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  • 1. ZipFormEsign How To Guide for Signers
  • 2. What is DocuSign? DocuSign is an Online Document Signing Service. Using a web browser from anywhere in the world, your can electronically sign and initial any type of document, creating a 100% legally binding contract.
  • 3. What makes it Legal? Electronic signatures became legally binding in the United States in October 2000, with the passage of the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN). This legislation creates a uniform standard for all electronic transactions and encourages the use of electronic signatures, giving electronic signatures the same legal effect as pen-and-paper signatures. The DocuSign service exceeds all the legal requirements of ESIGN and provides an efficient, auditable process that conforms to the way people actually do business.
  • 4. How Do I Sign? You will receive an email from our company. The email notification will contain a link to access the documents. After clicking on the link, the DocuSign service will automatically guide you through the simple wizard process to electronically sign your documents. The invitation email contains a special hyperlink that is designed to work only for you. (You may receive two emails in the same email inbox if you share email with a spouse. In this case, each of the emails will be addressed to each person, and can carry different authentication steps.)
  • 5. Welcome to DocuSign When you click on the hyperlink in the email it will open a browser, and you will see an overview of the DocuSign process. The process is only 2-3 steps long and only takes a few minutes. Once complete, you will have created your own secure DocuSign Electronic Signature, and will be able to sign online.
  • 6. Creating Your Signature Verify the correct spelling of your name and initials. Select a style of your signature and click the Create Signature button. Place a check in the box indicating you agree that this signature has the same legal effect as your handwritten signature. Once you have adopted this signature, it will be locked with the unique global identifier in the DocuSign system.
  • 7. Protect Your Signature Create a password that is at least 8 characters to protect your DocuSign Electronic Signature. In the future, you will be able to access your signature by using your email as your log-in, and this password. You must also establish a forgotten password question which the system will use in connection with your email so that you can recover your password.
  • 8. Additional Levels of Security In some cases, the document sender will have selected additional authentications that you must pass in order to access and sign the document. These authentications provide additional assurances and document-level authentication. Access Code - refers to a number or word provided by the sender to you that only you know. For example, the word Seattle may be used. This is a form of authentication that enables the sender to know the document cannot be accessed by anyone else. ID Check - refers to a service provided by Fair Issac. With ID Check, the DocuSign system will generate six questions based on your personal history that only you will know. You are the only one who ever will see this information, and the system merely records a pass/fail ability; it does not store the questions presented, or the answers you provide.
  • 9. Accept Consumer Disclosure This is a legal disclosure sent by the document sender which provides you with information about how you can get paper documents, and how you might withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents from the sender. This is a legal disclosure required by the Federal ESIGN Act, protecting the consumer, and acceptance of this Consumer Disclosure is recorded.
  • 10. Sign Online The DocuSign Service will now display your documents to sign. The service will direct you to your first yellow tag and simply click on them to place your signature or initials. Once you have clicked on all the required tabs you will be presented with a popup letting you know that signing is completed. Click Return Signed Copy and you will be taken to a final page which will enable you to review the documents, print a copy for your records and will send an email back to the Sender confirming you have signed all documents.
  • 11. Sign Online (cont.) Click in the location where your signature or other information is requested.
  • 12. Signing Completed THAT'S IT ! YOURE DONE
  • 13. The fastest way to get a signature.