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restless earth, 4

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  • Connect: Spot the difference! Write a list of as many differences as you can between these 2


  • Big Picture: What are composite and shield volcanoes?

    Know the difference between composite and shield volcanoes.

    Be able to locate and describe the distribution of composite and shield volcanoes over the world.

    Create an information fact file of an example composite and shield volcano.

  • Shield and Composite Volcanoes

    Sierra Negra ,Galapagos Islands, Ecuador shield volcano

    Parinacota, located on the boarder of Chile and Bolivia

  • What is the definition of a shield and composite volcano?

    Shield Volcanoes have broad, gentle slopes. They are formed by lava building up in layers over many years. They tend to have more gentle eruptions and very fluid (runny) lava.

  • Composite volcanoes have cone shaped and steep sides. They tend to have more explosive reactions (also known as stratovolcanoes) made up of lava and ash.

    *Composite volcanoes are the ones you often see

    in cartoons! Think composite= cartoon!

  • Today you are the researchers!

  • Your mission! To research living examples of shield and composite volcanoes across the world to create an information fact file.

  • Your briefing: Activate: Use the recommended websites and your own independent research to build a fact file using PowerPoint

    You can access the websites through the shared area.

    You can also access this presentation

    on the shared area.

  • To complete your task successfully your fact file must meet your criteria for success

    1. Given a clear definition of what a shield and

    composite volcano are and provided labelled diagrams of them.

    2. Said what the main characteristics of a shield volcano are.

    3. Said what the main characteristics of a composite volcano is.

  • 4. Given an example of a shield volcano across the world and provided a map to show where it is located.

    5.Given an example of a composite volcano across the world and provided a map to show where it is located. Demonstrate: Use the checklist on your sheets to make sure you include

    all the important points.

  • Reflect: Did you complete the mission successfully?

    1. Print off your fact file.

    2. Use the criteria for success to mark your own work.

    3. How many did you get out of 5? Write your total onto your checklist.

  • 2 stars and a wish your work!

    Into the reflection box write down 2 things you think you did well and 1 thing you wish to improve

    For example

    I found an example of both a shield and

    composite volcano and located them on a map

    I gave clear definitions of what a shield and

    composite volcanoes was.

    I didnt complete all 5 points on the criteria. I could of used the recommended websites to help

    me with this.