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Loras College Purple Mike Considine | Taylor Heinrichs Kraig Liske | Eric Theilacker. Rebel Rewards. Supplemental marketing strategies need to be designed and executed in order to increase the attractiveness of an event or reward program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rebel Rewards

Rebel RewardsLoras College Purple Mike Considine | Taylor Heinrichs Kraig Liske | Eric Theilacker

Kraig-UNLV mens Basketball is seeing the national trend of students not consuming the allotment of student tickets set aside for the student bodySpecifically against non-marquee opponents (Radford, Sacred Hart)We propose that UNLV sets up a student rewards program to help increase student attendance and bring more excitement to the historic basketball team

1GuidelinesSupplemental marketing strategies need to be designed and executed in order to increase the attractiveness of an event or reward program Marketing activities should be aimed at developing stronger connections with the teamMarketing campaigns should emphasize the social aspects of attending an eventAdhere to the personal investment theory KraigThroughout our presentation we will connect these guidelines with our rewards program2Rewards Program Partnership with The Rebellion to grow the group and create more excitement throughout the studentsImplement a points program that emphasizes attendance to games and eventsImplement different rewards creating student interaction and connections to the teamKraig-Official Unlv student section makes up 2,600 seats of the Thomas and Mac CenterLed by students: Cole Turner, Michael Cox, Ben Leavitt and others-Make it a social need to be apart of The Rebellion and go to events-This rewards program will help immerse students into the game and the overall experience of Rebel Basketball-Taylor will tell you about the different ways students can receive points


Taylor- Point value rises in lower marquee games Conference games are valued at 750 pointsPriority games are valued less because we will not have an issue filling the student sections


-Different points for different social media interactions-Facebook restrictions-Reward points for becoming part of the Rebellion by connecting onto our Fanmaker site-Implement recruit program in week long segments, week before the season, week before a big game5Fanmaker RewardsDeveloped by row27 studiosExclusivity with PaciolanUsed by universities, minor league, professionalRetention rateConnect real life with digital worldJason

Mike- Talk about guidelines- experiential rewards that promote intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivationJason Cole, Baylor

6Rebel Rally

KraigPregame tailgate

7Rebel RallyTo gain student excitement The Rebellion will host a pre-game tailgate in Cox PavilionPartner with Uncle Rico Swipe your Rebel Card and get points for attendingMust be apart of Rebellion to attendPartner with campus food chains (Subway, Metro Pizza, Burger Studio) to provide foodFatheads given at a first come first serve basis at the Rebel RallyPrizes raffled off 15 minutes before every game

KraigIncreases social nature of the event that fans are craving guideline number 3

8Rebel Rally RewardsIndividual rewards at every rallyGroup rewards

Kraig-experiential rewards vs tangible rewards

9ExpansionThis program can lead to all sports6 other ticketed sports that need attendance helpUse basketball as incentive

Eric-focusing on the original social guidelines when expanding to all sports10Social AspectRewards program and Rebel Rally will emphasize creating social pressure to attend games and eventsImplementing a group rewards system at the Rebel RallyMaking membership to The Rebellion a requirement Focus on game experience ??Our main focus to emphasize guideline three11Conclusion??Talk about how each guideline has been hit through various programs12