Seven wonders of the world

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includes both natural and man made wonders ( a ppt presentation I made for my sister)

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  • 1. Seven Wonders of the world Prepared by Chandra Gupta

2. Seven Wonders of the world 3. Pyramid of Giza 4. Aerial view of thePyramid of Giza Pyramid ofKhafre,Khufu and Menkaure from left to right The pyramids as seen from the city 5. Pyramid ofKhufu Pyramid of Khafre Pyramid of Menkaure 6. Pyramid of Khafre with the sphinx in the forgeround A side view of the headof the Sphinx A view of the Sphinx with the pyramid in the background 7. Hanging Garden of Babylon 8. Aerial view of the garden of Babylon 9. The remains of the gardenThe garden on the bank of the river Euphrates Asideview of the hanging garden 10. Taj Mahal

  • Location: Agra
  • Builtfrom 1632 to 1654
  • By:Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan
  • In memory of his wifeMumtaz Mahal

11. Taj Mahal, as seen from the sky Taj Mahal ,up close View of Taj Mahal from theentrance 12. Top viewof the inside ofthe octagonal enclosureShah Jahan Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahans tomb on the left and Mumtazs tomb on the right The enclosure 13. The floral design on the tomb The top of the tomb magnified above The inscription on the pillars 14. Octagonal screen of marble & precious stones The decoration up close 15. Taj Mahal up close Details of the mausoleum Inside the mausoleum 16. The Design on the Jali Magnified design on the Jali 17. 18. Great Wall of China 19. Great Wall of China at BadalingGreat Wall of China atSimataiA closer view of the Wall 20. A closer view of the tower The Great Wall climbing up the mountains A Viewof GreatWall from space 21. Atower of the Great Wall in view A view of Great wall during sunset A closer view of the wall 22. Niagara Falls 23. A panoramic view of the Niagara Falls 24. Tourist spot on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls The splash of watersAview of theNiagara Falls 25. Horse Shoe Niagara Falls as seen from top A side view of the Horse Shoe Niagara FallsFrozen Niagara Falls in Winter 26. Niagara Falls from the American side Maid of Mist 1 Maid of Mist 2 Niagara Falls at night 27. The Grand Canyon 28. The Grand Canyon atArizona The Grand Canyon National Park The gorges in the Grand Canyon 29. A view of the Grand Canyon The Colorado River meandering through the Grand Canyon Boating in the Colorado River 30. 31. The Panama Canal 32. Shipscrossing the Panama Canal 33. The Colon of Panama Canal Another view of the canal 34. Viewing the canal from the city A ship passing through the canal 35.