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Perfect LifestylePerfect Design for

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yAl Salem Kitchen & Lighting Co.

Since 1987 SKL has grown to a highly specializedkitchens and lighting design engineering company

Established in 1987 as one of major suppliers of industrial kitchens

and catering equipment, storage system and food processing plants,

laundries and high-tech lighting �xtures. SKL scope of works has

expended to include semi-industrial and prestigious projects within

hospitality sector, residential complexes and mega tower projects.

Our services comprise consulting and

custom design, shop drawings, supply

and delivery of leading brand products,

installing, testing and commissioning of

most challenging turnkey projects under

applicable local and international codes.

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With commitment to superior qualityand precision, we provide our clientsa total solutions in Design, Consultingand Turnkey Projects

Our team of professional engineers and technicians are expert and highly

specialized in the �eld of turnkey for prestigious projects such as �ve stars

hotels, hospitals, VIP palaces and private villas, governmental buildings

and residential complexes. Our competitive edge and added value rest on

our professional team and the know-how gained throughout a quality

services for satis�ed customers.

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A crucial element of any business is selecting a

brand that is simply perfect, SKL always selects

the best brands that proven to supply high-end

superior quality products. Our partners has

gained the reputation for superior quality and

perfect Design. A state of art products exploring

the touch of famous designers and produced by

best international manufacturing companies.


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SKL exclusive brand names and its tradeproducts summaries the beauty ofdesign and the perfection in quality

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SKL is the exclusive dealer of bestinternational brands in the market today

Nilma - Catering Equipments - Italy

Electrolux - Laundry Systems - Italy

VIKING - Full Range Appliances - USA

MKN - Kitchen Appliances - Denmark

VIANEN - Kitchen Ventilation - Holland

WOTEK - Laundry & Dry Cleaning - USA

ZANUSSI - Professional Appliances - Italy

poggen pohl - Wooden Kitchen - Germany

ARCA Cucine - Stainless Steel Kitchen - Italy

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SKL joined with international lighting companies

to manufacture and supply a variety of high-tech

lighting �xtures to meet the needs of demanding

projects in the Saudi growing market.

Our work is the summary of beauty of Light in many of the Kingdom Projects

We offer a full range of brand name products to

ful�ll any design required by most Architects and

Interior designers for any sophisticated project.

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Al S




& L


ng C


Our product line for both indoor and outdoor include

LED technology, �uorescent lighting, down lights and

contemporary lighting, industrial lighting, �oodlight

for area and façade, decorative outdoor cast iron poles

and all types of landscape lighting. SKL also provide

Hi-Tech Helipads Lighting Systems.

We provide our customers withHighly Experienced TeamLatest Lighting SolutionsBest Network of Partners

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tsFor more than 30 years, SKL provided highestlevel of services, our engineers has specializedin problem solving for most complex projects

Some of Major Projects ....

Hotels Projects Resorts ProjectsSwiss Hotel, Makkah

Ra�el Hotel, Makkah

Marriot Hotel, Madina

Radisson Hotel, Jeddah

Roseweed Hotel, Jeddah

Sheraton Hotel, Makkah

Fairmont Hotel, Makkah

Meridian Hotel, Makkah

InterContinental, Makkah

Nofa Resort, Riyadh

Falieh Hospitality &

Leisure Resort, Jeddah

Al Taj Resorts, Makkah

Al Nawras Resort, Jeddah

North Beach Developments

Al Fanateer Beach, Jubail

Janadriyah Equestrian Club

Al Salehiya Housing Project

Holy Sites ProjectsMena Camping Area

Zamzam Closing Project

Mena Tents Phase 1, 2 & 3

Holy Masques Ext. Projects

Shamiyah Projects, Makkah

Ajiyad & Muzdalifah Parking

Arafat & Muzdalifah Mosques

Hajj Slaughterhouse, Mena

Grave Yard Project, Makkah

Our philosophy of project management is to insure that our collaborativeand experience engineers are involved in each and every project we areawarded, from project inception, design and construction till handing over

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Al S




& L


ng C

o.SKL will always maintainstrong client relationshipthroughout every project

More Major Projects ...

