Over 10 years of securing identities, web sites & transactions Partnering with GlobalSign 2008 – Partner Welcome Kit

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  • over 10 years of securing identities, web sites & transactions Partnering with GlobalSign 2008 Partner Welcome Kit
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Dedicated Account Management & Tech Support Sharing understanding of SSL and the SSL market Simplified product range Partner Certificate Center (self service model) Sales & Marketing assistance and resources Hints & Tips Working with GlobalSign - Contents 2
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Your Account Manager details: When you sign up, you will be told who your dedicated account manager is Tech Support details: Tel: 877-467-7543 US Tel: +44 1622 766766 UK Tel: +32 16 891900 Belgium Email: support@globalsign.comsupport@globalsign.com Web: www.globalsign.com/supportwww.globalsign.com/support Marketing Support details: Requests / assistance arranged via Account Manager Contacting GlobalSign
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential SSL activates the browser padlock or green address bar SSL can be invisible to user in some environments Ensures secure communication between two machines using HTTPS:// Client to server communications (browser forms, email clients to mail servers) Server to server communications (scripting, active programming) Database to database Should be used for: All credit card transactions Where any data is being captured and communicated On Web Sites growing phishing / identity theft attacks On Intranets growing need to protect from internal eavesdropping Mail server connections and web mail SSL the Basics
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential DomainSSL Activates yellow padlock Domain validated Company details NOT in Cert, site seal profile is limited Email challenge on domain control admin@domain.com, etc admin@domain.com Whois contact Secures both www and non-www version of web site Wildcard SSL optional Issued in minutes SGC free of charge The GlobalSign SSL Product Range OrganizationSSL Activates yellow padlock Org validated Corp docs vetted Domain ownership vetted Company details appear in Certificate and site seal profile Secures both www and non-www version of web site Wildcard SSL optional Public IP optional Issued in 2 business days SGC free of charge ExtendedSSL Activates yellow padlock Activates Green Address Bar in EV enabled browsers Org validated inline with CA/B Forum guidelines Corp docs vetted Domain ownership vetted Right of applicant to apply vetted Company details appear in Certificate and site seal profile Secures both www and non- www version of web site Allows up to 3 SANs (Subject Alternative Names) Can be different domain names SGC free of charge Many other features included across range see GlobalSign web site for full details
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential DomainSSL Internal / lower profile public sites When customers need SSL and need it quickly When company documents are not readily available When Wildcard SSL is needed Secure many sub domains with single SSL Certificate When budget is more of a consideration Which SSL? OrganizationSSL When it is important to show the company behind site has been vetted When customers are able to wait 2 business days When company documents are readily available When an email challenge to the domain controller is not available / appropriate When Wildcard SSL is needed Secure many sub domains with single SSL Certificate When issuing to a Public IP address ExtendedSSL Public facing web sites When activating the Green Address Bar will increase credibility in the site All high profile sites All potential phishing victims All low profile sites wanting to compete with high profile sites When different domain names need to be in the same Certificate When customers are able to wait 2-5 business days
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential GlobalSignVeriSign Free SGCYESX - SGC a premium add-on 256 bit enabledYES Multi-lingual supportYES License Policy Promo - Server, Backup, Load Balancer. Server only. Additional purchases necessary. DV (domain), OV (org), EV (extended) YESYES - but DV through GeoTrust only Unique Features www & non-www supported on single certificate Subject Alternate Names (SANs) allow multiple domains in a single certificate Wildcard SSL through GeoTrust OV only Certificate Options Wildcard SSL, Intranet/Local Hosts, Public IP, Custom Start /End Dates Wildcard SSL through GeoTrust OV only PricingFrom $249 From $399, $995 for equivalent offering SSL Feature Comparison, VeriSign SSL is a standardized technology. Customers gain value through associated features, customer support and account management
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Product positioning: Ensure all existing / new customers can easily locate the SSL offering Add to current portfolio (links, banners, text links, help files) Support both retail purchase of SSL and product bundling Create web page selling individual SSL Add / create new security bundles containing SSL Integrating SSL into your Web Site (1)
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Managing customer using the Partner Certificate Center: Login: http://www.globalsign.com/ssl-login.htmhttp://www.globalsign.com/ssl-login.htm Account Functions: Financial: add deposit / create Bulk Contract for best discounts Users: create new Users to place orders, run reports, financial management Certificate Functions: Place SSL Certificate orders Full application: all customer details needed Cert-Invite: minimal customer details needed Renew SSL Certificates (notices sent 90, 45, 30... days before expiration, configure whether reseller or customer is contacted) Reissue orders where customer loses Certificate / private key Run reports on placed orders Managing customers using the API: XML API allows automation of Certificate functions Integrating SSL into your Web Site (2)
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Full Application: what information is requested by GlobalSign? Customer company details Company name, Address Customer contact details (can be Partner) Technical contact receives issued Certificate, renewal notices Certificate Signing Request Site Seal customized information: OrganizationSSL and ExtendedSSL only (can be trading address rather than registered address) Vetting information: DomainSSL email challenge on domain control OrganizationSSL domain ownership check, company documents ExtendedSSL domain ownership check, company documents, right of applicant to apply Cert-Invite Application: what information is requested by GlobalSign? Customer email address Product type and validity period Integrating SSL into your Web Site (3)
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Install free GlobalSign SSL Certificate Sales Training Arrange sales training session with staff and Account Manager Understand competition (competitive analysis available) Update web site with SSL Products section All partners have license to reproduce any / all copy on globalsign.com web site - product pages, technical support, white papers, datasheets. Note copyright remains with GlobalSign. Web site promotional copy / banners available Include choice FAQs from SSL Information Center (reproduce or link to GlobalSign site: http://www.globalsign.com/ssl-information/index.htm) Include extensive internal anchor links in existing web site copy for SSL, SSL Certificate, online security, secured web server, etc Campaigns: Contact existing customers Promote partnership with GlobalSign and promote new / improved SSL Certificate product offerings Email templates / physical mailer copy available Capture new customers Advertising copy and banners available Suggestions: PPC advertising, include security and SSL in directory advertising / banner advertising Joint Press Release (Strategic Partners only) All resources available online at http://www.globalsign.com/partners/reseller/resources.htmlhttp://www.globalsign.com/partners/reseller/resources.html FEED BACK NEW REQUIREMENTS Sales & Marketing
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential General advice SSL is still relatively unknown, customers need to be told when / where they should be using it GlobalSign SSL is a premium product that offers the strongest SSL, other competing products may be cheaper but do not offer the same level of protection or credibility customers that care about their good name and customer base need to understand this Pricing Policies Successful Partners balance margin with competitiveness 10%+ below GlobalSign SRP prevents seepage back to OEM and reinforces partnership status Search Engine Optimization Internal anchor links on keywords are essential for easy navigation and SEO SSL, SSL Certificate, Web Server Certificate, secure web site, etc (keep keywords to less than 10 and applicable to your customer base) Where to advertise: PPC engines good for exposure: Google, Live, Yahoo Hosting news sites directory entries should reference SSL / web site security Hints & Tips
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  • www.globalsign.com Confidential Questions?


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