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Safety Aspects of Agricultural Mechanics 6831.13

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Text of Safety Aspects of Agricultural Mechanics 6831.13

  • Safety Aspects of Agricultural Mechanics6831.13

  • Color CodingIs used in the shop to alert people to dangers and hazards

  • GreenThe color in the safety color code that designates the location of safety and first aid equipment

  • RedThe color in the safety color code that designates fire fighting equipment

  • OrangeThe color in the safety color code that designates dangerous parts of equipment that may cut or otherwise injure

  • YellowThe color in the safety color code that designates caution

  • BlueColor in the safety color code that designates caution against starting equipment while it is defective

  • IvoryThe color in the safety color code that reflects light and shows the way

  • Vista GreenPaints bodies of machines, stationary equipment and cabinets

  • AluminumPaints waste containers

  • DecibelsUnit of measurement of noise is decibels

  • Hearing LossHearing loss caused by level and time exposed

  • 90 DecibelsHearing damage may occur if excessively exposed to noise above 90 decibels

  • Safety Policy and ProceduresPolicy is a planProcedure is an action

  • Housekeeping and OrganizationTo be safe and efficient, a shop must be large enough to have reasonable space for each person working in the shop

  • Housekeeping and OrganizationA clean and well organized shop decreases the chance of accidents

  • Housekeeping and OrganizationAn approved flammable materials cabinet improves shop safety by providing a safe place to store those materials and by automatically closing if there is a fire

  • Housekeeping and OrganizationTools and materials should be put in their proper places to save time and prevent accidents

  • Other Safety RulesTo help prevent back injuries, heavy objects should be lifted with the legs, not with the back

  • Other Safety RulesLoose clothing, jewelry, and long hair can cause serious injury by getting caught in saws, drills and other equipment with rotating or turning parts

  • Other Safety RulesThe types of safety protection devices needed depend on the work being done in a shop, but the minimum protection should be wearing safety glasses

  • Other Safety RulesThe best protective clothing for agricultural workers is coveralls

  • Causes of Farm AccidentsFarm machinery 44%Almost halfAccidents among farmers most often involve machinery

  • Causes of Farm AccidentsDrowning 12%Hit by Objects 9%Electrical Current 7%Firearms 5%Falls 5%Others 18% includes burns, animals, poisons

  • SafetyWhen the workers are free from danger, risk, or injury

  • Safety in Ag MechanicsSafety in agricultural mechanics shops depends mainly on the people who use the shops

  • Cause and PreventionThe major causes of accidents are unsafe actions by people and unsafe working conditions

  • Cause and PreventionThe best way to control accidents is prevention

  • Cause and PreventionThe next best approach is to use protective devices such as safety glasses, face shields, gloves, steel toe shoes, aprons, and guards

  • Class A FireOccurs in ordinary combustible materials such as wood and paperSymbol is green triangle

  • Class B FiresOccurs with flammable liquids such as gasoline or solvents

  • Class C FiresCaused by electricitySymbol is blue circle

  • Class D FiresCaused by combustible metalsSymbol is yellow star

  • NEW LabelingOld Labeling

  • Types of Fire ExtinguishersWater Class A firesCarbon Dioxide CO - Class B and C fires

  • Types of Fire ExtinguishersDry chemical Class A, B, and C firesClass D fire extinguisher burning metal

  • Location of Fire ExtinguishersExtinguishers should be located 3 to 5 above the floor so that they will be easy to reach

  • Safety Aspects of Agricultural Mechanics6831.13

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