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Rune Factory 3 Walkthrough and General Guide by Freyashawk Created on 8 November 2010 Last updated on 7 December 2010 with Second Orb Walkthrough and Furniture options Note on 9 November: This is a preliminary Guide and will be updated constantly at this point. I am transferring and organising my game journal information into my Guides as quickly as possible but you will have to be patient as always. My new Rune Factory 3 site can be found at: As of 15 November, I have created this Walkthrough/General Guide, a Cookbook Recipes Guide, an Items Guide, a Characters Guide, a Requests Guide and a Bestiary and Dungeons Guide. All are in preliminary stages. My primary Harvest Moon site is at: Table of Contents Introduction Request System Free Items Basic Farming Shara's Farming Tutorial Farming Controls Basic Farm Tools Introduction to Cooking The Fruits of any Harvest Energy Recovery Early Exploitations Initial Priorities Social Interactions The Value of Gifts Advice from Subsidiary Characters Poison Squares and Neutral Agent Befriending Monsters with Cooked Dishes Festivals Calendar of Festivals and Birthdays Introduction to Fishing Friendship and Social Interactions Your Introduction to Combat Access to Weapons and Equipment Combat Strategies Basic Rules of Dungeons Walkthrough: Privera Forest Initiation into Monster Transformation Building a Monster Barn Walkthrough: Sol Terrano Desert Univir Settlement Expansion of the Sharance Tree

Walkthrough: Skelafang and Second Orb 2nd Expansion of Sharance Tree Furniture at the General Store Walkthrough: Sakuya and the Howling Food Stealer Basic Descriptions of the Seasonal Dungeons Privera Forest Sol Terrano Oddward Valley Vale River Monster Behaviour Guide Ranch Products and Gifts Working with Monsters Dungeons and the Four Seasons Transport Monsters Monster Lists Privera Forest Bestiary Sol Terrano Bestiary Oddward Valley Bestiary Vale River Bestiary Dragon Cave Items from Dungeons Ores and Gems War Trophies Local Shop Menus Diamond General Store Fantastic Flowers Blacksmith's The Witch's Cauldron Evelyn's Clothing Store The Miyako Inn Paradise Bathhouse Gift Shop Blaise's Diner Carlo's Resort A Guide to Fishing Fish List A Guide to Cooking Easy Dishes for an Aspiring Chef Quality and Value Kitchen Cookbooks Forging in Rune Factory 3 Forge Recipes Workbench Recipes Pharmacy Recipes Items Lists Weapons, Equipment and Accessories Crops Foraged Items Ingredients from Shops Rune Skills Special Items: Presents Introduction Rune Factory, at its inception, was part of the Harvest Moon series and in fact had 'A Fantasy Harvest Moon' appended to the title. Some reviewers of the game referred to it as 'Harvest Moon with a sword'. In fact, it quickly developed into a series that, while sharing the fundamental philosophy of life

with Harvest Moon, was unique. Rune Factory 3 is the third Rune Factory game made for the DS platform. It has much in common both with Rune Factory 1 and Rune Factory 2 but will delight fans of the series with surprising new aspects that have been added to the game. As with any Rune Factory game, there is a strong plot that will unfold as your Character attains higher levels of success, unlocks new areas and achieves close relationships with every member of the community. Requests given by other Characters can result simply in a material Reward or can advance either Romance or the Main Story. Essentially, all Rune Factory games are based on farming and combat together as a means by which ingredients can be obtained to create items in many different categories: Medicines, Cooked Dishes, Weapons, Equipment and Accessories. As in other Rune Factory games, items have more than one Level. One goal when farming is to obtain higher levels of Crop Seeds in order to grow better Crops. Your Character will be able to forge his own Weapons and Accessories, upgrading them by using higher levels of ingredients. War Trophies taken from defeated Monsters are essential ingredients in creating Weapons, Equipment and Accessories.

