Promote and support the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® By providing educational opportunities for classrooms around the world

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Promote and support the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog RaceBy providing educational opportunities for classrooms around the world1


Students in North Carolina3The educational component of the Iditarod race may be one of the most unique educational programsin the world because itis used in all educational settings: preschool, public, private, home-school, and university classrooms as well as well as programs outside the school such as summer camps, summer library programs, residential treatment facilities, and even adult wellness and fitness programs. It is used year round--- not just during the race.


Preschool students5The creativity of teachers in implementing our information and our lessons cannot be praised enough.

The race and our lessons allow these professionals to think "out of the box" to teach students to set goals and dreams and to excel academically. In return, these teachers and students are an important part of the future of the race--- 6

Students in Florida: Each parent purchased an Iditarod shirt from the store. Students wore them each day of the race. 7The Iditarod: the most incredible challenge of Mother Nature, mushers and canines in March.

In the educational world the Iditarod race is utilized throughout the whole year to challenge students to meet their academic goals/state standards by providing teachers a tool that allows a practical, real life event that encompasses all subject areas--- science, math, technology. . . .


Elementary Students9Teachers from around the world have accepted the challenge of incorporating the Iditarod into their curriculum (math, science, social studies, character development, language arts, technology) and to meet required state standards for the assessment of educational goals for their students.

Dozens of Iditarod projects found on our website are vehicles of 21st Century teaching and learning.10

11Through the vast advanced technological world and through Iditarod Insider on Demand, the race is seen and followed by students throughout the United States and the world. These advancements have brought Alaska and Iditarod to classrooms and allow the students to experience the race in real time as if they were on the trail.12

13Teachers across the United States have attended a 9 day educational summer camp to experience the thrill of sled-dog races, learn about the training and care of the dogs, listen to experts in many areas of this race, learn about the culture of Alaska, to strengthen technology skills, and develop a network of communication to facilitate activities that involve all levels of students. 14

15These advancements have brought Alaska and Iditarod to classrooms allowing students to experience the race as if they were there.

The Iditarod race has one first place winner.

The educational camp has a team of first place winners going back to their schools and opening the race to their school communities.


17Iditarod has a first place team of winners comprised of students around the world who develop a life long interest in Alaska and become dedicated race fans, volunteers, business owners who will become race sponsors, and perhaps some of them will become mushers on the Iditarod Trail --- our kids are the future of the race.18

Wheeled cart used by students in an Idita-Race in North Carolina19

The students do an incredible job and have a lot of fun doing this. This project has not been funded in the past, Starre donated posters for us last year. We look for any other goodies that we can find to send to the school. A reason we pick several schools for winners --- besides the great entries we have--- is it is a lot of work to make decorations for all of the tables at the banquet. 20Special thanks to Linda Moreno, Florida, for her inspirational comments and to educators from around the world who have contributed to this presentation and to the development of content driven curriculum that impacts teaching and learning. 21