RHS Campaign for School Gardening

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RHS Campaign for School Gardening

Text of RHS Campaign for School Gardening

  • The RHS Campaign for School

    Gardening aims to encourage and

    support schools to develop and actively

    use a school garden. As part of the

    Campaign we provide teachers with

    resources through this website and an

    extensive programme of CPD days.

    Launched September 2007

    Now over 18,000 Registered Schools!


  • Starter pack Upon registration, each school will receive a free starter pack to get them going

  • C4SG Website C4SG


    Free Seeds & Offers



    Lesson Plans &


    Fundraising Ideas

    What to Do & When

  • C4SG Website C4SG


    Useful Websites


    Case Studies

    Research Reports

    Gardening Advice

  • School Gardening Awards

  • School Culture and Ethos

    The School Garden

    Teaching and Learning


    School Gardening Awards

    Four themes

  • Prizes:

    Level 1

    Level 5

    School Gardening Awards

  • Achieve Level 1: Planning your Garden

    No longer need to send in evidence but good idea to have:

    - Audit of your school grounds

    - Other fundamentals:

    Consider fundraising options

    Begin risk assessment

    Identify areas of expertise among staff and school community

    Introduce children to the importance of plants

    Prize: Schools' seed

    collection, containing nine

    types of seed

    School Gardening Awards

  • Achieve Level 2: Getting Started

    No longer need to send in evidence but good idea to have:

    Shortlist of plants to be grown

    Risk assessment

    Photo of the area identified for your garden

    List of ideas for fundraising/obtaining resources

    Outline of who will be involved with the project

    (e.g. parents, PTAs, governors etc.)

    Other fundamentals:

    Share vision among staff members

    Set up a gardening club

    Introduce safe tool use

    Extra Prize: 30% discount offer

    and monthly draw for 25 sets of

    Bulldog junior rakes & hoes

    Prize: Grow Your Own Veg

    Book by Carol Klein

    School Gardening Awards

  • Achieve Level 3: Growing & Diversifying

    Evidence required to gain level 3:

    Pictures of:

    A good range of plants fruit, veg, trees, shrubs, flowers

    Sustainable gardening composting, water butts, mulching

    Children carrying out digging, watering, weeding, planting, sowing.

    Signs made by pupils to show crops and thought processes

    Example of pupils work in more

    than one curriculum subject

    Holiday maintenance schedule

    Prize: Large Vegetable Garden Voucher from Rocket Gardens (contains 200 plug plants)

    School Gardening Awards

  • Be Creative with Signs!

    Laminated Signs Balsawood signs

    Story based signs

    Painted signs

    School Gardening Awards

  • Achieve Level 4: Sharing Best Practice

    Evidence required to gain level 4:

    Pictures of:

    Pupils carrying out at least one advanced skill in the garden, e.g. making seed drills or propagating from cuttings

    Pupils taking part in a construction activity including, making raised beds, compost bins, willow structures or plant supports

    Pupils using tools

    Produce grown in the garden

    Older pupils mentoring younger pupils

    Subjects involving the garden in more

    than one year group.

    A lesson plan using the garden. Prize: Easi-Scope Hand-held Digital Microscope

    School Gardening Awards

  • Achieve Level 5: Celebrating with the Wider Community

    Evidence required to gain level 5:

    Pictures of:

    Developed garden

    An open day

    A visit from an outside expert

    Wider community help or involvement

    Extracts from pupils individual or class garden diaries.

    Evidence of enterprise skills developed through the garden e.g. a poster advertising plant sales or an open day.

    A termly planner showing lessons that have been taught in the garden including what subject and year groups were taught and

    giving a couple of sentences on aims, objectives or content of the


    Prize: Level 5 logo in PDF

    format, USB card, plaque x2 &

    200 worth of garden vouchers

    School Gardening Awards

  • Schools are encouraged to host an event in October where

    grandparents, parents, carers and adults from the local community

    are invited to help in their garden. Schools that register are sent a

    pack to get them going.

    Get Your Grown-ups Growing

  • RHS Young School Gardener

    of the Year A prestigious award presented to a young person, aged 5-16, who

    demonstrates exceptional gardening knowledge and skill beyond

    their years, as well as a passion for the environment, sustainability

    and the local community.

  • RHS Young School Gardener

    of the Year Two new categories for 2014:

    RHS School Gardening Team of the Year awarded to an entire gardening club or class who display excellent teamwork

    RHS School Gardening Champion of the Year awarded to an inspirational teacher or school assistant who has a passion for


  • Early Years Garden Explorer Whole Class Growing Topics for your Primary School Great Gardening Projects for your Secondary School Moving Up, Growing On! (SEN) The Edible School Garden A Year in your School Gardening Club Realise your Growing Potential


    Enquiry based learning with the Open Futures Trust

    Learn to Grow and Cook with Jamie Oliver Foundation

    School Gardening Training


  • School Gardening

    Training Courses

    After you have completed a

    course, you will be sent a

    signed certificate.

  • Regional Advisors

    East of England: Alison Findlay

    London: Chris Young

    North East: Sarah Carrie

    North West: Anne Gunning

    West Midlands: Tracey Medlyn

    South West: Merryn Preece

    Regional Development Officers

    Yorkshire & the Humber: Sarah-Jane Manson

    Scotland: Angela Smith

    Regional Advisors and

    Development Officers

  • Social Media



  • Campaign Website: www.rhs.org.uk/schoolgardening

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/rhsschoolgardening

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/rhsschools

    Campaign Email: schoolgardening@rhs.org.uk

    School Gardening Training Courses Email: cpd@rhs.org.uk