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  • Officers:

    President: Cary Petersen....... 476-7828

    V.P.: Renee Morrison .......423-0890

    Secretary: Linda Masters.....328-8123

    Treasurer: Wanda Holstein......440-8263

    Coordinator: Scott Wuethrich .525-1088

    @ Large: Margaret Otley.786-3246

    Sandy Ready...(308) 390-0932


    November 30

    JJs at 1st & Cornhusker


    NEWSLETTER November 2011

    Presidents Message

    Newsletter Editor: Tracee Bougger

    2702 South Street

    Lincoln, NE 68502

    Email: PH: 441-4838

    As November rolls in, we have to take time

    to recognize our veterans. I'd like to

    thank all of our veterans for their sacri-

    fice of time, family and their own lives. I

    have had a father, brother and now a son in

    the military. The Rebels have shown their

    appreciation by sending troop packages to

    those in the military and will continue to

    do so. If you know someone that would like

    to receive troop packages, let Sandy Fran-

    cisco know. Please take time to think about

    those who served and are now serving. They

    say to all of us that freedom isn't free. I had a great time at the Halloween Party at

    the Masters'. Thanks again, Bill and Linda,

    for hosting the party and Sandy Ready and

    other members for organizing. November is nomination month for Rebels of-

    ficers. Please note the changes for this

    year's elections. Terms for President,

    Treasurer, and one Director at Large will be

    for a one year term and Vice President, Sec-

    retary, Coordinator and the other Director

    at Large will be for 2 years. Elections

    will be held at the December meeting. It's

    not too late to volunteer for an office.

    Members need to step up and take their turn

    at helping to run the club. New blood is

    always welcome. The change in terms for of-

    fice will always insure we have experience

    on the board. If you are interested, con-

    tact someone on the nominating committee,

    Jim Holstein, Craig Foster and Sandy Fran-

    cisco. It's time for most of us to store the car(s)

    away for the winter. I will probably hold

    out until after Thanksgiving. It's time to

    work on winter projects for those with

    heated garages or for the brave souls that

    don't. It's always fun to see what happens

    over the winter. I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiv-

    ing. Hope to see you on the road soon.

    Cary Petersen, President

  • 10/26/11 Meeting held

    at Valentinos 70th & Van Dorn. Attendance:

    70 The meeting was

    called to order at 7:30pm

    by Renee in Carys ab-sence: Welcome all and

    thank you for coming.

    *Vice President Report by Renee:

    Welcome guest (s): Chris, Mitch and

    Hunter from Lincoln Southeast High

    School. Members of LSE Car Club and

    Dan Overton. Dan is member Mike

    Overtons brother.

    -Board member election nominations

    are held at the November meeting,

    please contact the nominating commit-

    tee: Jim Holstein, Sandy Francisco or

    Craig Foster if you are interested in

    holding a board position.

    Upcoming Club regular meeting Dates:

    -November 30th: The Garage 48th &

    Hwy 2

    -December 28th: JJs 1st & Cornhusker Hwy

    *Secretary Report by Linda:

    -Minutes from 9/28/2011 meeting held

    at Parkers Smokehouse approved with

    no corrections or additions.

    **Reminder: Membership dues are

    coming up fast for 2012. Deadline is

    December 31st**

    -Newsletter info deadline to Tracee is

    November 7th.

    *Treasurer report by Wanda: Mo-

    tion made to accept the October 2011

    treasurer report as read.

    *News and announcements:

    -Bring your non-perishable food items

    to the meeting(s), Renee has a basket

    for collecting the items, Margaret Ot-

    ley will take them to the food bank.

    -Rebels Auto Club SCC scholarships. 4-$500 SCC Rebels Auto Club Scholar-

    ships for this year. Sheryl Wright has

    contacted the 4 winners and they will

    attend the November meeting.

    -Congratulations to Doug Weber win-

    ner of the Wilderness Car Show.

    -The Otleys filled up their HHR with the can tabs collected by members and

    turned them into the Ronald McDonald

    House. Wont know a final count until later this year. If anyone has like a

    kitty litter container or something

    similar so they can transport them eas-

    ier please let Margaret know.

