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Minutes from the Seafood Certification Network conference call held

on 12 July 2012


Jon HarmanSeafish (Chair)

Francisco AldonInternational Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation

Mick BaconSeafish

Tracy CambridgeMRAG

Nigel EdwardsSeachill

John FigginsBritish Retail Consortium

Peter FraserHarbour Lights

Kerry FutterSAI Global

Karen GreenSeafish

Antonio HervasFood Certification International

Daniel Lee Global Aquaculture Alliance

Chris LeftwichFishmongers Company

Jim Masters Marine Conservation Society

Stephen ParryFindus Group

Mike PlattGlobal Trust Certification

Melissa PritchardClient Earth

Mike ShortFood and Drink Federation

Samuel StoneMarine Conservation Society

Claire TibbottFishmongers Company

Richard WardellSeafish

Herman WisseGlobal Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)


Meaghan DoddTesco

Tracey HeyworthBirds Eye

Tristan Hugh-JonesRossmore Oysters

Martin GillFood Certification International

Hazel GordonScottish Food Quality Certification

Hannah MacintyreMarks and Spencer

Chris MelvilleGrimsby & Immingham Port Health Authority

Chris MiddletonSeafish

Toby MiddletonMarine Stewardship Council

Steve MunningsFlatfish

Claire PescodMarine Stewardship Council

John RobertsLloyds Register Quality Assurance

Melanie SiggsSustainable Fisheries Partnership

Catherine WatkinsonSociety of Food Hygiene and Technology

1. Welcome and Apologies

Jon Harman welcomed everyone to the conference call, highlighted who was participating and which organisation they were representing. Jon Harman continued by stating that some people had suggested that the Seafood Certification Network (SCN) had become a practitioners arena rather than focussing on industry needs. Nigel Edwards stated that Seafish needs to clarify the objectives of the SCN. Jon Harman confirmed that the role of the SCN was not to benchmark certification schemes and fish lists, but to inform industry about the various programmes. Richard Wardell read out a list of received apologies.

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 20 April 2012 Paper 1

Jon Harman referred everyone to Paper 1 and asked if anyone wished to table any amendments. The Network confirmed that there werent any and the minutes were approved.

3. Matters Arising/Action Points (Not covered elsewhere in the agenda)

From page 2.

Minutes from December 2011 Meeting

Richard Wardell confirmed that he had uploaded the minutes onto the Seafish website. These can be seen at:

Web page on Seafish Website

Richard Wardell apologised that he had not spoken with Chris Middleton regarding the possibility of a password protected area on the Seafish website.


3.1 Richard Wardell to liaise with Chris Middleton regarding the possibility of setting up a password protected area on the Seafish website.


Richard Wardell explained that he had circulated the first SCN newsletter. Members of the SCN confirmed that they had received the newsletter and that the content was relevant.


3.2 Richard Wardell to upload the newsletter onto the Seafish website.

From page 3.

ISO Development Work

Mick Bacon stated that he had corresponded with Melanie Siggs via email and confirmed that the next panel meeting in Reykjavik was taking place from 06 to 08 November 2012. Mick Bacon continued by highlighting that he is a UK representative on Working Group Seven which is the Traceability of Shellfish and Molluscs Working Group. Daniel Lee explained that he is part of Working Group Six that is working on the Fish In Fish Out Standard and highlighted that he would be attending the meeting in Reykjavik in November. Mick Bacon concluded by informing the SCN that the UK committee working on the ISO standards doesnt currently have a Chairman.

From page 4.

