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Reach International Corporate SolutionsNoida (NCR)Dubai

2Our core values encapsulate Integrity, Reliability, Responsibility, Result Driven and Work Ethics

We believe that "Service" and a "Service Attitude" to customers form the basis of the business. We have a passion for Excellence with the highest standards of "Service"To provide entire spectrum of IT Staffing solutions to our clients with High Quality and Cost effective benefitswas established in 2013, and today it has presence GloballyAbout RICSValuesOur Mission

Recruitment Selection Process

More than a decade of experience in finding right people for right jobIndustry specific proficient recruiters with best in industry knowledgeStrict adherence to Turn Around time & Service Line AgreementHaving more than 100k database for every industry, apart from access to all top job portalsCustomizable screening process for finding the best as per Clients requirementSave time and money for ClientInnovative approach towards RecruitmentMaking sure only the best is made available to the client, hence reducing burden of screening and shortlistingMore than just a recruitment agencyA transparent process which is shared with Client at every step, through automation


Benefits with RICS

Benefits of Recruiting through RICS

What We Do5Our Services:-

RICS provides a range of specialist services to help organizations find the perfect resources they need, whether to respond to specific business challenges or deliver long-term leadership for key programs or functions.

Headhunting We have professional head hunters who seek out candidates through networking, cultivate relationships with various networks, maintaining large databases, purchase company directories or candidate lists and cold call prospective recruits. RICS head hunters use advanced techniques, such as initially posing as clients to gather employee contacts, as well as visiting candidate offices. Our recruiters prepare a candidate for the interview, help negotiate the salary and conduct closure to the search. Our headhunters often attend shows and events in Australia and New Zealand that may be attended by potential candidates and hiring managers. RICS head hunters are hired to fill senior management and executive roles, as well as specialized roles. We recruit our candidates one by one rather than advertise internationally for candidates. That way we can guarantee the best service with the best quality candidates

6 Executive Search

RICS recruitment has recruiters who are specialized in resourcing executive personnel for companies in various industries. RICS resources are specialized in permanent positions and long term contract positions.

Our Process : -

1. Job Analysis We capture the job tasks and requirements in a job description as this will assist us in knowing the objectives of the search. Starting recruitment with an accurate job analysis and job description insures the recruitment starts off on a proper track for success.

2. Sourcing This process involves advertising which is a common part of the recruitment process, often encompassing multiple media, such as the news paper, internet, publications, window advertisements, career centers and graduate recruitment programs at universities.

7 3. Screening and Selection

Suitability of the candidates is normally assessed by evaluating their skills, knowledge and relevant experience. Qualifications are assessed using our most advanced recruitment system applications, job applications and one-on-one interviews. Our candidate screening methodology is based on matching clients briefing, job description and other details, such as the length of the service, job titles and the period of time spent in the same job.

4. On boarding RICS recruitment helps new employees become productive members of your organization. We provide a well planned introduction to the new employees about the culture and the labor law of the assigned country in the GCC and the Middle East, as this will accelerate new candidates into the culture. Effective on boarding is the most important contribution for OX Recruitment to make long term organization success, our studies have shown that proper on boarding can improve productivity and longer employee retention, and build shared corporate culture.

RICSs Moto 8 Client To resource highly qualified candidates to the Middle East markets at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other sources of manpower. We do this by: 1. Understanding your business. 2. Using our Middle East recruitment expertise. 3. Customizing the procedure for the position. 4. Ensuring we follow business best practice.

Candidate To provide our candidates with the best career development opportunities We treat candidates with high level of respect and we offer them frank feedback at each step of the recruitment process.

RICS Services 9Contract/temporary Staffing

We provide contract staffing solutions to companies who need staff augmentation for a limited period of time to achieve their goals.

We have an extensive network of pre screened consultants to meet your needs. We also offer services for contract or permanent placements.

We takes pride in being able to respond to a clients need for a short term by extraordinary staffing requirements, thus providing relief to the existing staff from potential overload conditions.

We handle all of the financial and administrative responsibilities associated with our contract staff. Based on your needs our contract staff can work onsite or handle the work offsite.

10Full Time/Permanent Staffing

We provide complete full time staffing solutions to the ever demanding staffing needs of companies. We have a highly motivated team dedicated to help you find the right person for your job openings. Our team includes professional veterans with in depth experience in their field.

We guarantee the quality of our services by using our unique methodology to screen and scrutinize each and every resume.

We take pride in being able to respond to a clients need in a very timely manner . We recognize the value of long term relationships with our clients and have various plans formulated specifically for job seekers and employers.

We are results oriented and strive to provide high quality service by employing only the best technical people to augment your staff.

Talent Match selection process 11

Our process to find and match the right candidates uses

Tiers of selection



3Candidate Experience

All potential candidates are screened to ensure we are able to find them gainful employment. We also undertake full interviews, assessments and references with each applicant.Candidate Attraction

Multi-channel approach to attract candidates via a diverse range of mediums including internet based attract campaigns, referrals from existing staff and high street branches across UAE.Candidate Placement

Finding the right match for the right job in appropriate time our one of the core competencies of RICS.

Recruitment Process Life Cycle 12

Engagement Call with Hiring Manager

Talent Assessment

Candidate Sourcing

reviewing the job requirements establishing success profilesunderstanding department structure and culturesetting timing and communications protocolsreviewing recruiting strategies

building a specific sourcing plan to maximize all available sourcing channels executing the sourcing plan to identify prospective candidatesusing various prescreening responses or assessment results to assess candidate

Behavioral Based In-depth Interview

obtaining an accurate measure of past performancedetermining if the candidate possesses the desired characteristics / soft skills

Candidate Submission(s)

submitting candidates who have passed the assessment and interview steps

Recruitment Process Life Cycle 13

Client Interview Scheduling Activities

Offer/Contract Management Activities

References/Verificationsmanaging scheduling and communication activities between the candidate and the hiring managerobtaining scheduling preferencesassisting in developing and coordinating interview teams

confirmation of work history provided by candidateindependent assessment of prior work performancepreparing of the written offer letter or contract documenthandling verbal extension of the offer / contractany negotiation activities

On-boarding activities

New Hire PaperworkEquipment and System Access RequestsWarm e-mails and calls to New Hire prior to First Day

Our Core Competencies14 1. RICS management consultants have the expertise to enable you to get a high return on your company's most valuable investment.

2. Our sourcing and selection processes are state-of-the-art, utilizing the best technology to perform all recruitment tasks.

3. Our 14 years experience in the Middle East in designing first-class assessment and selection tools, gives us the ability to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently than anyone in the industry.

4. We consistently provide high quality candidates with lower early turnover and fulfill hiring goals faster, while lowering our clients' costs.

5. RICS revolves around being proactive and responsive, giving us the flexibility to accommodate your needs and ensure your success.

6. Utilizing the industry's most advanced technology to support all aspects of the hiring process on a global level allows us to be the best in recruitment to the Middle East.

7. Our experts will work with you throughout the hiring process to ensure that the