    *Coordinator report by Scott


    Thank you to all members who at-

    tended all the great events in October.

    The UNL parade, Rebels poker run

    and Halloween Party.

    -October 30th Troop Packages. 4pm at

    The Garage 48th & Hwy 2. Signup

    sheet. Sandy Francisco stated need

    cookies, monetary donation would

    greatly be appreciated and I will pur-

    chase items and we need your help in

    packaging the boxes. Have 3 soldiers names so far. Connie Brown stated our

    soldiers greatly appreciate our pack-

    ages. Stacy Brown stated the Rebels

    are amazing with our support and the

    troops would like anything from home.

    Mike Brown should be returning home

    before Thanksgiving. Great news.

    -Soldiers returning home in November.

    1 unit will return to Omaha and 2

    units will return to Lincoln. When get

    the exact dates and time will announce

    to members so we can Welcome them Home.

    *See upcoming events below and co-

    ordinators report for more informa-


    *New Business:

    - Renee presented the gift from the

    Nebraska National Guard to the Re-

    bels on behalf of all our support to our

    troops over the years. A large fantastic

    beautifully framed picture. See news-

    letter for picture.

    -Chris West, president of the LSE Car

    Club announced: LSE Car Show in

    2012. No date set, but will be on a Sat-

    urday in May. Want to make it bigger

    and better this year, and wants to do

    something for the Seniors that are

    members of the LSE Car Club, wants

    to get there club name out there. The

    Rebels are like Family and appreciate

    our support.

    *Old Business:

    -October 16th, 1st Annual Rebels mem-

    bers Poker Run. Beautiful day to get

    your cars out and about and fun time.

    Sandy Francisco will again plan an-

    other one next year and will announce

    it sooner. Congratulations to Linda

    Masters for High Hand and Ken Boug-

    ger for Low Hand and the many win-

    ners who won door prizes. Thank you

    to the Franciscos and the Wrights for organizing this fun event.

    -October 22nd Rebels Halloween Party.

    Fun, Fun time with 80+ attending.

    Boyd thanked the Masters for hosting

    the event at their home. Also a big

    thanks go out to all the members who


    -Board member nominations November

    30th meeting and elections will be held

    at the December 28th meeting. Craig

    Foster stated we have a lot of positions

    open. We need the club members to

    step up and serve.

    *Members enjoyed Margaret Ot-

    leys delicious cakes. Thank you so much.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

    Respectively submitted,

    Linda Masters, Secretary

    Meeting Minutes

    It is time to renew your Rebels membership for 2012 Due December 31st, 2011 A membership application is in-cluded in this newsletter for your convenience. If you just recently joined during 2011 your membership is also due by December 31st. You can bring your completed application and payment to a meeting or mail it to the address on the application.

    A Friends and Family Auto Club

  • Who is this young Rebel standing by the 1940

    Ford? The year of this photo is 1956.

    We will announce the name at the next meeting.

    Upcoming Events:

    Club meeting: Wednesday, November

    30th, JJs 1st & Cornhusker Hwy

    Club meeting: Wednesday, December

    28th, JJs 1st & Cornhusker Hwy

    All Club meetings begin at 7:30pm. If

    you would like to eat prior please arrive


    Ladies Night Out- Tuesday, November 15 th at The Press Box 6pm . See newsletter

    for details.

    Board Meeting: Tuesday, November8th @

    Don N Millies. 56th & Hwy 2 @ 7:00pm. Board meetings are open to all members.

    Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each


    January 21st 2012-Rebels Christmas

    Party @ Knolls. Cost: Members; $10.00.

    Non-Members; $20.00. Get signed up and

    prepaid soon.

    Margaret and Lydell Otley took another load of pop tabs to

    the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha. Thanks to them

    and to all the Rebels that contribute tabs. If you have kitty

    litter containers, Margaret says they work great for the

    tabs and she would appreciate it if youd save them for her.

    The little boy in this picture is now a grown up Rebel. Do

    you have a guess? We will anno