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S2Trips: Teambuilding

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S2Trips: Teambuilding. Kyllburg & Bitburg. Place & distance. Bitburg 55 km (50min) Kyllburg 70km (1H10). Hébergement. Kyllburg. Bitburg. 50 élèves pension complète. 60 élèves pension complète. Activities. Partner. «Mit Sack und Pack». / - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of S2Trips: Teambuilding

S2Trips: Teambuilding

S2Trips: TeambuildingKyllburg & Bitburg

Place & distanceBitburg 55 km (50min)

Kyllburg 70km (1H10)

HbergementKyllburg60 lvespension complte

Bitburg50 lvespension complte


PartnerMit Sack und Pack Animateur / class => big groups

TimeActivityDescription09.30Welcoming of the classes by our staff 9.30-15.30Day programme Outdoor-OlympicsThe class will be divided into teams, each of 5 students, which will compete in a sane contest against each other and evaluate each other. The games contest consists in a diversified adventure of high educational value with many outdoor teaming games. Herein a lot of tricky tasks and puzzles will be solved, like e. g. the spiders web, island of rescue, river of acid and further challenges for the team. Focus with regard to content: Social competence, conflict behaviour, opinion making and communication.


Stiftsberg Bildungs- und FreizeitzentrumAuf dem Stift 654655 Kyllburg

Tel.: 06563 96 22 99 0Fax: 06563 96 22 99 35Email: [email protected] 1054634 Bitburg

Tel. +49 - (0)-6561-9444 10Fax +49 - (0) -6561-9444 20Email: [email protected]

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