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    Securing Identities for Connected Consumer Devices.

    Discover how G+D Mobile Security can help

    you succeed with your connected devices and

    services, turning the challenges ahead into


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    New challenges and opportunities arise as the market for connected

    consumer devices increases.

    Our connected life drives the mobile and IoT

    device market.

    Connected consumer devices grow

    Emerging competitors continue to catch up on

    dominant Top-3 players.

    Local brands make it to the top

    Since 2018 all new Apple devices support eSIM.

    eSIM in consumer devices takes off

    Industry slides from product- to service-oriented


    Major trends force product innovation

    of smartphone users will benefit

    from the personalized and

    intelligent services of a smart

    personal assistant by 2025.

    More than


    Latest eSIM shipment forecasts

    for consumer devices revised

    due to Apple announcement in

    September 2018 from 30M up to

    250M in 2019 leading to over

    500M in 2023.


    2018 2024 CAGR

    Cellular IoT 1.0 4.1 27%

    Non-cellular IoT 7.8 18.3 15%

    Mobile phones 7.7 8.6 2%

    Others* 3.0 3.0 0%

    19.5 bn 34.1 bn












    2018 Global shipments

    (millions of units)

    * Others: PC/laptop/tablet/router and landline phones

    Sources: Strategy Analytics 2017/18, StatCounter, IDC 2017, Huawei 2017, ABI research 2018, Duo Security 2016, The Economist, Ericsson Mobility Report 2018

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    Device makers act in a highly competitive market.


    − Evolving industry standards and

    specifications, e.g. 5G

    − Evolving standards for eSIM

    Management from GSMA

    − GDPR, ‘right to be forgotten’, etc.

    End Consumers

    − Increasing price sensitivity

    − Demand for innovation

    − Shifting user needs

    − High demand for trust and security

    − Demand for new services

    − Rising demand for new devices

    besides smartphones

    − Digital transformation is a massive

    game changer


    − Aggressive price competition and

    resulting downward pressure on gross


    − Rapid adoption of new and disruptive

    technologies by all players

    − Frequent introduction of new products

    and services

    − Short product life cycles

    − New entrants e.g. device manufac-

    turing from the gaming industry


    − Increasing co-opetition and

    partnerships along the value chain

    e.g. for end-to-end IoT or integrated




    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    What needs to be addressed and managed to remain competitive.

    To compete successfully, it is essential to:

    Consumer trust

    New services and business models

    Logistics & Operations


    Time-to-market Introduce new products continuously and

    strategically to meet consumer needs

    Innovate products (e.g. AI-capabilities) quickly

    and often

    Optimize processes (supply chain) and cost

    structures to remain competitive

    Offer a seamless integration of products, key

    features and grow with new services

    Implement security by design to enhance

    consumer confidence

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    G+D Mobile Security supports device makers across the entire identity

    journey and helps offer secure and convenient services to their consumers.

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    Our key solutions for device makers enhance their global proposition and

    securely keep up with evolving user expectations and digital lifestyles.

    Secure Elements and

    Mobile Applications

    Offers VAULTS for your

    mobile service solutions

    Secure Service

    and Application


    eSIM Management

    Manages the LIFECYCLE

    for your secure elements

    and services

    Data Management

    and Personalization

    Secures your applications on


    devices and channels

    Mobile Device Software

    Establishes the

    CONNECTION between

    end users and your

    connected devices

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    Complete end-to-end solution by G+D Mobile Security.

    • eSIM and Application


    • G+D subscription manager and

    data preparation (SM-DP+)

    • OS update service for UICC, SE

    • OTA services

    • UICC, Secure Element (SE)

    • eSE, SIM in diff. form factors,

    eUICC, converged solutions

    • Secure OS

    • Pre-insertion services for SIM


    • Secure applications

    (e.g. OEM Pay, mobile ticketing)

    • Local Profile Assistant (LPA)

    interface on device

    • In-house G+D data

    generation & preparation

    • In-house G+D credential

    provisioning into SIMs

    • In-factory secure

    personalization at 3rd party

    Mobile Device



    Management &



    Service &







    and Mobile


    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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    G+D is already Managing billions of identities today

    100 million authentication cards protecting access for customers worldwide

    +3 billion SIM cards managed in over 80 countries

    +200 OTA platforms for M(V)NOs deployed/supported globally

    1 billion mobile devices managed globally

    #1 in eSIM management

    +120 eSIM customers trust in products and services by G+D Mobile Security


    Source: GSMA, internal

    9 of the top 10 car manufacturers trust in G+D Mobile Security’s connected car solutions

    Almost 50% of all connected cars are enabled by G+D Mobile Security

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

  • 9G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

    G+D Mobile Security international presence for you

    €868 million revenue

    5,300 employees

    20+ certified production and personalization sites and data centers worldwide

    40+ sales and partner offices

    Source: Giesecke+Devrient Group Annual Report

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    Giesecke+Devrient Group –

    Your trusted partner for high-security solutions

    G+D Ventures

    G+D Mobile Security | Identity Journey Device Makers

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