Rosicrucian Invocation  · Title: Rosicrucian Invocation Author: Rosicrucian Order AMORC Subject: In…

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<ul><li><p>Page 23</p><p>Rosicrucian</p><p>Invocation</p><p>God of my heart, God of my understanding.I know that You are at the origin of the universe,</p><p>nature, and humanity itself, but do notknow what You think and what You feel.</p><p>Since Your existence became plain to me, I havebeen seeking to understand the laws bywhich You manifest through the visible</p><p>and invisible planes of Creation.Your light shines deep within me and</p><p>continually lights the way for myconsciousness on the path of Good.</p><p>Your life gives vitality to my body, and makes itthe temple that my soul has chosen tobring its spiritual evolution to fruition.</p><p>Your love accounts for my existence, and wakensin me the desire to love all people.</p><p>May You grant me the will to perfect myself inthought, word, and deed, that I maybecome an agent of Your wisdom in</p><p>this world.</p><p>So Mote It Be!</p></li></ul>


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