Research like a Rock Star

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Research like a Rock Star. How be a Power Searcher!. Information Sources What Should You Use and When?. Book (Monograph) Magazine Scholarly Journal Newspapers Advocacy Websites Online Database Articles. State of Disbelief. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Research like a Rock Star</p> <p>Research like a Rock StarHow be a Power Searcher!09/18/2012Karen Murphy, Pikeville High School</p> <p>1Information Sources What Should You Use and When?Book (Monograph)Magazine Scholarly JournalNewspapersAdvocacy WebsitesOnline Database Articles</p> <p>State of DisbeliefMs. Murphys Recommendations for Everyone doing Research PapersUse Occupational Outlook Handbook website and read about your careerSearch Destiny (Online Catalog) AND Ebrary for books.For Magazines and Newspaper- Search SIRS database, Specifically SIRS Knowledge Source.Also search Academic Search Premier and Student Research Center.Find Scholarly Articles or Vetted articles from the internet.</p> <p>Sources for Research7 Total SourcesMinimum one book can be print or e-bookMinimum of two magazine articlesMinimum of one Encylopedia ArticleMinimum of one Newspaper ArticleMinimum of 2 Websites. (One must be the Occupational Outlook Handbook; the other source must meet the criteria of the website test.)</p>