Santorini - Mags Winthrop 06 23 Santorini...Santorini is the only Greek Island that we¢â‚¬â„¢ve been to

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Text of Santorini - Mags Winthrop 06 23 Santorini...Santorini is the only Greek Island that...

  • June 2012 

    Santorini is a Greek Island in the

    Southern Aegean Sea, a remnant of a

    Volcanic Caldera, the island is

    renowned for its magnificent sunset, its

    blue capped churches and chapels and

    its rugged coastline. The island is the

    site of one of the largest volcanic

    eruptions in recorded history—

    thankfully, it’s now quiescent.


    W i n t h r o p s o n T o u r

  •      Perissa    Page 2 June 2012

    Santorini is the only Greek

    Island that we’ve been to

    TWICE! It’s a beautiful

    sparkling blue jewel steeped

    in Greek tradition, where

    the sun’s rays shimmer on a

    clear blue ocean. Set

    against a dramatic Volcanic

    scenic backdrop, the island

    is wild, pretty and, as yet,


    The pool was deserted every day.

  • Rest & Relaxation for a change! Swimming, reading,

    exploring, sunbathing, eating good food and a general chill

    out. Santorini is quiet, friendly

    and warmly welcomes a variety of nationalities—

    with no McDonalds!

    Page 3

    Margarena Studios has a dramatic


    Margarena Studios

  • Caldera Page 4 June 2012

    Waiting for and watching the sun go down over the island—it

    was hot, thirsty work, you know!

  • Sunsets over the Caldera are said to be the

    most beautiful in the world...

    Page 5

    & Sunsets We zipped around the island on a

    Quad Bike—I spent most of the time

    languishing on the back! We drove

    the length and breadth of the island

    and managed to get into all of its

    little nooks and crannies and

    everywhere we went, the sunset was

    never far away. Luckily lots of the

    viewing points were furnished with

    small, intimate Tavernas….

  • Fira 

    Page 6 June 2012

    Fira is the main town, its

    whitewashed stone houses

    and churches clinging to

    the side of the Volcanic

    island. Home to the cruise

    ships, it’s full of ample

    Americans puffing their

    way through the myriad

    of tiny, narrow streets.

    Fira boasts dramatic views of the

    ocean and the Caldera—but the

    Cruise ships bump the prices up!

  • Page 7

    Apparently, Brad & Angelina have a

    house in Oia—and why wouldn’t

    you? It’s breathtaking—every

    artist’s dream which has a writer’s

    soul, I’m sure… Very inspiring...

    Oia is where everyone goes to view the sunset—but we found some

    better viewing points, away from the swarms of tourists.


  • Cliffs & flora Page 8 June 2012

    The contrasting landscape

    around the island was

    amazing—from deserted,

    windswept beaches with

    black Volcanic sand, to

    crumbling limestone cliffs

    worthy of any sculpture all

    decorated with pretty flora

    and fauna—and some mean

    looking cactus plants!

    These cliffs reminded us of Gaudi in

    Barcelona… Can you see the faces?

  • Page 9 No stone un-

    turned—we gave the

    Quad Bike a run for

    its money. Well,

    what’s the use in

    standing still?

    The intrepid explorer with his map...

    Red Beach

  • Food Page 10 June 2012

    The Greek food was amazing—we

    feasted on huge, Greek salads, fish,

    baked cheese (Saganaki), slow

    roasted lamb, olives, locally grown

    figs, Stifado, KleftiKo, Kalamari,

    whole squid - all washed down with

    lashings of Greek Rose and the

    occasional Mythos beer.


  • How many times have I told you not to drink from the carafe?

    Page 11

    & Drink

  • We didn’t want to go...but, before we did, we managed to

    squeeze in some skinny dipping! Well, what did you expect?

    Yamos... Page 12 June 2012

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