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restless earth, 5

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  • Big Picture: How do people use fold mountains as a resource?

    Know what a resource is.

    Be able to describe different ways humans use resources at fold mountains.

    Link these ideas to a named case study example.

  • Connect: Why do people live near volcanoes?

  • Recap: What is the correct geographical name given to

    this feature?

    Fold mountain

  • Activate: What is a resource?

  • Definition of resource

    A valuable reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed to benefit how humans live.

  • Todays challenge:

    Demonstrate: Collect information from the different resource stations around the classroom to compete the

    empty thinking map.

  • Task explained:

    The thinking map is located

    Demonstrate: Use the resources to help you fill in the missing cells.

    Once you have completed the task, please make sure your name is on your map so it can be stuck into your books.

  • Reflect: Did you meet the success criteria by completing the thinking


    How successful do you think you were in todays task?

    Complete the 2 stars and a wish sheet to say 2 things you think you did well today and 1

    way youd like to improve next time.

  • Homework

    Use the information you have gathered today to answer the following GCSE question.

    How do people use fold mountains as a resource? (10 marks)

    In for Tuesday 21st Sept. Use the success criteria to help you achieve the highest grade possible!

  • Success Criteria Check list: Using an example you have studied, explain how

    people use fold mountains as a resource?

    1. I have defined what a resource is and given examples of different resources.

    2. I have briefly explained why fold mountains are dangerous to live by but said that they attract millions of people.

    3. I have explained why so many people live by them, giving specific examples.

    4. I have compared these reasons to a named location of fold mountains over the world.

    5. I have written my answer using the key geographical terms (e.g fold mountain, resources) and formed a confident, well structured answer.

  • Extension: GIS skill building task; Where in the world?!

    Key term: GIS

    = Geographical information systems. This means how we can use computer technology to orientate ourselves in the world. For example; through maps or set navigators.

    Use this website to see

    how good your GIS skills are:

    What score can you get?