Certification Mapping/SCN Terms of Reference Paper 2

Mike Short confirmed that he had spoken with Lucy Blow (New England Seafood) regarding what aspects of certification mapping industry finds useful. Mike asked what benefits levy payers gain from the SCN, what the outcomes should be from the SCN and what is the role of the new Seafish Sector Panels. Jon Harman explained that the three Seafish Sector Panels (Domestic & Export, Import & Processing and Supply Chain & Consumer) had met once and would be meeting again in August to review the work programme areas, including standards and certification, that Seafish should be focussing on. Stephen Parry stated that there needs to be clarity on certification mapping activities to avoid duplication between the various Seafish groups (for example, Discard Action Group, Common Language Group and the SCN). Mike Short confirmed that the SCN Terms of Reference can be reviewed in the future as the certification landscape evolves. Peter Fraser asked how Seafish is currently guiding fish and chip shops on certification matters.


3.3 Jon Harman to explain the role of the various Seafish groups at the next round of Seafish Sector Panel meetings in August.

3.4 Richard Wardell to provide an overview of the SCN to Peter Fraser.

From page 6.

Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Melissa Pritchard highlighted that the Sustainable Seafood Coalition Labelling Working Group had met to discuss the fourth draft of the Labelling Code which focuses on the use of the words responsible and sustainable. The group, which consists of many retail sector representatives, is meeting again next week to draft version five. Karen Green confirmed that she had attended the previous meeting. Melissa Pritchard continued to explain that the first draft of the Sourcing Code had been developed and was to be reviewed next week. Melissa Pritchard concluded by stating that a road mapping meeting in foodservice was taking place in September 2012.

4. Autumn 2012 Certification/Eco-label Seminar Paper 3

Claire Tibbott highlighted that some SCN members had met on 09 May at the World Fisheries Congress meeting in Edinburgh to discuss the aims, objectives and outcomes for a proposed autumn seminar. Claire Tibbott continued to explain that Chris Leftwich, Jon Harman, Karen Green, Richard Wardell and herself had also held a conference call and believed that a court style event could be held at Fishmongers Hall, London over one day with a barrister/moderator overseeing the event. Stephen Parry suggested that such an event could complement the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative benchmarking project. Jon Harman stated that such an event was not to prove that one scheme is better than another, but that it could form part of a verifying process. Melissa Pritchard suggested that representatives from the various certification schemes and fish lists could present their information before being questioned. Jon Harman explained that the representatives could receive a set of questions prior to the event and develop a presentation around their answers. Jon Harman then asked the SCN members whether such an event should be organised. Some members supported the idea and others raised their doubts. Stephen Parry stated that the aim needs to be clearly defined and asked who the event is aimed at, what are the outputs and how the fundamental questions would be framed. Stephen Parry also explained that the questions depend upon what the event is trying to achieve.


4.1 Richard Wardell to develop a paper with Chris Leftwich and Claire Tibbott then circulate it to the SCN members for comment.

5. Benchmarking Activities including GSSI Paper 4

Richard Wardell provided an update on the Monterey Bay Aquarium project and explained that Tom Pickerell had informed him via email that the project: has moved away from the three phase approach as we have two different contractors working on wild-capture and aquaculture standards respectively. We are now looking at 24 standards and are aiming to have the benchmarking completed by the Seafood Summit in September.

Nigel Edwards had previously referred to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) benchmarking project. Mike Platt highlighted that the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) study funded by the Pew Trust had been released only a few days ago but that Global Trust had not been contacted by the developers of the report.

Samuel Stone confirmed that the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) was due to sign the letter of intent for the GSSI project. Herman Wisse then presented Paper 4 and talked the SCN through the GSSI benchmarking project. Jon Harman confirmed that Seafish is providing 10,000 to help to fund the GSSI project. Herman Wisse stated that the GSSI project is a three year project but it can be completed sooner if good progress is made.


5.1 Richard Wardell to seek and distribute additional information to the SCN about the WWF benchmarking programme.

5.2 Karen Green to summarise the ELI report.

6. Update on Seafood Certification Programmes Table/Map

Richard Wardell explained that Chris Middleton has been liaising with the company that developed the existing Seafish website, to develop a web based resource, to expand upon the existing Seafood Certification Programmes table/map. Jon Harman explained that he had not seen the project overview document yet but the idea was to make this interactive resource available on the Seafish website. Richard Ward