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  1. 1. Are you caught in a serious talent crunch?
  2. 2. Do you know who your Rock Stars are? The employees you must retain?
  3. 3. You certainly know that you cannot afford to let talent escape
  4. 4. because replacing talent is expensive. $ $ $
  5. 5. So how do you keep employees engaged and retain talent? ? HR
  6. 6. Think about it like this. HR
  7. 7. Millennials and savvy talent understand that they are a precious commodity.
  8. 8. They also know that continued professional development is worth its weight in gold.
  9. 9. To attract, engage and retain talent, show them how you grow them.
  10. 10. Use The Enlighten Report.
  11. 11. Show them how you grow them.. As leaders in your culture. Differentiate the ability to influence with customized Leadership Competencies. Document expectations 3 levels of performance. Individual Contributor Middle Manager Executive
  12. 12. Show them how you grow them.. As experts in their field. Use job competencies customized for your firm using your language. Define expectations that drive success at 3 levels: Learner, Leader, Developer Eliminate harmful scoring using performance indicators. The path to improvement is already defined.
  13. 13. Show them how you grow them.. By framing the trajectory of their development in The Big Picture. Competencies are summed and plotted. Growth can be differentiated in X and Y directions. Current performance is in gold. Past performance is in silver.
  14. 14. Show them how you grow them.. By asking about their future plans. Where would you like to be next year?
  15. 15. Show them how you grow them.. By visualizing their future in a few sentences that honor their talent and cement your partnership. SAMPLE VISION STATEMENT Steve, this has been a good year for you. Your steady work on the Pederson project has turned a challenge into a success. Thank you for using your diplomacy to good effect, and thank you for attending to every detail. In the next 5 years, 10 Senior Managers will be retiring. I see in you some of the key things that make a great Senior manager. Clearly you have talent working on resolving complex problems. Let's see how well that skill set suits you when you give up some control on those projects. This means you will need to work through others to get area that will be new to you. Steve, I look forward to working with you to learn how this growth trajectory suits you. It's an experiment to see what's best for you, and I am here as a sounding board and a support. Lets roll! Make it a partnership. Cite specific strengths.
  16. 16. Show them how you grow them.. By setting personal goals that are linked to corporate goals and their dream. In the next 5 years, 10 Senior Managers will be retiring.
  17. 17. Thats why The Enlighten Report is good for employees. That was a constructive conversation!
  18. 18. Managers like it, too. That went well, and heres why: Less prep time, with a better outcome; There are no scores to worry about; Its easy to be consistent from employee to employee; I feel inspiredIm sure my employee does, too.
  19. 19. Finally, The Enlighten Report helps you: Thats something Ive never seen before. measure ROI. embed behavioral best practices in your culture and
  20. 20. So stop giving reviews, and start Inspiring Growth. You are so focused on customer needs. We need more of that! How would you like to help us grow?
  21. 21. Use The Enlighten Report . Show them how you grow them.
  22. 22. is available exclusively from The Enlighten Report
  23. 23. The Enlighten Report The Enlighten Report Facilitates accountability and performance coaching . Enhances Succession Planning measuring everyones growth on 9 Leadership competencies. This also identifies when employees are not a cultural fit. Sets clear expectations that are consistent across jobs and the culture using familiar language.
  24. 24. Tips the balance of the conversation in favor of an inspiring future. Leverages employee strengths to inspire and motivate development that is aligned and important to your firm. All this takes less than an hour to prepare. The Enlighten Report
  25. 25. Can also be used for: Screening Applicants; and Training Needs Analysis The Enlighten Report
  26. 26. is available exclusively from The Enlighten Report