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October 2005, Issue #2

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    Sled Dog Sports Worldwide Magazine is a month-ly publication dedicated to the sport of sled dog racing as well as thecare and well being of the dogs that provide us with so much love,enthusiasm and enjoyment. Our goal with this publication is toenhance participation in the sport by presenting it as the exciting'adventurous, and high-level endeavor that it is.

    Editorial Submissiolls are welcome and highly encour-aged. We cannot, however, be responsible for the damage or loss ofunsolicited materials. The best way to submit articles or photos forconsideration, or to inquire about specifics and guidelines is to do sovia email at the address below.

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    635 Route 94Newton, NJ 07860T:917-929-6118F: 973-300-0455e: greg@sleddogsPortsmag.comw:

    Cover: Hans Gatt on lditarod Trailto Rainy Pass CheckpointPhoto: @ 2004 Jeff

    Vof ume Lt #2 October 2OO4

    Qroef,t vlq*,Welcome to issue #2.I hope the excitement, passion and respect for our sport andour animals is passed along through the pages here in everyissue - not only to those of us who already enjoy this wonder-ful sport, but to those out there who are just getting startedand are getting their first look at it.

    I would like to apologize for all the typos in the last issue.Finding those little buggers in the text has proven to be themost difficult part of putting together this magazine. I alsohave to clarify that in the description of Terry Streeper'saccomplishments, I incorrectly listed Terry as winner of theONAC, Rondy, and Yellowknife. Actually it was Buddy whopiloted those teams to victory. I also listed Terry as havingwon The Pas, which is incorrect.

    In this issue we present to you: Hans Gatt - 3 time consecu-tive winner of the Yukon Quest. Helen Lundberg visited withMartin Buser - multi t ime lditarod winner and outright recordholder. I spoke with Jerry Scdoris - organizer of one of themost succesful new stage races in the world, and this year'smid distance WC event - the AttaBoy3O0.

    Helen also concludes her piece on the European "chal-lengers" making the trip across the pond for the IFSS WorldChampionships this season.

    We also try to throw a little light on the subject of travelingwith your team to Alaska. We talk with Ken Chezik and RobDowney about their experiences with the trip, how they carefor, and keep their sprint dogs happy along the way, andwhat it 's l ike racing in the sled dog capital of the world.Harris Dunlap past winner of ONAC and Rondy, now retiredfrom racing, well sort of retired, relays some of his experi-ence with the trip from years gone by.

    All this plus our monthly columns: Gear Guide, Vet Check,and Glub Reports.

    As I learned in the last issue, 28 pagesfill up pretty quickly, so we are going topublish letters to the editor on ourweb site: sleddogsportsmag.comFuture plans for the web siteinclude video downloads, andextra photos that we want toshow, but can't f i t in the mag-azine. Online subscription viacc payment is already available ;a 'ron the site, and hats, patchesand bumper stickers wil l beavailable shortly. Stay tunedfor our bumper sticker contest.

    And lastly for all those thatemailed me asking, the photo aboveis of my lead dog Wanda and myself taken atthe 2002 Kemptvil le, Ontario Canada sprint races.

    Greg< Sollnnfi'wPubl isher

  • Letters to the Editor: (oia e-mail)Creg,Receiztcd rlour nngnzirrc nnd it is thc first tinrc irt n long tinrc n sled dog ntagn-zitrc lrrs irtterastcd nrc ertouglt to read fron couer to crul. Tlrc nngnzine zt,asz)erll infornntiT,e, educationnl, ntd focused on sletl dogs.Your ltnssiott in crentirtg Sletl Dog S1torts Worldzoide Mngnzine surely camethrough.lan Kieslittg

    Hi Greg,Great Mngazine! Orrhl orte Ttroblent.I couldn't sto1t rending, so It'inished it irtone nigltt. Poor Me. Nozt, I lnz,c to zttoit nttother tnottth. Very good interpietttzt,itlt tlrc Streepcrs. Hns us lookittg at our traitittg n little differcnt. Take core,goocl job, ntd lrc1te tlour trairirrg is going zocll.Lirr I Iint Helhter

