Recall the Doppler Method The doppler method of finding planets

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Recall the Doppler Method The doppler method of finding planets Slide 2 Allows multiple planets to be discovered Slide 3 Water Found in system! Slide 4 Is this Pandora? Credit: John Whatmough Credit: John Whatmough (Extrasolar Visions) Slide 5 First image of extra solar planet (5M J ) Slide 6 So what have we found So Far? 174 Planets with Semi Major axis less than 0.4 AU (Mercury/sun distance) 42 Planets with Semi Major axis between 0.4 AU and 0.85 (inside sols life zone) 65 Planets with Semi Major axis between 0.85 AU and 1.4 (inside sols life zone) 140 Planets with Semi Major axis 1.4 AU and 640 AU But this isnt the whole story! Slide 7 Planets near dwarf stars? Planet NamePl. Mass Pl. Radius Pl. Period Pl. Semi- axis St. Dist St. Spec. Type St. Mass St. [Fe/H] St. Radius GJ 1214 b0.01790.2415 1.58039 30.014130.1570.211 V391 Peg b3.211701.71400sdB0.50.23 Gliese 876 b2.6461.0670.2114.7M4 V0.3340.050.36 Gliese 876 c0.8330.2580.1324.7M4 V0.3340.050.36 Gliese 876 d0.021.937850.0214.7M4 V0.3340.050.36 Gl 179 b0.8222882.4112.3M3.50.3570.30.38 Gl 581 b0.04925.368740.0416.26M30.31-0.330.38 Gl 581 c0.0168612.92920.076.26M30.31-0.330.38 Gl 581 d 0.02231 =7 M E Gl 581 e 0.00610 43.149420.036.26M30.31-0.330.38 HIP 57050 b0.29841.397 0.16350 611M4V0.340.320.4 Note: M e =.003 M j Slide 8 A super Earth? Gliese 876d Star M3 15 lyrs Dist=.02 AU M = 7 M E Gliese 876 b,c in 2:1 orbital resonance Slide 9 Search for Earth like Planets! UrIFI&amp;feature=fvw UrIFI&amp;feature=fvw Slide 10 What about Other Multiple Planet Systems? Slide 11 A rare find..inner planets Slide 12 The HD 69830 system Slide 13 Earth like planets? &amp;feature=related &amp;feature=related From NatGeo Gliese 581e 3.5 M E Slide 14 Project Kepler Goal is to find terrestrial planets.. Views same group of stars continuously It works! Slide 15 Where to get more info? Future missions Summary of results How you can participate NASA Planet Quest </p>


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