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<ul><li><p>Search Yahoo! With Boolean OperatorsAND, OR, (), , NOT, Domain:</p></li><li><p>Search Engine Coverage Comparison - ICommon Search Engines MisconceptionsSearch Engines index all available content on the webThey all work in roughly the same way and they all deliver similar results</p><p>If this is true what is the likelihood that a site will show up on the first page (top 10) of results of all 4 major search providers?</p></li><li><p>Search Engine Coverage Comparison - 21.1 %</p><p>The study looked at search results from 12,570 random queries on Ask, Google, MSN search and Yahoo which suggests that each of the four major search engines has a unique ranking approach of findings not duplicated by the other search engines.</p><p>Info from A study of Results Overlap and Uniqueness Among Major Web Search Engines by Spink, Jansen, Blakely, and Koshman published in Information jProcessing and Management (2006)</p></li><li><p>Search Engine Coverage Comparison - 3 Virtual Reality in Google vs. Yahoo. </p><p>ResultsDots=web sitesBlue Dots=web sites both engines have in common</p></li><li><p>Search Engine Features Chart</p><p>Search engines provide different search techniques, different limits, and etc. </p></li><li><p>Why Boolean Operators?Limitations of natural language process (NLP), i.e, who is John Kerry does not always work</p></li><li><p>AND &amp; (quotations)Virtual Reality Medical Training -&gt;Without any Boolean operator = 6,200,00 hits"Virtual Reality" AND "Medical Training" -&gt; 70,300 hits</p></li><li><p>OR, , (), adding more keywords("Virtual Reality" OR Simulation) AND Medical Training -&gt; 268,000 hitsthis number is larger again because we added a synonym</p><p>NOTE: no need to enclose a single word with quotation mark ( )</p><p>("Virtual Reality" OR Simulation) AND (Medical OR Surgical) AND Training -&gt; 1,210,000 hitsthis number grew because we added another synonym </p></li><li><p>More KeywordsCombining keywords with special keywords above</p><p>("Virtual Reality" OR Simulation) AND Medical Training AND (benefits OR advantages) -&gt; 73,500 hits</p></li><li><p>Domain:("Virtual Reality" OR Simulation) AND Medical Training AND (benefits OR advantages) AND domain:com -&gt; 18,500 hits</p><p>("Virtual Reality" OR Simulation) AND Medical Training AND (benefits OR advantages) AND domain:org -&gt; 11,300 hits(other domains, .com, .org, .gov, and .edu) </p></li></ul>


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