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  • Matthew S. West5812 Briargrove Dr. | Wichita Falls, Texas | | 1-940-867-3947




    Texas A&M University, College Station, TX May 2016Bachelor of Environmental Design, ArchitectureOverall GPR: 3.239

    Ends (Environmental Design) 105 and 106: Design principles andmodel-building

    Ends 115 and 116: Drafting, sketching Arch 206 and 207: Design studio, emphasizing theory Arch 216: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, Photoshop Arch 248: Architectural writing Arch 249, 250, and 350: Architectural history and theory Arch 305: Design Studio III Arch 317: Digital Fabrication Arch 331 & 335: Architectural Structures & Systems Arch 441: Architectural history of the Baroque and Rococo. Arch 489: History of Product Design. Arch 405, 431, 435: Integrated Studio, Structures, and Systems,


    Bundy, Young, Sims & Potter. Wichita Falls, TX May 2015 January 2016Student Architectural Intern

    Aid in the production and design of building projects and generatedocuments and construction sets.

    Received practice in architectural design and worked on creatingrenderings, construction documents and marketing diagrams.

    Collaborated with coworkers and consultants in a professional setting.

    Barcelona Architecture Center, Barcelona, Spain January 2015 - May 2015 Earned 12 credit hours in architectural design, construction and

    history. Studied in Barcelona for five months learning part of the Catalan

    culture and familiarizing myself with the different learning techniquesand lifestyle.

    Attended weekly visits to significant and influential buildings and sitesacross the Catalua region from the ancient roman architecture tocurrent and ongoing projects.

    Visited other historic cities of great architectural prestige including,but not limited to, Madrid, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and cities acrossthe Netherlands

    Gained very valuable insight into European architectural design whilereceiving an in-depth look into the regions art and architecturalhistory.






    Texas A&M Freshmen Leaders in Christ August 2011 May 2013Member (11-12) & Discipleship Staffer (12-13)

    Promote and preserve Texas A&M traditions with education andawareness.

    Speak to different Texas A&M groups on campus and across Texasabout the facts and importance of traditions.

    Advised and mentored 12 freshmen in my committee Collaborated with and supported 18 other counselors and 2 directors

    throughout the year and organized various organization-wide events

    IMPACT, TAMU January 2012-December 2014Counselor, Prayer teamerCounselor (2012-2013)

    Mentored 4 freshmen boys to acquaint them with the university andlife as a college student.

    Guided and supported same students spiritually.Prayer Teamer (2012-2013)

    Focused on mentoring and supporting 12 counselor men Led camp meetings Took care of camp administration including taking up dues, camp

    design, and hospitality.

    Architects Without Borders, Barcelona, Spain April 2015 Provided assistance and aid in houses on the outskirts of Barcelona

    by fixing plumbing systems, building furniture and making sure thebuildings reach proper safety requirements

    Big Event, College Station, TX March 2013 & March 2014 Volunteered doing yard work, organizing, painting houses, and other

    general service work for members of the Bryan-College Stationcommunity.

    Big Project, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX August2011-May 2013

    Various community service and mission work affiliated with FreshmenLeaders in Christ, ranging from painting to distributing food and shoesto the homeless, from passing out Christmas decorations at lowincome apartments to prison ministry

    Maya, Zbrush, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, AdobeCreative Suite, Microsoft Office, Public Speaking

    David Potter Architect:1005 9th St #200, Wichita Falls, TX 76301(940) 761-2404

    Dell Stine Resident Director at Merrill Lynch4245 Kemp Blvd, Suite 1000, Wichita Falls, TX, 76308 940-696-6348

    C. Dan Campbell Attorney4245 Kemp Blvd, Suite 800, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 (940) 696-5015

  • M A T T H E W W E S T




    ks 2


    - 201

    5E N V I R O N M E N T A L D E S I G N P O R T F O L I O

  • This Project explored the idea of indexicality. it dealt with the mannerist

    concept of transgressing against accepted ideals and precedents. The Bass house

    of Case Study fame was developed using modulations of the diagram, and eventually

    constructed as a three dimensional object.

