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    THE WARM ^ )j) Biantyre, Malawi 5980 McLarnan Road HEART OF ^ Africa Gambier, Ohio 43022

    AFRICA Phone 635691 (614)668-2561


    WE'RE HERE!! On Thursday, July 20, we arrived in Lilongwe, the capilol city ofMalawi. We were met at the airport by Vonnie's parents, Bill and Jackie Brant. Weloaded all of our luggage into the Brants' car and small trailer and drove three hoursto Biantyre, the city where we will be living. We had a long but enjoyable flightover. Our lay over in Amsterdam allowed us to catch up on sleep and begin to adjustto the time change, as well as do some sight-seeing.

    GETTING SETTLED Our time in Malawi thus far has been spent in recovering from jetlag and getting ourselves oriented and organized. As we write this newsletter, we'veonly been in Malawi two weeks, so we're just now starting to get adjusted to the timechange, climate change, etc. We will be filling in for the Brants while they are onfurlough from September until January, as well as slaying in their house, so we arelearning how to fulfill the various responsibilities of their work.

    WHAT LIES AHEAD. During the next few months, will begin that "ever so fun" processof language learning. We are searching now for the best methodology for learningChichewa, as there are a number of classes and learning techniques to choose from.Also during this time we will sizing up the work. With the church in Malawi being solarge and growing so rapidly, it will probably take some time to gain an accurateunderstanding of the state of the work here.

    STEVE'S FIRST SERMON IN MALAWI. On Saturday July 29, I had the opportunity topreach my first sermon in Malawi! The occasion was an area church conference inthe far southern part of Malawi. Gathered at this conference were church membersand church leaders from all over that region as well as from Mozambique. What a joyit was to share with them from God's Word!

    FINANCIAL UPDATE. As many of you know, we had a very unwelcome surprise inearly July. We were informed that a new policy demanded that we establish a specialexit fund of 7000 Kwacha, approximately $2,600, in a Malawian bank before we couldreceive a work permit. We praise God that we now have the money in the bank tocover this! Our biggest need at this point is to build funds for the purchase of a truck.We currently have no transportation of our own at . all. We need to raiseapproximately $9,000 in the next few weeks to purchase a vehicle. Although notcomplete, monthly support has been coming in. We are hoping and praying that wewill be able to write to you soon that all the monthly support has been commited.

    PRAYER NEEDS. Please be in prayer about the following:Monthly Support Funds 'for Truck

    Steve and Von's Language Training Sensitivity to Needs of Malawians



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