Science Notebooks & Journals

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Science Notebooks & Journals. A Teaching Tool for Science Classrooms. Popularity of Notebooks for Science Teaching. Teacher-recommended books Campbell, B. & Fulton, L. (2003). Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Notebooks & Journals

Science Notebooks & JournalsA Teaching Tool for Science ClassroomsPopularity of Notebooks for Science Teaching

Teacher-recommended books

Campbell, B. & Fulton, L. (2003). Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Klentschy, M. P. (2008). Using Science Notebooks in Elementary Classrooms. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.What is purpose of science notebook?Assessment of student thinkingThinking tool for studentsTeaches organization skillsRecord of events for long-term projectsDevelops literacy skills reading/writingAuthentic skill used by scientists!Brainstorm some ideas!!

Key Points in Planning to Use NotebooksMaterialsOrganizationScaffoldingMultiple types of InformationAssessmentMaterialsA couple of options

Custom made - multiple sheets, colorful cover, stapled or tied for binding

Composition Books traditional bound science notebook

3-ring binders Allows students to add, remove and reorganize pages!!

OrganizationTable of Contents 3-4 pages, allow students to build as they go!Pre-made pages for activities you know youll usesBlank pages inserted (binder is nice!)Draw, Date, and Label!I wonder entries!Rubric pages for entries/section youll grade

ScaffoldingLike other skills, journaling takes practice!Scaffold - Fade Practice

Scaffold try fill-in-the-blank prompts for the first few days of a project or unit

Fade remove the prompts for later entries, instruct students to use same structure

Practice students use the structure for entries on a regular basis!

Multiple Types of Information Student writing Drawings

Multiple Types of InformationCalendar/Timeline

Multiple Types of InformationData tables Graphs

Multiple Types of InformationPocket pages other real objects!!

AssessmentWhat are the goals of your journal?Science content?Science process?Literacy skills?Organization?Rubrics plan out what you will evaluate BEFORE students start their notebooks!Change over time!! Evidence of changing ideas, vocabulary, observations, skills!FEEDBACK!!!Self-Evaluation Have students evaluate their workWhich entry is your best work?Discussion ActivityMeet with your groups to talk about your teaching at Burris How could you have used Science Notebooks in your unit?For Next WeekRead the three articles Dr. Mitchell sent you!Making Meaning With Notebooks (Klentschy)A Menu of Options (Joyner)Analyzing Childrens Science Journals (Shepardson & Britsch)Quiz next Tues. over the readings