Hospitals Institutional ProjectsAl Taif Gereral Hospital

Al Amal Hospital, Riyadh

Ra�ah Hospital, Makkah

Gereral Hospital, Al Rass

King Faisal Specialist, Jeddah

King Saud University Hospitals

United Doctors Hospital, Jeddah

M.O.I. Prisons, Jeddah

Apicorp H.O. Al Khobar

DOKAAE Tower, Makkah

Dar Al Fikr School, Jeddah

Aramco Head Quarter, Jeddah

N.C.Bank H.Q Building, Riyadh

King Fahd Public Library, Jeddah

Foreign ProjectsAden Airport, Yeman

Liwa Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Royal Plaza Hotel, Beirut

Hilton Hotel Cairo, Egypt

Holiday Inn Hotel, Yemen

Fujairah Beach Hotel, UAE

Zayed Hospital, Abu Dhabi


And many Residential, Tunnel Lights & Street Lighting Projects

Industrial ProjectsKing Abdul Aziz Jeddah

Pss. Nora University, Riyadh

King Abdullah University for

Science & Technology, �uwal

Shoaiba Power Plant

Yanbu Cement Factory

Shoaiba Desalination Plant

Power Plant 9 & 10, Riyadh

Airports ProjectsKing Abdul Aziz, Jeddah

Al Hujjaj Terminal, Jeddah

Hajj Terminal Hotel, Jeddah

Hajj terminal Building, Jeddah

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Kitchens & AppliancesKitchen Ventilation Systems

Refrigeration & DishwashingCooking & Catering Equipments

Centralized Vacuuming SystemsLaundry & Dry Cleaning Systems

KNOWING WHAT COUNTSSince 1892 established German kitchen brand, one of the most innovative in the world.

THERE’S MORE TO THE KITCHENTHAN MEETS THE EYEMade of 304 scotch brite stainless steel, a state of the art laser technology.

MASTER OF PERFORMANCESince 1946 as German manufacturer and market leader in traditional professionalcooking technology.

TECHNOLOGY IN THE KITCHENOver 2400 products range, designed forfood preparations, Cooking, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Dishwashing.

TOTAL LAUNDRY SOLUTIONSSupplier of professional laundry systems,solutions to speci�c needs of individual houses, hotels and healthcare institutions.

THE SCIENCE OF LARGE KITCHENSItalian machineries manufacturers for catering sector and the food industry, a specialist in the industry since 1960

PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCEFOR THE HOME�e famous USA Ranges, Refrigerators,Grills, Ovens, Microwaves, and more ...

THE ALTERNATIVE IN FOCUS!Since its inception, Wotek has executed over 700 projects pertaining to Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment.

THE KITCHEN VENTILATIONA professional design and manufacture of kitchen ventilation complete systems for institutional & commercial kitchens.

CLEAN STARTS HERESince 1948 USA premier manufacturer ofCentral Vacuum System, cleaning powerand indoor air quality improvement.


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Al S




& L


ng C


Some of our Suppliers for Finishing & Building Fit-out

LED TechnologyIndustrial Lighting

Down LightsFluorescent Lighting

Landscape LightingsArea & Façade Flood Lights

Contemporary LightingDecorative Outdoor Poles

Our partners have a worldwide reputation for individual

lighting solutions in residential & administrative buildings,

institutions & governmental buildings, education facilities,

health and hospitality sectors. Products are safe & reliable,

and provide constant quality and ef�cient performance.

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Al S




& L


ng C


Al Salem Kitchen & Lighting Co. Ltd.

JeddahYeslam Plaza - Juffali Street - TahliaP.O. Box 11976, Jeddah 21463 - KSAT +966 12 263 5450F +966 12 263 5452

RiyadhDome Trading Centre Al Tahlia Road - OlayaT +966 11 217 3454F +966 11 217 3639

E-mail: info@asik-sa.comwww.kitchendesigners-ksa.comwww.lightdesignersksa.com