AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927

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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 1/12</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 2/12</p><p>R ead V ery Carefu lly</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r O n e :</p><p>W ith these instructions you r eceive a personal letter from th e Secretary</p><p>of th e Gra nd Lodge, and a sealed envelope. You a re now rea ding the firstpage of the General Instructions called NE OP H YTE GU IDE . This should</p><p>be read carefully before you open and read the sealed envelope and con-</p><p>tents. You ma y read this guide several times and on a ny day or occasion</p><p>you may select.</p><p>P o in t N u m b e r T w o :</p><p>The first law and lesson for all Rosicrucians to learn, in connection with</p><p>their graded studies of the Order, is that of SYSTE M a nd ORD E R. Thewhole universe is regulated by System and Order; man in his relation to the</p><p>universe is guided by System and Or der. T o be successful in life, happy,healthy, and prosperous, we must guide our conduct in life, guide our think</p><p>ing and doing, according to the same System and Order that prevails at alltimes within and with out the body of man. T o master any of natur es laws</p><p>and use them constructively in achieving and attaining, we must put our-selves in harmony with the laws and cooperate with the established SYSTEM</p><p>and ORDER of the universe.</p><p>P o in t N u m b e r T h r e e :</p><p>Man did not create or establish the System or Order that exists;</p><p>therefore, he cannot set any of the laws aside, cannot break them or modify</p><p>them so as to make them inactive; nor can he ask that a single one of them</p><p>be set aside for his personal, selfish benefit. Th er e is a Rosicrucia n slogan orproverb which says that The only laws that man can break are the laws that</p><p>man can ma ke. All universal, Divine, natural laws are the work of God andare no longer questionable, nor in the process of beuig formed, nor even sub-</p><p>ject to change by the min d of God . Th es e we re decreed and est ablished, an d</p><p>even th e Divine Consciousness in all its action M U S T a bide by t he laws</p><p>established. Tha t makes for the per fect, sublime consistency and depen da-bility of all natural and Divine laws, and manifests in justice to all.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r F o u r :</p><p>Miracles are not the result of any exception to any law but the result of</p><p>a masterful invocation of one or more natur al laws. Th e demonstrat ion may</p><p>be unusual, uncommon, even unique; but it is always natural to the laws of</p><p>God a nd consistent with established SYSTE M and OR DE R. Every miracle</p><p>is therefore explainable by some known or unknown law.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r F i v e:</p><p>The teachings require study. There is no way of getting around this fact.</p><p>The Grand Lodge of the ORDER is an organisation of many thousands of</p><p>members and each individual member, as a part of the Cosmic Soul on earth, 2 }</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 3/12</p><p>has certain work to do To the Glory of God and for the benefit of Mankind.To do this work and do it well means we must become strong, healthy, happy,</p><p>and prosperous as individuals, as demonstrators of the laws and as living ex -</p><p>amples. To be such, we must be prepared with knowledge, understanding and</p><p>experience. Hen ce, ha lf of the great work of the O RD E R is decidedly devoted</p><p>to assisting its members to know, to understand, and to live a great life. Therefore, you see that the A M O R C is not simply a school or college of learn'</p><p>ing; teaching its members is only H ALF of its work. Keep t hat in mind atall times.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r S i x :</p><p>Keep in mind that it is through LI VIN G the laws and th e principles</p><p>taught by Rosicrucians that you an d all M AN KI N D will receive the utmost</p><p>benefit. Int ellectu al mastership of the mere brain, knowledge of the laws and</p><p>teachings will N O T d o otherwise than increase the personal ego. Hu mility,</p><p>the real Christ spirit of tolerance, sympathy, understanding, and knowl-</p><p>edge, comes through living the principles and ideals covered in our work and</p><p>in the work of similar schools; for remember, we do not mean to say that the</p><p>AM O R C is the only school or movement in t he world th at has such high ideals</p><p>and principles. W e ar e happy and th ank ful to be able to say that t here are</p><p>many very good ones. Ou r work is different simply because it is P R AC T I-</p><p>CAL and teaches certain definite and concrete things to do and think to bringabout very definite results.</p><p>Let your Light Shine. Be cheerful, hopeful, constru ctive in all your</p><p>thinking. See the bright, right side of all matters. Bear in mind t hat th ere</p><p>are not good and bad men and women in the world, but different men and</p><p>women; different in their comprehension and u nderstan ding. You are on the</p><p>threshold of awakening, enlightenment, on subjects more or less vague to you.</p><p>It will make you different different in ma ny ways. But do n ot permit the</p><p>change to make you exaggerated in your ego, or superior in your selfjudg-</p><p>ment. Remember tha t th e greatest are those most willing t o serve humbly.