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Lesson 10 (Application Specific Extractor)Application Specific Extractor: There are two types1- BW Content Extractors2- Customer Generated Extractors

BW Content Extractors: are already built and predefined extractors from SAP. Depending upon the data you are extracting you can activate required extractor.Step-1: Login to ECC.Step-2: RSA5Step-3:

Step-4Logistic Extractor (Sales Order Detail, Inventory Controlling etc)Run /oLBWE

Setup tables can be only modify by deactivating the extractor and remove all existing data from extractor otherwise it would not work. Steps to modifyStep-1: Run RSA3 and Deactivate the required extractor.

Step-2 : Run ova1 (Go Sales Order)Run /oLBWG (Deletion of Setup Data)Choose the application component which data need to be deleted.Choose 11

Step-3: Go to RSA3 to verify that if all setup data is deleted. It will return zero for all tables.

Step-4: Click on Maintenance of Extractor and perform require change (Add or delete fields)

Step-5: Click on data source

Step-6: Unhide or hide field as required and save.

Step-7: Activate the ExtractorStep-8: Verify that data exist using RSA3. It will have zero records.Step-9: Run SBIWSelect Sales Orders.

Click Execute

Step-10: When completes it give output. If it ran next time it will override data.

Step-11: Run RSA3 to verify that if data exist in setup tables. This time it will return record count.

Getting Data into BW1- RSA1-> Data Source

Step-2: It will prompt for login (Username and password) and SE11 and go back.Step-3: change and activate the Data source.Step-4: Create Info Package

Step-5: Choose required Update Mode and then go to schedule tab and click Start.Step-6:

run sbiw