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  • 1. EdReady Montana XLi 2014 March 27, 2014 Ryan Schrenk, Ed. D

2. Ryan Schrenk, Dad to Justin and Ian & EdReady Montana Program Manager & Employee #3 at MTDA 3. MTDA 2009 Legislature Serve K12 Students in Montana through Public Schools Governing Board Director (CEO) Curriculum Director (Vice CEO) Montana licensed teachers Core subjects, dual credit enrichment 4. MontanaTeachers & Montana Students Creating online learning solutions that are uniquely ours! 5. Only SVS on University Campus Opens Partnerships Encourages Research HelpsAddressTransition from K12 to Higher Ed! 6. Partners in MTDA Creation and Governance 7. MTDA Core Programming 2010-2013 Original Credit Connect Credit Recovery Middle School MLS 8. Early Demand and Success 9. MTDA Core Programming 2014 Original Credit Connect Credit Recovery Middle School MLS MDPLN, The Network EdReady 10. We GetTo Are ExpectedTo Address Solve Big Problems in Education Understand Continuum of Distance Ed + OER + MTDA + Funding Source + Blended Learning + Montana Centric + DevEd + Retention + Graduation Matters + Expertise + Individualized Education + Personalized Learning Paths + Research + Scalable Roll Out Secondary Ed + Higher Ed + Proven Partnerships + Need It NOW! = EdReady Montana? 11. Why NROC? Longtime member (MI &MT) of NROC Advisors NROC Is member driven Algebra an Open Course and Developmental Math Project Bringing EdReady to Montana! 12. Complete College America Stats & Recs 13. Time is the enemy 14. Gates Foundation Recommendations 15. Gates Foundation Recommendations 16. Potential Use Cases Montana University System UM, MSU, Colleges (4 and 2Year) High Schools and Middle Schools, Alternative Education Programs Adult Learning Centers (Workforce Development) Military, Incarcerated, Adult Basic Ed. and more 17. EdReady Is Aimed at math (and later English) readiness. Uses NROCs Dev Math as a base: content/uploads/2011/05/DevMath_catalog_r101712.pdf (19 Units/59Topics) 18. EdReady Montana Is Standardized Public Goals Plus 19. EdReady Montana Is CustomizedAssessments and Goals for Montana! 20. PilotTesting Results 2013 Developed by NROC Phase 1 Pilot in these states Montana (4 schools),Oregon, Minnesota, North Carolina and Kentucky Funded by a Gates Foundation Grant 21. PilotTesting Results 2013 Office of Student Success University of Montana Summer 2013 Students in Dev Level Math 3 points or lower on ALEKS test 22. WorkedWith Math Professors to Identify Units andTopics to Study (set goals) 23. StudentTakes Assigned Assessments 24. Questions Answered or Skipped 25. Student Completes Assessment 26. Can start/continue assessments, study goals or re-take assessments 27. Overview of Results 28. Detailed Study Plan 29. Dev Math Study Resource Only Initially 30. Could Use More Options Later 31. Flow of the Dev MathTopic of Study 32. UM Pilot Results [CATEGORY NAME], [VALUE] [CATEGORY NAME], [VALUE] [CATEGORY NAME], [VALUE] [CATEGORY NAME], [VALUE] 43 Participated 33. SavingTime and Money 43 students skipped 49 courses Total of 151 credits were skipped adding up to estimated $31,000 tuition/fees! 34. ResultsAfter Enrollment? 37 of the pilot participants enrolled in a mathematics course in the Fall 2014 term 91% successfully completed their course Average mathematics grade for these students: B- UM Freshman overall average mathematics grade: C+ 35. Comments and Advantages Program was easy to use It made a difference I would recommend to others Allows us to know where students are at and what to focus on 36. Challenges and Lessons How to fund it for Montana secondary and post-secondary students Integration and implementation at K-12 level Students saw it as extra work Teachers may see it as the same without personal assistance or changes to blended learning approach How to work with teachers and staff to implement How to measure success and support state-wide implementation 37. Brand New Utah STEM Action Center Pilot Results Grade 10 students using EdReady made five times the progress expected in an entire academic year with just 3 months of use (EdReady N=206). 38. EdReady Montana 1st in the Nation to see and use EdReady Public release in coming week! Funded by Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation All 7th graders to College Students in Montana are allowed to sign up Charges paid for access for 3 years to get project off ground First Higher Ed Programs Ready in Summer 2014 K12 FieldTesting Spring 2014 and Full Access Fall 2014 Dev English Piloting in Spring 2015/Roll out and expansion after that Managed By MTDA 39. How to find out more Contact Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Montana Project Manager Or Bob Currie, MTDA Executive Director 406-243-4619 Watch our website (coming soon) at Watch for more coming soon as we continue to partner with your school/campus! 40. or will soon!