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REFLEXIVE VERBS Ralidades 2 Capítulo 2A

REFLEXIVE VERBS Ralidades 2 Capítulo 2A Reflexive verbs? zIt is a verb that has a special pronoun called a reflexive pronoun

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Ralidades 2

Capítulo 2A

Reflexive verbs?

It is a verb that has a special pronoun called a reflexive pronoun

Reflexive verbs?

The pronoun is used to ‘reflect’ the action of the verb back to the subject

In English it is like saying myself/himself etc

Some Examples in English

He cut his hairHe saw himself in the mirror

Mom cut Joey’s hair = regular verb


Examples in SpanishBAÑARSEEl chico se baña con burbujas.

(The boy bathes with bubbles)

DESPERTARSEMe despierto a las siete (I wake up at 7)

LLAMARSEMe llamo Caroline (I call myself Caroline)

How do we know it is reflexive?

The infinitive has SE on the end


How do you form a reflexive verb?

The fact that the verb is reflexive does not change the way that a verb is constructed…

…all it means is that the verb is accompanied by a reflexive pronoun

So, HOW do you conjugate?

For now, do not worry about the “se”. Just ignore it. Take it out.

What do you have left?

The infinitive of the verb

How to conjugate….

The verb arreglar happens to be a regular –AR verb.

Just conjugate it as you would any other –AR ending verb.

Yo arreglo Nosotros arreglamos

Tú arreglas Vosotros arregláis

Él, Ud. ella arregla

Ellos, ellas, Uds. arreglan

What to do with the “se”

The “se” is just letting you know you need a reflexive pronoun.

Now, decide which one to use depending on the subject

Where do you place it?

It can be placed in two different ways:

Directly in front of the conjugated verb

Yo me arreglo el pelo con gel.

Yo me quiero cepillar mi pelo.

Connected to the infinitive in a 2-verb sentence…

Quiero arreglarme el pelo con el cepillo.

…Or connected to a positive command.

Por favor, péinate el pelo.

MIRARSE(present tense)

Me miro (I)Temiras (you)Se mira (he/she/formal You)

MIRARSE(present tense)

Nos miramos (we)Os miráis (you plural)

Se miran (they, Y’all)

Add the correct reflexive pronoun

1.________ llaman2.________

despiertas3.________ lavamos4.________ acuesto5.________ lava

Add the correct reflexive pronoun

1. SE llaman (they)2. TE despiertas (you)3. NOS lavamos (we)4. ME acuesto (I)5. SE lava (he/she/it)


Write out in full the verb BAÑARSE in the present tense….. Construct verb in present tense (it is a regular AR verb)

work out what reflexive pronoun you need

put it before the verb

BAÑARSEme bañote bañasse bañanos bañamosos bañáis

se bañan

Can you work out how to answer in Spanish...

What time do you get up?

What time do you take a bath or shower?

What time do you shave?


¿A qué hora te levantas?

¿A qué hora te bañas / duchas?

¿A qué hora te afeitas?

ANSWERS…(your time might be different)

Me levanto a las siete.

Me baño / ducho a las siete y media.

Me afeito a las once y media.

¿Cómo se dice en español…?

I get up at 8 o’clock.He gets up at 8 o’clock.You get washed at 8.30.She goes to bed at 10

o’clock.We go to bed at 10.30.I go to bed at midnight.

¿Cómo se dice…?

Yo me levanto a las ocho. Él se levanta a las ocho. Tú te lavas a las ocho y

media. Ella se acuesta a las diez. Nosotros nos acostamos

a las diez y media. Yo me acuesto a la