    Hi Greg...I hnae strccessfttlhl receiaed tlour first nngazinc... still readirrg it, but turtil rtozu,aerll aertl nice! Topt quality irr the content - uthich is ztthst matters!C r is t ozt do Min e iro, P or t u gnl

    Greg- Loae tlrc first issue. Receizted it on Morday nnd read it coaer tocozter. Crent interaiettt roith Terry Streeper. lt contnined sll theinfornntion thnt I zttnttt to knottt. I toill sclmit to nltering nty trainingscherlule for this fall hased on that article.Keep up tlrc grent zttork nrtd I look forzoord to future issues. You'aeestnblished a high stntdord for both content nnd qunlity.Steue FoxFox Racitrg KennelsEnst Creenttille,PA

    International Sled DoE Racing22702 Rebel RdMerrifield, MN 56465218/765-4297



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    "Ouer zt yrs.of experience"

    , Introducinq Chatmac's

    /ntuNDtR/After many years of sled

    fesflng deslgns andprototypes, lhis s/ed wasraced by Lou Serre -

    World Cup Champion andmultiple ISDRA medalist

    Staying with our traditional look. Features of lhis sled: Frame construction is aluminum. lf needed up to 45% racking.Canbered ski - we tested 31 shapes, See through Windshield - Iesf resu/fs-ke eps wind off hands and deflects snow and ice pel-/ets. Can see through if down behind sled. Comes with J-Peg hand grips for stability when peddling or you can steer with them.Quick flip bag Joaded 70 lb. dog fast with little effort. No zippers or velcro to get in your way.. Bag design from sinilar design used17 years ago. Very inportant

    - sled still handles while carrying a dog. Chatmac's quick flip brake and dragmat comhination

    destgn used with great results on our Cheetah and Commander sleds for over 5 years now. For traveling cones with runner sleevesand extta bag to put sled bag in to protect your sled bag and windshield while traveling.

    ONE OF NORT}I AMERICAS LEADING SUPPUERS, OUR DOG BO)GS AI\D SLEDS ARE I.EGENDARYvisif us on the web at (tel: 519-291-4738) Doug & Carol McNeil


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    It is the 13th of September andafter a cold night there is still a

    Martin Buserchallenging again at the Last Great Race

    l ittle frost on thegfOUnd. I am in my car, on myway to visi t with 4 t ime IditarodChampion Mart in Buser. He l ives in BigLake, just a 40 minute drive from ourhouse in Willow Frorn my car I can viewa fantastic Fal l larrdscape with theChugach Mourrtair rs in the backgrorrrrd.After a week with colder night tempera-tures the mountains now have. a whitehat of new snow.

    Mart in Buser was born inSwitzerland 48 years ago aud when hewas 23 yeals old, 1979, he decided thathe wanted to learn more about s'leddogs. He came to Alaska and stayedwith Earl and Natal ie Norris at theirkerrnel in Willow. He had absolutely noplans for any longer stay, just to spendone year and work with the clogs. Buthis life turned out a little different; it isnot always that things turn out the wayyou plan. But I know that Martin never.regretted that he clecided to come toAlaska. He told me that he r.row lives"the American Dream" and his l i fe is asgood as it can be. Martin is fortunate; helives and works with what he lovesmost in the world - his farnily and hisdogs at Hoppy Trai l Kennels. Mart in hasbeen married to Kathy for 20 years andtogether they have two sons, Nikolaiand Rohn. Both Nikolai and Rohn haveraced funior Iditarod Race and both aresigned up for the race 2005. Martin him-self has run the Iditarod Sled Dog Race21 times ancl won it four tirnes. He hasan impressive long string of 16 finishesin the top 10, including 10 in the top five.In addit ion to his four wins, he's beenthe runner-trp twice, in 7997 and 7999.Martin also has the current record; thefastest t ime any one ever raced theIditarod Sled Dog Race, 8 days 22 hours46 minutes and 2 seconds. He set therecord when he won in 2002. Martin was also selected to theAnchorage Daily News Iditarod Hall of Fame in 1998. "The firsttwo years, 1980 and 7981, I used dogs from Earl and NatalieNorris' kennel. Then I decided that I wanted my own dogs to racewith so I took four years off and started to build up my own t