</p><p>Let every new revelation in our lessons convince you more and more that</p><p>you are a par t of the Divine Consciousness and the only wa y to be C O N -</p><p>SCIOUSLY attuned with the Cosmic Consciousness is to be like it; upright,</p><p>noble, tr ue, moderate, never fan at ical, never oppressive, or superior. Th ink</p><p>of the official closing phrase in all our letters (which you, too, should use)</p><p>W ith best wishes for Peace Profound . Let such Peace be ever in yourminds and hearts.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r S e v e n :</p><p>Naturally, with the knowledge of laws and principles possessed by its</p><p>general executives and associates, acquired and inherited from the past records</p><p>and works, the AM O R C has a very excellent system of instruction, distinctive</p><p>in its simplicity and highly praised for its ease, clearness, and completeness of</p><p>presentation. W e ar e not boasting, but we would arouse your interest in our</p><p>system, for you will find it, as have thousands of others, the easiest system to</p><p>read and remember tha t has ever been evolved. It has been endorsed by edu -</p><p>cators as the perfect educational system, and t hat means th at YO U will have</p><p>no tr ouble in un derstanding each lesson or each law and principle. All this</p><p>was taken int o considerat ion when examining your application for membership.</p><p> 3 }</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 4/12</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r E i g h t :</p><p>On the other hand, there will be occasions when some law or principle,</p><p>or perhaps some phrase or statement on our part, may not seem as clear to</p><p>you as it should be; that is inevitable. But we a re hap py to say that you haveat your willing service those who are glad to devote time to answering your</p><p>letters and helping you to understand and truly comprehend.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r N i n e :</p><p>Your lessons are constantly revised, added to, through the assistance of</p><p>our Editorial Department, our Research Department, and our writers who areconnected with the organisation, and every so often you will notice changes</p><p>an d revisions in your monographs. You will find that part s have been added</p><p>to them, showing the matter you are receiving is up to date.</p><p>Your letters dealing with certain questions will be given every considera</p><p>tion. Na tu ra lly, if you ask a question tha t is fully covered in some futu re</p><p>monographs, you will be notified that the question is completely answered in a</p><p>future lesson, and that it will not be necessary for us to answer it separately.</p><p>But if at any time you are puzzled over some point and need further informa</p><p>tion in regard to the lessons you have already received, you will find our vari-</p><p>ous departments willing to answer and explain the matter to your satisfaction.</p><p>Occasionally there are a number of members who ask the same question. Then ,</p><p>a letter is dictated, giving the required information completely and in detail,</p><p>and it is duplicated in a duplicating machine in what is called a form letter.So occasionally you will receive form letters answering your questions, and</p><p>then you will know that many other members beside yourself have asked the</p><p>same question. Rath er than take the time to write each of you a separatepersonal letter, when it is a common question, we have this letter prepared</p><p>with all the inform at ion that you desire, and send it to you. However , you</p><p>will find that whenever your question is something that pertains to you alone,</p><p>something of personal problems or of a similar nature, you will always receive</p><p>a personal, typewr itte n letter. But if it pertains to a comm on question that</p><p>man y ask, you will receive a form letter. Afte r all, wha t you wan t is the</p><p>information, and not a personal letter unless it deals with some personal prob-</p><p>lem of your own.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r T e n :</p><p>In addition to the study of the monographs sent to you, there is thevaluable factor of meditation or concentration upon the principal points</p><p>of each lesson, plus the at tunement with the Cosmic Mind. W e can n ot placetoo much stress upon this latter element in our work. Wh en our members</p><p>who attend our Lodge convocations enter one of our Temples, they are re-minded of the fact that they come there for the purpose of work and wor-</p><p>ship. Th e work consists of the study an d mastership of certain laws and</p><p>principles, the rendering of service to others and the laboring over their lifes</p><p>problems; the worship consists of the profound concentration upon the adora-</p><p>tion of God s great wisdom and na tur es sublime perfection. Ou r members</p><p>who are taking the instruction by correspondence, as you are, are urged and</p><p>assisted to maintain the same at titude; to work and worship. It is par t of the</p><p>scheme of things, therefore, that each member of the National Lodge shall</p><p> 4 }</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 5/12</p><p>devote some time each week to meditation upon the great principles involved,</p><p>upon his or her connection with the Order, and the blessings that are ours to</p><p>en joy an d apply. As was explained in the first book sent you, such periodsof concentrated thought and attunement are as important, beneficial, and pro</p><p>ductive of definite results as any part of our work.