wearing it. They also seem to raise vibrations on a cellular level and may support faster healing.

    How is a Harmonizer used?

    An Environmental Harmonizer basically acts like a broadcast station.Etheric oils or Bach Flower Remedies that you put on a tissue can be tucked within the small hoops. Then the Harmonizer will take them inand radiate them continuously. The intention of the Practitioner may add value but the geometry is the working factor.

    I used the Harmonizer to broadcast the frequencies of gems and crystals as well; you can either put them physically within the hoops, or put an elixir or lotion made with them on some tissue between the

  • hoops.

    Using the Harmonizer to enhance the use of mudras.

    Another application of the Harmonizer is one that lets you combine itsrunning of energy with the application of mudras. Hold it between your thumb (base side of the EV) and index finger (upper part of the EV) and then alternate between index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky and repeat index, middle, ring, pinky, it will amplify the energy running through the circuit you create by making the specific mudra of putting thumb and another finger together.

    By creating these eight mudras you work with the 7 chakras and soul star, focusing on them.


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