    T H E W H I T E O B J E C T

  • This Project dealt with the development of a new object taken from an existing piece. A garment

    from designers Comme Des Garconnes was taken and modeled in Maya. The object that it rendered

    deals with the idea of shelter and deceptive enclosure, its many overhangs and

    involutions lending it a sense of safety, while making the object much smaller than it appears.

    T h e B l a c k O b j e c t

  • The Black and White Objects were then combined and given program, with the intent of each being a sister store of Comme Des Garconnes in Houston,

    Texas, at the intersection of Post Oak and Westheimer.

  • T h e S e n s u a l & T h e I n s e n s a t e

    T4T Design Research Lab With Visiting Professor Bruno JuricicDesign Team: Stephen Renard, Matt West, Hillary Hagen, David Creamer

    The T4T lab is an experimental design laboratory in which current and future concepts in architecture are explored. In this case, architecture-critic Bruno Juricic led us in the creation of objects of an architec-

    tural nature but without architectural program. Essentially projects that are made with architectural means and backed with architectural theory, but have no program or

    function. We specifically dealt with the ideas of The Raw & The Synthetic.

  • The object within an object defines our project, proximity forcing two dichotomous forms to interact. This interaction illustrates a relationship between the sensual and the insensate, a futile relationship in which the objects will never coalesce nor achieve what they are wont to do. Our project discusses the conflicting objects and the consequences thereof, a conflict responsible for the formal relationships between the objects, as well as between the objects and the ground. The exterior is dumb to external stimuli, insensate; this object is synthetic; following no set pattern, constraint or delivery. Its form and material give a fluid appearance and only the scarring in pockets of phenomenal depth confirms its solidity. In The Raw and The Cooked Claude Levi Strauss writes that We know [the] raw only because we know what [the] cooked is. This produces the idea of the implic-itly raw interior, which manifests itself as the boudoir. This object pushes hollow tendrils through the insensate exte-rior, hoping to be seen, but still not accessed, implying the

    objects possession of agency as well as a sensual nature. It is the sensual, sentient object; it pushes through and against the exterior hoping not only to be seen, but to make the exterior feel it. This strife is responsible for the hollow spillage of the boudoir to the outside, the subterranean pockets (which are the only means of access to the boudoir), and possibly the form of the exterior itself (the forms of the exterior being caused by actions of the interior would also affirm its insensate-ness) These two objects not only resist each other, but also resist the ground, a sentient agent, as the object hov-ers away from it and has no formal relationship with it, other than proximity. The ground reaches with the ramp to touch it, to view and even access the interior, it hearkens back to Michelangelos The Creation of Adam as the sentient reaching towards and implanting sentience within the insensate. However, in contrast to Michelangelo, our project could be seen as the failure of God to implant sentience into Adam.

  • R e t i c u l a t e

    Project Team: Adam Wells, Matt West, Ricardo Antonio Gonzalez, Christian Stiles, Justin Zumel

    Reticulate is a digital fabrication project that focuses on the interaction between various networks of lines distinguishing the surfaces of two faceted objects. These linear networks all have different objectives

    and once they are layered or super imposed on the object, each system informs or is informed by a separate system. These lines inevitably create a hierarchy that highlights the form of the object over everything, but still allows for the

    other linear organizations to fight for the attention of the viewer. This surface forces the viewer to acknowledge the individual characteristics of each network

    while still viewing the objects as a whole. Light and shadow also play a role, as the light streams through the large gashes in the object and casts shadows that begin to distort or

    emphasize certain lines.

  • T h e U n r e a l i z e d M o n u m e n t t o K n o w l e d g ewith teammate Braden Scott

    This Project in essence was an addition to the Ringer Library in College Station, Texas. My partner and I took inspiration from arcane symbols of knowledge and wisdom, such as the 9 pointed star of the

    greek muses and Platos cave, and built our proposal around them. The