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r E l e v en :</p><p>Therefore, we hope that each National Lodge member has selected ONE</p><p>PE RIO D of each week to be his, or her, Lodge period for stu dy. Before</p><p>proceeding with the Ritual that accompanies these general instructions, if you</p><p>ha ve not selected a Lodge Per iod, do so. It m ay be possible that th is Ritua lcannot be performed on your usual Lodge Night because it will take a little</p><p>time to arran ge the things for that n ight. Ther efore, you ma y perform this</p><p>Initiation Ritua l on some other night than your usual Lodge Night. But, keep</p><p>in mind that whatever night you select should be one that may be conveniently</p><p>reserved for a ll futur e weeks. Wh eth er it be a Mond ay night, or a Wedn es</p><p>day night, or a Friday night, let i t be known to your friends that this ONEnight of each week is to be your own private at home night, for whatever</p><p>reason you may wish to give, and that you cannot accept invitations, or receive</p><p>callers on t hat night. O f course, i t may be necessary SOM ET IME S t o changethe night, but SYSTE M an d OR DE R should be the rule. Also you may make</p><p>it more convenient by making your weekly Lodge Period from ten to elevenoclock at night on the night you ha ve selected. This will permit you t o att end</p><p>to oth er matters ear lier in the evening. You will find yours elf attuned withthousands of others at any hour o f any evening you ma y select. I f this period</p><p>is not possible in your case, you may select a weekly hour sometime during</p><p>the day, at noon or morning. Ma n y theatrical and professional people haveha d to do this. So, again we say, before proceeding to make arr angements for</p><p>the Ritual which is inclosed in the sealed envelope herewith, decide now what</p><p>day or evening is going to be your Lodge Period for each week.</p><p>P o i n t N u m b e r T w e l v e :</p><p>In order to make each study night truly a Lodge night for you, and to</p><p>assist in the experiments and exercises, you must have a place in your home</p><p>or in your bedroom that is to become a SACR E D SAN CT U M for you. Now</p><p>please bear in mind that the sacredness of a Church, a Lodge room, or a shrine</p><p>is not an inherent quality or element of the materials or things which enter</p><p>into it , though some articles can have a truly sacred nature. What makes any</p><p>place sacred is the sacredness W E put into it by our mental at titude, our</p><p>association of it with God and Divinity, and our reverence for it. That is too</p><p>often overlooked by those wh o enter chur ches. Th ey depend u pon the clergy</p><p>man, minister, or priest to make the church HOLY, forgetting that each indi-</p><p>vidual must contr ibute tha t element also. Hen ce, a little cave, bare of all fur -</p><p>nishings and located in the wilderness, can be made a sacred place by dedicat-</p><p>ing it to worsh ip, to prayer, to goodness, tru th, and light. Wh er e one or more</p><p>assemble in the spirit of God, in Love, Truth, and Goodness (or as the Rosi</p><p>crucians say: In Light, Life, and Love), there is sacredness and Holiness.</p><p>Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there the Divine</p><p>Spirit is! So you are to have a sacred place, a sacred CO N DI TI ON , in a</p><p>room. It need not be of a nature to attract attent ion or mean anything to[ 5 ]</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 AMORC - Rosicrucian Initiation Neophyte Guide 1927</p><p> 6/12</p><p>others. All Rosicru cians have, eventu ally, wha t th ey call an altar somewhere</p><p>in their homes (a truly ancient and Oriental custom) and usually it consists</p><p>of exactly what w e will describe for you on th e last page of these instructions.</p><p>It will be your pleasure to arrange this little matter before you perform your</p><p>initiation.</p><p>P o in t N u m b e r T h i r t e e n :</p><p>W it h your n ight selected and your sanctum or sacred place selected</p><p>somewhere in your homefor instance, a comer of your bedroom, a come r</p><p>of a spare room; a large closet that has some means for the circulation of air;</p><p>a part of th e garret, or some similar placey ou are read y to proceed. Th enext point to understand is that you are about ready to conduct your own</p><p>initiation ceremony. Ther e is noth ing new about this, except tha t it is new</p><p>in America, in fact in th e Occident generally. It is an ancient custom dat ing</p><p>back to the time of the first mystery temples in the land of Egypt, later used</p><p>by the Jews, and finally adopted in part by the early Christian churches. W e</p><p>find elements of it toda y in man y religious an d other ceremonials. Each</p><p>National Lodge member does initiate himself or herself into the Grand</p><p>Lodge of AM OR C. The AM O R C is a secret and fra ternal Order and has i tsinitiat ion ritual for each grade or degree. These ritua ls are not pu rely religious</p><p>or pu rely symbolical. Th ey are based upon t he true a ncient rituals used by</p><p>Rosicrucians and originally were the foundation...</p></li></ul>