RHS Campaign for School Gardening

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RHS Campaign for School Gardening


<ul><li><p>The RHS Campaign for School </p><p>Gardening aims to encourage and </p><p>support schools to develop and actively </p><p>use a school garden. As part of the </p><p>Campaign we provide teachers with </p><p>resources through this website and an </p><p>extensive programme of CPD days. </p><p>Launched September 2007 </p><p>Now over 18,000 Registered Schools! </p><p>REGISTRATION IS FREE! </p></li><li><p>Starter pack Upon registration, each school will receive a free starter pack to get them going </p></li><li><p>C4SG Website C4SG </p><p>Website </p><p>Free Seeds &amp; Offers </p><p>Risk </p><p>Assessments </p><p>Lesson Plans &amp; </p><p>Resources </p><p>Fundraising Ideas </p><p>What to Do &amp; When </p></li><li><p>C4SG Website C4SG </p><p>Website </p><p>Useful Websites </p><p>Competitions </p><p>Case Studies </p><p>Research Reports </p><p>Gardening Advice </p></li><li><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p> School Culture and Ethos </p><p> The School Garden </p><p> Teaching and Learning </p><p> Community </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p><p>Four themes </p></li><li><p>Prizes: </p><p>Level 1 </p><p>Level 5 </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Achieve Level 1: Planning your Garden </p><p>No longer need to send in evidence but good idea to have: </p><p>- Audit of your school grounds </p><p>- Other fundamentals: </p><p> Consider fundraising options </p><p> Begin risk assessment </p><p> Identify areas of expertise among staff and school community </p><p> Introduce children to the importance of plants </p><p>Prize: Schools' seed </p><p>collection, containing nine </p><p>types of seed </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Achieve Level 2: Getting Started </p><p>No longer need to send in evidence but good idea to have: </p><p> Shortlist of plants to be grown </p><p> Risk assessment </p><p> Photo of the area identified for your garden </p><p> List of ideas for fundraising/obtaining resources </p><p> Outline of who will be involved with the project </p><p> (e.g. parents, PTAs, governors etc.) </p><p> Other fundamentals: </p><p> Share vision among staff members </p><p> Set up a gardening club </p><p> Introduce safe tool use </p><p>Extra Prize: 30% discount offer </p><p>and monthly draw for 25 sets of </p><p>Bulldog junior rakes &amp; hoes </p><p>Prize: Grow Your Own Veg </p><p>Book by Carol Klein </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Achieve Level 3: Growing &amp; Diversifying </p><p>Evidence required to gain level 3: </p><p> Pictures of: </p><p> A good range of plants fruit, veg, trees, shrubs, flowers </p><p> Sustainable gardening composting, water butts, mulching </p><p> Children carrying out digging, watering, weeding, planting, sowing. </p><p> Signs made by pupils to show crops and thought processes </p><p> Example of pupils work in more </p><p>than one curriculum subject </p><p> Holiday maintenance schedule </p><p> Prize: Large Vegetable Garden Voucher from Rocket Gardens (contains 200 plug plants) </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Be Creative with Signs! </p><p>Laminated Signs Balsawood signs </p><p>Story based signs </p><p>Painted signs </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Achieve Level 4: Sharing Best Practice </p><p> Evidence required to gain level 4: </p><p> Pictures of: </p><p> Pupils carrying out at least one advanced skill in the garden, e.g. making seed drills or propagating from cuttings </p><p> Pupils taking part in a construction activity including, making raised beds, compost bins, willow structures or plant supports </p><p> Pupils using tools </p><p> Produce grown in the garden </p><p> Older pupils mentoring younger pupils </p><p> Subjects involving the garden in more </p><p>than one year group. </p><p> A lesson plan using the garden. Prize: Easi-Scope Hand-held Digital Microscope </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Achieve Level 5: Celebrating with the Wider Community </p><p>Evidence required to gain level 5: </p><p> Pictures of: </p><p> Developed garden </p><p> An open day </p><p> A visit from an outside expert </p><p> Wider community help or involvement </p><p> Extracts from pupils individual or class garden diaries. </p><p> Evidence of enterprise skills developed through the garden e.g. a poster advertising plant sales or an open day. </p><p> A termly planner showing lessons that have been taught in the garden including what subject and year groups were taught and </p><p>giving a couple of sentences on aims, objectives or content of the </p><p>lesson. </p><p>Prize: Level 5 logo in PDF </p><p>format, USB card, plaque x2 &amp; </p><p>200 worth of garden vouchers </p><p>School Gardening Awards </p></li><li><p>Schools are encouraged to host an event in October where </p><p>grandparents, parents, carers and adults from the local community </p><p>are invited to help in their garden. Schools that register are sent a </p><p>pack to get them going. </p><p>Get Your Grown-ups Growing </p></li><li><p>RHS Young School Gardener </p><p>of the Year A prestigious award presented to a young person, aged 5-16, who </p><p>demonstrates exceptional gardening knowledge and skill beyond </p><p>their years, as well as a passion for the environment, sustainability </p><p>and the local community. </p></li><li><p>RHS Young School Gardener </p><p>of the Year Two new categories for 2014: </p><p>RHS School Gardening Team of the Year awarded to an entire gardening club or class who display excellent teamwork </p><p>RHS School Gardening Champion of the Year awarded to an inspirational teacher or school assistant who has a passion for </p><p>gardening </p></li><li><p> Early Years Garden Explorer Whole Class Growing Topics for your Primary School Great Gardening Projects for your Secondary School Moving Up, Growing On! (SEN) The Edible School Garden A Year in your School Gardening Club Realise your Growing Potential </p><p>AND </p><p> Enquiry based learning with the Open Futures Trust </p><p> Learn to Grow and Cook with Jamie Oliver Foundation </p><p>School Gardening Training </p><p>Courses </p></li><li><p>School Gardening </p><p>Training Courses </p><p>After you have completed a </p><p>course, you will be sent a </p><p>signed certificate. </p></li><li><p>Regional Advisors </p><p>East of England: Alison Findlay </p><p>London: Chris Young </p><p>North East: Sarah Carrie </p><p>North West: Anne Gunning </p><p>West Midlands: Tracey Medlyn </p><p>South West: Merryn Preece </p><p>Regional Development Officers </p><p>Yorkshire &amp; the Humber: Sarah-Jane Manson </p><p>Scotland: Angela Smith </p><p>Regional Advisors and </p><p>Development Officers </p></li><li><p>Social Media </p><p>facebook.com/rhsschoolgardening </p><p>@RHSSchools </p></li><li><p>Campaign Website: www.rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening </p><p>Facebook: www.facebook.com/rhsschoolgardening </p><p>Twitter: www.twitter.com/rhsschools </p><p>Campaign Email: schoolgardening@rhs.org.uk </p><p>School Gardening Training Courses Email: cpd@rhs.org.uk </p></li></ul>