Requests System Players of Rune Factory 2 will be familiar with the Request System but its operation is slightly different in Rune Factory 3. Although Requests do appear on the Bulletin Board outside the Flower Shop, you will be able to find them in your postbox and obtain them from an Owl. In Rune Factory 2, you could choose often between more than one Request. This is true in Rune Factory 3 as well. As in all Rune Factory games, you will be given most of your basic tools if you are patient and satisfy the requirements of the giver. Watering Pot and Hoe are given by Shara as soon as she introduces you to your new home in the Sharance Tree. Sickle, Axe, Hammer and Fishing Rod follow when you accept Requests from villagers. Shara will make the very first Request, asking you to introduce yourself to every one in the village. This follows the pattern established in games such as Animal Crossing where your Character will familiarise himself/herself with the map and with all residents of the village by meeting and greeting each one. Note that meeting an individual outside will not satisfy the requirement. You must experience every Introduction Event that occurs inside a Building AND properly introduce yourself to each Character. When you have completed this 'Request', she will ask you to ship one item. You can ship anything you wish. Return to her and she will give you four Pink Turnip Seeds. Items given to you in Rune Factory 3 will be thrown onto the ground inside wooden Chests. Access the Chest and the contents will pop out onto the ground. Always remember to take the Item (s) that you are given! Note that you often will be able to find Chests randomly on the ground in the dungeons. The items these Chests contain are random but can consist of Seeds, Medicines, Crops or even Accessories.

The next Request is made by Wells. He will ask you to deliver a message to Marjorie. When you complete his Request, he will give you a Sickle. In the next two Requests, you will be given a farm Tool that will allow you to perform the Request. Sherman will ask you for 9 Wood. He will give you an Axe so that you can chop branches or stumps into Wood. When you complete his Request, you will be given 3000 Gold as well as the Axe that you used to perform the task. Gaius will ask for a piece of Iron Ore and will give you a Hammer so that you can smash the Rocks that contain Ores. He will not give you any reward per se, but you will be allowed to keep the Hammer. Evelyn next will request a piece of Scrap Metal. Like her father, she is generous and will give you 2000G when you hand the Scrap Metal to her. The next Request is made by Carmen. She will ask you to meet her for lessons in fishing. When you do so, she will give you a Fishing Rod and request that you catch any Spring Fish. When you give her the Fish, she will give you a Sardine. Although Raven's 1st Request has no Reward attached to it and is more like an examination, as you must substitute for her at the Smithy and give the correct prices for three Items on the Menu to customers who appear, her 2nd Bulletin Board Request is a potential Treasure Trove of Items. Raven's 2nd Bulletin Board Request is an opportunity to obtain valuable Weapons and Items. All you have to do is enter her Smithy after accepting the Request. Six Items will be displayed on the carpet. She will tell you to take as many as you wish. When you exit, the Request will be completed. As these Items are chosen randomly at the time when the Request is accepted, you should save your game before you accept her Request. If you do not receive Weapons or Items that iinterest you, simply reload your game and try again. Free Items There are free items to be found throughout the village, stashed in locations where you can interact with objects, usually inside buildings. The interesting aspect to this treasure hunt is that you must access the object in the right circumstances in order to find the 'treasure'. Usually, this occurs only when the owner of the house or one of its residents is present in the room. If you access the object when no one is in the room, you usually simply make an observation to yourself. Some of the items that you can find are as follows: Flower Shop, lower left corner: 1 Bag of Toyherb Seeds Flower Shop, upper floor: 1 Pudding in the centre of the northern wall, only when Shara's sister Monica is present and awake (between 9.45 p.m. and 9.55 p.m.) 1 Rice Ball in the top right corner, only when Shara is present and awake (after 10.00 p.m.) In a tub in the Inn in Pia's room: a Squid

In a drawer to the left of Daria's bed: Miso Eggplant In Blaise's Diner in the northeast: Wine At the table on the upper floor of the Blacksmith, Snapper Sashimi (9.15 p.m. when Raven has gone down the stairs but Gaius is upstairs and still awake) In a hole in a cliff on the shore of the river in the Autumn Dungeon: Salted Smelt Basic Farming Your home is in a Tree in Rune Factory 3, and it is no ordinary Tree but one that is sacred and akin to the Mother Tree in ToT and Animal Parade. Below your living space are two fields where you can grow Crops. These fields are subject to the passing of the Seasons Veteran players of the Rune Factory series will be familiar with the basic rules of farming. Crops remain seasonal as in any Harvest Moon game, but in Rune Factory, fields can be found somewhere on the map that are ruled by each of the four Seasons. Fields that are ruled by a specific season throughout the year are located in the Dungeons in any Rune Factory game. In Rune Factory 3, the four Seasonal Dungeons will be accessible from the start of the game. The Spring Dungeon, Privera Forest, is populated with the least powerful Monsters and therefore should be the first that you explore. The Main Plot requires that you face a Boss Monster